I don’t look for you anymore

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I think it is so funny and a little metaphorical as I find myself having to  click “Remember Me” constantly when signing in onto various places where I belong. Whether it is my Facebook page, my bank account, or even here at wordpress… it seems as if my accounts are never saved, even when I click the button, cyberly telling the “powers out there”  to save them. And so several times a week I have to re-insert my password on my personal laptop and phone. It may be a glitch or as my husband likes to point out; “user error”  in how I have my settings set. but I thought it was comical. I am offended that my own personal computer can’t remember me!!!!


Sometimes I have felt like an old forgotten teapot on the back burner. But I have come to the conclusion that nobody can fill me up but me. And so I really am challenging myself to see things differently. To create someone that makes a difference instead of staying on that back burner of life!~

teapot 2

I guess my point here is; How do I want to be remembered? As a writer, I hope to make an impact, to inspire, to maybe even change somone’s point of view and mostly to touch their heart and soul. As a parent, I hope to be remembered as a memory maker of special traditions,  someone who loved her kids with the kind of love that is unmatchable and gave them roots enough to ground them but wings enough to trust that they will make a difference in their own lives soaring as high as they can. As a wife I would hope that my husband would remember how I showed my love for him rather than all the other things he might recall.


 I have a handful of friendships that I have carried with me over a lifetime. I am proud of those friendships because i feel that it shows character when someone invests years in cultivating something that turns into more of a family kind of love. I guess in a way, those friendships, make it less necesarry for me to add new ones to the mix. Sometimes, I am comfortable just being over the fence friends. Caring for someone at a distance. I think that I have been so hurt by people in my past that I fight the feeling of wanting to get too close too fast. And I have since realized that in doing that, I might have missed out on some great friendships. Because after all, I want to be remembered in a way that makes a difference and nothing really worth anything comes without risk! Right?


Will I have made a difference

when you remember me?

When you read my words

will you see things differently?

Will I have helped you look at things

from a different point of view?

Will having had known me

be important to you?

Diane Reed

2013 ©

34 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. You have already made such a difference to me dear friend! No matter where life takes us, I will always carry your loving and encouraging spirit and your wonderful words with me! So happy God placed us in each other’s paths! XOXO

    1. Barbara
      Thank you! I think that God places you in parts of my life at just the right time when I need your words most!
      Just saw this. Thank you my friend. You are forever in my heart♡

    2. Patricia,
      I think that God puts your words in my life at the perfect timing when I need them most!
      Thank you! You are forever in my heart… where ever our paths lead!
      Love ya my friend!

  2. I have struggled with this notion in the past. Do I want to be remembered? If so, how long do I want to be remembered? I better get on that world-shaking cure for cancer or that brilliant timeless masterpiece or after tens or hundreds of years no one is ever going to know I ever existed after I pass.

    For me personally, that kind of thinking — wanting to be remembered — is self-defeating. The surest way to stage fright and screwing up is wanting that applause from the audience. The surest way to actually get that applause is to not care and to focus on the joy of learning the performance for its own sake. Other people need the deadline or the prize to goad them on, for me it ruins everything.

    1. Jim,
      Actually I was hoping that “YOU” would have the technical answer to why we aren’t being remembered by our techie possessions and then you had to go and jump on the heart of my metaphore!!! lol. But I agree with you… it’s way more about the process of pricking someone’s heart by being a teacher and maybe watching them recieve the grammy or whatever award they might be receiving and being remembered by the giver you were or the lessons you taught… I have a strange feeling that you would have been an awesome father! 😉

  3. Growing up, my older brother always wanted to be RICH. I always just wanted to be famous; money was never a goal. I wanted to be well known, and yes…well remembered.

    1. LOL… my son used to tell me that he was going to be a “high paid business man who worked for himself” and my niece would say that she was going to be a “high profile woman of mystery”
      All I want is to know that I made a difference to those I loved and their life was better for having me in it… whether it is my past loves, kids, family or friends or even those chance meetings of strangers! The famous part and the rich part is not at the top of my list but if I was making a bucket wish list… I’d ask for at least one successful book on the top best seller list…. to add to the remebering… I mean… to be remembered for what you actually loved to do would also be great….
      Is that asking too much? LOL. 🙂

  4. I too often wonder how I will be remembered and like you hope that it’s the important things…… loving, caring, and sharing…. Amassing ‘things’ is not important at all… ‘people’ are the important factor….. Diane

  5. No worries my friend, you will be remembered! Your writing is so deep and meaningful and as for the password issue……I hear you girl! So annoying! 🙂 xo

  6. My Remember Me here and there work for a bit then ask me again and everything is fine again for a few days and then I’m asked again. Makes a body feel needy and frustrated and want to hit something.
    Technology is laughing at me.
    Your poem is sweet and shy sounding. 😀

    1. I know how you feel! Very frustrating. It makes me not want to waste my time by clicking on “Remember me or this password” It’s like our computers are playing games with us… just seeing if we are gonna click or not! Have you ever seen that squirrel commercial where they get the driver to swerve off the road and then high five each other? Only someone who drives around squirrels wouid get it. But THAT is the same feeling I get each time I click on remember me and WHY even click cuzzz it never does! :p Glad you guys know exactly what I am talking about… not that I want you to share in my frustration…lol… but it’s nice to know that all of our computers are high fiving and it’s not just mine! 😉

  7. BTW — I have the same issue with the Remember me on certain accts. 🙂

    and — like you, I believe we want to make a difference, to know that our passing through this life is more than just a whimsy, a forgettable few years that will not be remembered.

    I believe the drive to make a difference is evolutionary. we all share in it. It is embedded in our DNA. It’s just sometimes, we forget to listen to that quiet inner voice whispering gently, prodding us on — and sometimes screaming — into our ear, GET OUT THERE AND SHINE!

    You make a difference in my life Di. Thank you.


    1. Ooooh Louise…
      I was just gonna say that to YOU!!! And then I got to your last sentence and it actually brought tears to my eyes cuzzz I admire you so darn much!
      Thank YOU

  8. Just a quick reply on first part of this post…
    I am having the same problem with my special web pages NOT remembering me after I enter all info and check the box to keep me signed in. Some of them I have to sign in again the very next day!!!! Glad I am not the only one this is happening to.

  9. A little sad. I was thinking epitaph and eulogies. But a worthily reflective piece. We all want to have made a difference, I believe. I always think I’ll be asked whether I did all I could do, if I fulfilled my purpose, used my talents. I ask this of myself and know that the answer for now is that I’m still trying. Every day. Thank you for this thoughtful post. It gave me pause for thought again.x

    1. Thank you for reading! I’ve had this one in my drafts for a while and it’s not my best…. I know… for the mere fact that it started through my frustration of always having to re-enter my password. I know it has to do with my cookies settings but oh well it keeps me safe I guess. And so then I thought I’d make it funny and just got serious as always…lol. Glad it paused you enough to give you something positive! That’s the best I can ask for!

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