What is love?

 I mean really, really really love?


It’s feeling the spark when we first said hello

and kissing you good-bye, not wanting to let go

it’s every time you’d call and the feelings I’d feel

it’s all those and more that made our love seem so real

It was dreaming the dreams of what was to come

and making me feel brilliant when I’d say something dumb!

It was the hope that I felt when we both said I DO….

and the million other things that makes our love true…

But It’s also…

the dirty laundry,  budgets and bills

and  loving me still, without all of the thrills.

Sometimes…. candlelit dinners or just good old Taco Bell

It’s giving me space when I’m giving you hell!

It’s loving my kids and making them yours

It’s all of my baggage that you have endured

It’s twenty years of some pretty big ups and downs

it’s sticking it out and hanging around

Ahhh yes the meaning of love has changed a bit through the years

and for me I know now it’s because you’re still here!

Happy Twentieth My Love!

In Twenty years I have learned this….

    “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed,
revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.

― Audrey Hepburn

72 thoughts on “Twenty Years

  1. Sweet Diane, where have you been? I visit often thinking I’ve missed a post. I hope all is well and perhaps you are so busy with ‘your book’. xo 🙂

    1. Debbie,
      So sorry that I have been gone for so long! We have connected since this post but I was going back to answer some lost posts that I missed and between holidays and a little vacation… I seem to be still trying to catch up!
      Your book is wonderful! Anyone who wants to be captivated needs to click on you and follow the path to your wonderful newly published book!

      1. Hi Diane – it’s good to see you here again. I’ve missed you. You’re truly welcome on the award. I’m happy to share you with my readers. Hope you have a beautifully wonderful New Year, my friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am just now catching up with my comments but am determined to thank you guys for reading! So sorry it took so long!!!!
      But I appreciate your time in reading and commenting!

  2. Congratulations ….!(belated)
    and for Many Many more!
    Take Care…You Matter…

  3. THANK YOU EVERYONE for the great wishes!
    I just had to share this!!!!!
    It probably should be another blog and maybe I will make it one eventually
    but wanted to share with you for now here…
    We just returned from a little Anniversary get away! My daughter was in a play where they needed some professional actors up in a little mountain top theater and we all…were days of almost getting snowed in!
    I was freaking out cuz my daughter had to get to her real job and was going to leave at night or early in the morning. The day after we left for LA to spend a couple days with our friends. I was sharing my concern with Jody my BFF as we were sitting in our car and she said “Lets Pray” She said a simple little prayer with simple requests about weather and my daughter’s good choices… then we went in to shop… when we came out later… the storm had passed… the sun was shining and they had canceled the last performance for that weekend and she was already home safe.
    Is God good or what?!

    1. God is so good. We don’t need to emote, when we speak with Him, or ask for anything. A simple prayer will suffice. He is our Daddy, so come before Him, as the child He just simply loves. Have a great 2014. Blessings.

      1. Parrillaturi,
        Thanks for the wonderful reminders! Happy New Year to you!
        I look forward to getting to know all my blogging friends and readers even better as we share in 2014!

    1. Thank you!!!! I am not sure how I missed these comments but I appreciate your time in reading and commenting and I hope you keep returning because I sure do appreciate you!

    1. Thank you! Sorry this is a late post but been gone for a while! Your wishes are appreciated and I look forward to reading your posts as well!
      Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Deb,
      I know that we have connected since and I just responded to one of your comments but I feel as if I am hiding under a pile of letters that I need to respond to and have just dropped them all on the floor and don’t know where I left off… lol.
      So if this is redundant… you know my heart is in the right place

    1. Bill,
      I am not sure where I just replied to you but I want to make sure that you get my Happy New Year’s wishes and that I thank you for reading this! I am back and looking forward to catching up with ya!

  4. Happy Anniversary… Isn’t it wonderful to know that as our ‘self love’ grows… the depth of our love is reflected in the people and world around us… Congratulations and here’s to continued love… Barbara

    1. Dr. Johnny!
      Thank you! Wow 47! I don’t even have to ask you how you did it! You answered it by telling us that it was God being the center of your lives! Amen! I am just beginning to understand what that means!
      Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations…, and Happy Anniversary, D !!! May you have 20 more years…, followed by another 20…, and another 20. Stay happy, as I know you are.

    1. Thank you soooo much! I am trying to get back into the swing of things as I go back to answer my replies and need to go read your new posts! Can’t wait!
      Happy New Year!

    1. cm
      Thank you so much!
      I just got back into trying to pick up my metaphorical pen and begin writing again! Sorry my replies are a little late!
      Happy New Year!

  6. Happy anniversary…I have been reading some of your stories and poems this morning….WOW!!! Very impressed!!! Totally relate to you and love the depth of your feelings!!

    1. Ahhh Thanks Linda! That means a lot to me! I have to come in for my anniversary cut! That is what I want for my present! He keeps asking me to go back to you! LOL.

    1. Louise…
      Thank you! Been catching up on all of my loose ends and been so touched by all those that still hung in while I was away!
      Happy New Year my friend!

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