Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!

I must apologize for being away for so long. Rather than writing a

“Gone Fishing” or “On Vacation” post to at least let you know I wasn’t here…       I kept thinking I’d be back sooner than I was… and figured that you’d figure out that I was not here all on your own! 😉

Christmas Typewriter

 I mean, I never even wished you guys Merry Christmas!  I really can’t believe that I haven’t been here for almost a month. I never even thought that it was possible for me to stay away this long! Though I have kept up with some of the posts you guys have posted… I really wasn’t that great at doing that either!

woman writing at keyboard

But… I am back! And So now… what to say? I have to admit that I almost forgot how to post… it took me a few tries before I found the NEW POST key! Arghh… getting old sucks! You forget those familiar places and how to do things…. This has been my first REAL vacation in over eight years! And it has been nice not having to go to work everyday…. But I did miss my friends there and so I do look forward to seeing them!

typewriter on wooden desk

Sooo now as I dust off the old keys I wonder… what to write…. besides my first poem of 2014 (at the end) I wanted to make a different kind of comeback for this one post… not just numbering off all of my new year’s resolutions… though I do have em….


To tell you how much I appreciate all of you guys for reading and following me. I truly feel as if I have made some special friends here and have grown to love you all. Rather than write my ususal Happy New Year Post (though I do wish you all an amazing one!)  I wanted to come back in a way that reflects what I’ve learned this past year. My mother in law (the Psychologist by profession) just shared with me that we never stop learning. And our new knowledge is like tiny drops of water.

water drops1

As the master of metaphors I loved that one! And may all of our cups spill over in the coming year!

water overflowing

But as we shared… the one thing that I think stood out more than anything was the gift she gave me when she told me…”You are not crazy Diane.” Okay, so by now you may be saying… “She HAS to say that Diane, she is your mother in law!” But seriously, sometimes I do feel a bit crazy or at least as a writer, I drive myself crazy over thinking stuff.

stressed woman

But I feel that by her saying that to me… a light bulb kind of clicked on, almost as if I have kind of been given permission to feel the way I feel about things. Disappointed, frustrated, sad, confused… all are okay and probably pretty relevant for what happened to make me feel the way I did in the different circumstances that come to mind, and that I am writing about…  But I guess in the end, it is how we react to it all. By now we have heard it said in so many amazing ways: … It is not what is happening to us but our attitude in how we handle it.

quote about attitude

This year I know now… that being right is not as important as being kind. And that letting things go may be healthier for me in the end than shoving my rights to be right down the other person’s metaphorical throat. I have learned that people surprise you in both good and bad ways.

quote about not taking things personal

I have learned that money can make people feel and do things that are despicable and generous all in your own family.  And that your own children can disappoint you and make you proud on so many different levels but a parent’s love never changes. At least in  my heart I know that to be true. And that babies can take everything negative and turn it all into joy just like magic!

Sophia and her plug

I have learned that listening more than talking will always get you much further on the path of understanding and that being slow to say what you want to say is just about as important as being slow to react to anger. Just as I have learned that saying less is just an overall better choice all around. I have learned that life will throw you all kinds of curve balls but that faith is like a seasoned mit, the leather gets worn in the right places and we learn to catch the foul balls with ease as well as some great home run catches!

baseball glove

I guess in the end, I have learned that I can’t do it alone. That I need to let go and to give God the wheel. For without Him steering it is like sliding on ice.

Jesus steering

Happy New Year my friends! May this NEW year be filled with kindness and quiet reflections, home runs and peaceful and meaningful talks filled with more listening and a safe trip through the next year with God’s hands always on the wheel!

Jesus at the wheel

Giving Back The Wheel

Lord, thank you for the year behind me and the things that I have learned,

for the lessons you have taught me where my path took a different turn.

Thank you for staying by me, when I forgot to invite you along,

and for loving me during the times where I know that I was wrong.

This year I know is no different, and it is just another day…

But, we somehow all feel as if we can just blot last year away…

An opportunity of fresh starts and a way to begin again,

erasing last years mistakes, like a story that has reached the end.

We turn the calendar’s page and embrace the new hope  we all feel

as we metaphorically step aside, and give you back the wheel!

Diane Reed



God saying

Happy New Year to all of my special friends that find themselves here today! May this be a year of allowing God to steer your path!


49 thoughts on “What I know for sure!

  1. I hope the coming new year will be good for you and yours and that giving the wheel to God is more than an analogy it’s the only thing that’s gotten me through some of the storms of life. His direction is the beacon seen in the distance leading you home.

  2. and a Belated Happy New Year to you and yours with a wish for the best that is Yet to Be!
    a very good post….I think alot of us relate on this one…
    I know life gets in the way with me sometimes…
    I enjoyed your thoughts a very good read for New Years and the New Moon Moon energy ….
    I just knew you were going to have Carrie Underwoods “Jesus Take the Wheel ” song on, I thought of it as I read your words….it as your words are a very good reminder….
    Thank you for sharing…..
    Take Care….You Matter….

    1. Maryrose!
      I thought of that song when I was writing this! I wish I knew how to insert background music. I can only imagine between trying to choose pics and music I’d have so much fun! But I am lucky to have figured out how to do the pictures with my tech challenged know how! 😉
      Thanks for reading!

  3. I loved the pictures of the old typewriters! Ah… memories of times and people past…My husband has old typewriter we keep moving around. Enjoying your post and your winsome smile… Thanks for technical tip… think I got it…! Sue

    1. Sue!
      Thank you for reading and commenting! I love your blog! I need to take some time and go through it too!
      I know I love the old typewriters! I collect photos of them! Someday, hoping to put them in my new study that I have imagined! I remember sitting on the floor in my bedroom on a Friday night typing up invoices for the company I worked for which happened to be my boyfriend’s mom’s. When most 18 year old were out partying I was typing away on my trusty typewrite! lol.

    1. I keep telling her to post a blog of her own! I know she’d have a following! She has some great advice though it took me a decade or so to fully appreciate it!
      Thanks for your time spent reading my blog!

  4. Oh Diane, I don’t just like this, I love it. What a blessing you are and I am so glad you are back, But your post today…so much of it could be coming from me as well. Yet you thought it all out and wrote it first 🙂 I have been away from my blog, except for the rare occasion, for a lot longer than you. Since I sold my house in Georgia in November and moved to Greenville SC I am so grateful for my dream come true. Still unpacking and getting organized…slowly.

    May you and all your followers be richly blessed this year.

    1. Ann,
      I was out for dinner with friends when your comments came in so I couldn’t reply like I’d wanted to but thank you so much! What a nice comeback to being gone. Having friends like you makes it so nice coming home again!

  5. It’s so good when you can look back and learn some important things …like you have mentioned and some of those I can relate to also… ‘being slow in saying what you want to say” being one of them. I think that’s something I can really benefit from doing… Some very good thoughts …………. Diane

    1. Ahhh Barbara,
      Thank you for saying that! I’d like to think that I was missed or at least ya’all noticed I was MIA! LOL.
      I missed you guys. I wrote my mom’s story for her Christmas present this year. She will be 80 next year and had been asking me to do it for a couple of years… The jury is still out… not sure if she likes it… 😮 But at least I have it behind me and know I wrote my heart out.
      I must say that it is nice to be back writing what I want! This year I WILL finish my book! But in the mean time… I love just randomly writing what I want! 😉

  6. Omg Di, first of all WELCOME BACK! What a fabulous post. You touched on so many aspects of life as a person and life as a writer. I have watched you grow this year in so many ways through your writing and our many email chats. You questioned me many times and now you are happily learning the answers. I commend you. And, even though you couldn’t remember where the new post button was, your writing has not lost it’s beauty. Every point you made was valid and will hit home for most.
    We learn from life lessons, they are what make us greater!

    xoxo ((hugs)) Deb

    1. Deb!
      Wow! Thank you for so many affirmations! (you know I am all about them! lol)
      Especially coming from you! An amazing published author!!!
      Everyone needs to check out your book Conflicted Hearts! It is worth the read and the kind of book you won’t read just once!
      I love you my friend! You are a blessing!

  7. Hello lovely Di! So glad you’re back — hope the break filled you with wonder and awe and possibility.

    Love this — “being right is not as important as being kind.”

    So very true — and usually, for me to ‘be right’ I have to make someone else wrong — and life just doesn’t work all that well when I’m doing that!

    Much love. Happy New Year to you my friend!

    1. Louise,
      One of the best gifts that last year gave me was YOU as a friend! I love that you call me that!
      Your wisdom teaches me every time your pen touches paper or lol… your finger touches SEND!
      And when you said:
      for me to ‘be right’ I have to make someone else wrong
      Wow!!! I wish I had said that! But better for me to think on that and digest it and funny how it brings tears to my eyes how right you are on so many levels it resonates truth for me.
      Here’s grabbing onto the blessing of new beginnings and getting to watch each other go through the journey!
      Love ya Louise! Thanks for soooo much!

    1. Thank you Geraldine! Right back at ya! Happy New Year that is! 😉
      Everyone seems to love those typerwriter pics! I collect great pictures of old typewriters! Someday, I want to hang them all over the writer’s studio that I have in my head!

  8. Hi Diane, and Happy New Year! I love the poem at the end of your post. I’ve been feeling a lot lately like I need to give back the wheel because I am slipping and sliding all over the road 🙂 I just realized that you and I are writing on each others pages at the same time, lol! Talk about synchronicity 🙂 Stay blessed, and looking forward to reading more from you….

    1. I absolutely love it! The writing on each other’s pages at the same time! I have special people in my life where synchronicity is a natural thing with us that we have accepted over the years but admittedly, still blows us away! I am glad you are inspired to hand the wheel back as well! I don’t think that it is a choice that either of us will regret! Love your blog and am so looking forward to reading more!
      Happy New Year! I have a feeling we will be good old friends!

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