Road Kill

deer crossing sign

Coming from the city, we have emotional stop your day reactions when we see a dog or cat lying dead on the side of the road. But here in the country it is an everyday occurrence and  almost expected to see what we have callously dubbed  “road kill.” It is not unusual to see a deer or a squirrel or other creature having met their fate via the grill of one car or another.

deer crossing


The other day I even saw a wild pig laying lifelessly along the side of my scenic drive to work! I have to admit that I still have not gotten used to it. And it makes me feel a little empty inside as I realize how precious life is and how fast it can get snatched away.

road kill

We may have more sense than to dart out in front of an oncoming car. And it makes me wonder what logic is behind their decision to cross the road right when one is barreling around a corner. But if that didnt’ happen, how would I write about my metaphor of the day? Now I don’t like to liken us to “road kill” but I can relate in a way. I see those headlights “of life” coming and think that they are lighting my way, when in reality they are my sign to proceed with caution. How many times do we go looking for signs to only see the ones that we really want to see and overlook the ones that God gives us as He lays out blazing flares warning us to proceed with caution?

praying bible

Just like an animal darting out into the path of an oncoming car, we sometimes just close our eyes and leap. We don’t look both ways or proceed with caution, we don’t arm ourselves with daily prayer or stop and ask for God’s direction. We get caught up in trying to get our needs met as quickly as possible and in the process miss the message.

In my life, I’ve discovered that patience is a virtue. And what is virtue? It is: goodness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, principles and ethics. In Christianity the seventh highest order of the nine fold celestial hierarchy. Worth waiting for don’t you think? Beats darting across the road blindly and becoming “road kill.”

caution signs God

Oh Lord please take this day

and slow me down to see,

all the ways you try to

communicate with me.

Stop me at the corner

when I am running late,

 slow me down to hear YOU,

when you tell me just to wait.

For I’ve finally begun to see,

that I get in my own way…

After giving it to you,

and then taking back my  day!

Diane Reed



39 thoughts on “Road Kill

  1. Moore to ponder says:

    “I see those headlights ‘of life’ coming and think that they are lighting my way, when in reality they are my sign to proceed with caution. How many times do we go looking for signs to only see the ones that we really want to see and overlook the ones that God gives us as He lays out blazing flares warning us to proceed with caution?…” This is such great analogy! I like the poem, too.

    I am so glad that in spite of so many things, my love of learning and my joy for living (although a little bruised) is still intact, and that the Lord is sending me guides like you in the blogging world to help me on my way.


    • coastalmom says:

      I just noticed that I have your name’s spelling in my phone automatically. It made you seem special and familiar. ♡
      So nice to find your comments again!
      Just saw this one as I am starting my day. Nice one to start my day to:-)

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I quit asking for patience, I think each time I did the lessons got longer and harder,
    could be the Divine was thinking how slow I was that I didn’t understand what patience was…now I no longer go with the flow of it I image I am the flow of patience some days good, some days not so good…
    one should never get used to seeing animals as roadkill…
    this was a wonderful post Thank you for sharing it with us…it gives
    a pause to think…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • coastalmom says:

      Thank you for your well thought out comment. I loved it! I am just now coming back and finding them here today and am having a grand time reading everyone’s different perspectives. I LOVE yours!:-)

  3. becwillmylife says:

    What a beautiful post. Patience is one I struggle with, but definitely worth waiting for His intervention and timing. By the way, seeing dead animals on the side of the road still gets to me too.:)

  4. Beth says:

    Love this! Thank you…we all need reminders in our daily life, this is one for me today. You can bet I will think of this the next time I come across this on the road. Thanks ;0)

  5. Ann Marquette says:

    So true Diane. It hurts me to see animals dead on or along side the roads we travel. I am also trying to be patient and wait for the “things” I want, because in the end they are not as important as my peace of mind. And when God wants me to have those or something better, it will be all the more joyful.
    Your poem is beautiful and I said it as my own prayer. Thank you Diane.
    May God bless you wish His special favor today.

    • coastalmom says:

      YOU always make my day! I love that we have bumped into each other. I loved your latest post! What a romantic place you live in! I see that your patience has earned you the joy you have found there! God is sooo good! Everyone should go take a look at your blog!

      • Ann Marquette says:

        Thanks Diane. It has taken many years to learn patience. Sometimes I still falter, but I KNOW that it is best to wait in God’s time. I ask Him each day to guide me and I pray to know when HE is whispering His messages to me.

  6. viveka says:

    So sad … but this is the realty – the car is many years worst enemy … in Sweden there is a law that if we hit an animals we have to stop and check that the animal is dead, if we not able to put it out it’s misery we have to call the police and people do. Especially when it’s about bigger animals.

    • coastalmom says:

      I remember when i saw someone hit a cat on my way to work. I think I was in my twenties. The driver just kept going. I scooped it up and it died in my arms. A neighbor came out and took it… I can’t remember the whole scenario of what happened next but I felt at least he didn’t die alone. It is so sad. But way more too much for this particular post’s metaphor!😉
      Thanks for reading! Soo good to see you! Hope life is well for you!

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