I just needed to share this with you guys. It sounds kind of silly now as I try to explain why I was brought to tears by this funny little incident, but maybe it is one of those times where you just  had to be there… but I wanted to try because it was such a special moment. Seems that I keep getting reminders from God a lot lately.

 Jesus hem

I was in a hurry yesterday for no known reason. It was my day off so I’m not sure what was up or why I was so up tight.  I was just annoyed at everything. Stuff at work, at home… nothing at all and stuff I was trying to deal with, without going too crazy. I mean something was really bugging me that I couldn’t put my finger on, and even today I’m not sure why I was so impatient.  I’d run to the store to pick something up and was trying to get out of the parking lot and get home.

As I waited, I absent mindedly waved a family on in the cross walk, though they actually already stepped out. The parents were in deep conversation and didn’t even acknowledge me but for some reason I glanced at the little boy and saw that he was staring right into my face smiling and without missing a beat, caught my eyes and waved. Nodding to me as he mouthed “thank you” as he walked by. I smiled back and that little old soul  who couldn’t have been  much older that three and a half, changed my whole perspective and  every cell in my soul.

little boy

I can’t explain it but it was like connecting with God. As if He slowed me down and gave me a reminder what it really IS all about. My Aha moments usually involve someone homeless or sick but this little boy looked well loved and obviously well raised. But it made me remember how God told us that He’d use the children to be HIS messengers and to lead us.  I had to stop and thank God for that little guy who brought a message to me on a day when I needed a reminder that it’s all about love and connecting and being grateful for even the smallest things.


God’s messages don’t need stamps they are sent with smiles!

Diane Reed

43 thoughts on “My Aha Moment

  1. Seems so simple, Diane. These messages of love when they’re sent to us. We miss them most of the time. But, when they come like this in its purest form, it can’t be missed. Sounds like you were really needing a heavenly sign.

    Love your audience and comments. They’re really getting what you say, especially Grandfathersky in looking between the cracks. I love that. 🙂

    1. I’m so bad about getting back to some of my old posts and finding sweet messages! Thank you for always being my sweet reading girl. So glad you are here!

  2. What a wonderful sign from God, and so glad you experienced that moment. How many times have we heard or read that we should always remember to give smiles to others because that may be all they needed that day to change their day to a better one.

  3. I loved this story and isnt that exactly the way God works? Little earthly angels can be used too for His purposes. And who is to say that the sweet smile of an innocent isn’t a gift from God….”and a child shall lead them.” Thanks for sharing the smile 😃

    1. I lost a bunch of comments due to my busy schedule and I am coming back and reading them now and your message was perfect for me! Thank you for taking the time to comment! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

  4. Love this post Diane, you are so correct, God may not speak to us, but what he does is sends us messages or signs, it is up to us as individuals, to see these signs, so we all can move forward on our journey of life.

      1. Your welcome, God made it very easy for us, but unfortunatly in this “all about me” society we have gotton away from him and his message. Its time we go back for true happiness and love.

    1. Debbie,
      I just am catching up with some of my comments You are 37 from almost 50 so I will be here for a while. LOL. But I am determined to thank everyone this morning! Thank you!!! I am honored that you take the time to read my ramblings! I have you listed as a blog on my profile page right along side my daughter’s that people should not miss!

  5. Lately I am moved to tears by so many things … This is one example of looking between the cracks … there is nothing closer to God than seeing through the eyes of a child … Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just rolled my eyes as I read your comment. STAY with me for a moment!!! Not because of what you said… but BECAUSE of what you said! LOL. Even your comments take my breath away!!!!! The rolling of my eyes was because I was thinking here comes yet another iconic message from my sweet friend! I think that you should post one titled Between The Cracks! I wish I’d titled this that!
      Thank you for reading!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Kate!
      It was special. I wanted to go and tell his parents what he’d done. It was sooo cute… but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.

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