three jars of rice

My daughter has been telling me about this thing called The Rice Experiment. A Scientist took 3 jars of rice and for one month, he said to the first one, “thank you” and to the second one he said “you are an idiot or I hate you.” And the last one was just ignored.  Watch the link below to see what happened. It is pretty incredible. The result is that the one that was told “thank you” grew fragrant and flourished while the others grew bacteria etc. The video is only about a minute long and is worth the time you take to watch it.

rice pictures from top


Lately, I have been in a horrible funk. I have pretty much felt like the other two jars of rice. I am not sure what is going on. I do believe that outside energy does have a lot to do with our lives. The negative people that we give power to, and the power we give away is within our control. I have come to the conclusion that we don’t just have to sit there and allow someone to come along and ruin our day and create fungus in our lives. Too many times I have allowed the negativity of others to take over.


I believe that it is a conscious choice to love ourselves and embrace our positive-ness and all the fragrance that comes with it. We don’t have to wait for someone to come along and spew the expected or unexpected words we have grown accustomed to that catch us off guard and throw us off kilter. We need to find the love. It is there just as much as the hate. They actually sit next to each other all day long. It is up to us who we give the power to.

happy looking at

TODAY I know that I am loved. By God and by me and that is ENOUGH!


 happy smile


35 thoughts on “I don’t have to just sit there and be a jar of rice!

  1. Wow, this was powerful! NO, you are not a jar of rice! But even rice had feelings. We had often spoke of those who reflect their negativity onto us and you told me you weren’t going to let that happen any longer. Perhaps the rice experiment was a good reminder? xo 🙂

  2. Interesting about the ‘rice’… I really do believe that in life we are so affected by how we are spoken to and treated especially as children when we are most vulnerable and forming our self worth…. Diane

  3. Oh how I’ve missed reading your insightful words! This is all so true! To make matters worse, sometimes I know I’ve allowed myself to get into a funk based on some outside influence, but when it’s time to pull myself out of it, I resist. I don’t enjoy being there, but it’s almost like I’ve allowed the negative default to set in. :/ It’s during these times that we must encourage ourselves as David did, and as you said, remember that God’s love and self-love are what really matter! For the record, I love you too! 🙂

  4. Both the video and your post should really be taken to heart.

    I can be in the grocery store feeling sad, and run into a friendly stranger who is chatty, and I perk up like flower that has just been watered! I hope you have a really great weekend. I hope it will be sunny, too. A sunny weekend in spring can do a world of wonders. 🙂


    1. Theresa
      and quite the same thing has happened with this blog. I was feeling so blue and then can come back and find your comments and my spirits totally lift! Thank YOU for being my up lifter♡

  5. ” when we stay true to our selves, believe in God and stay in touch with our true feelings and emotions, there is no power that will defeat us”.

  6. It’s so difficult to stay positive when being bombarded by the negative. (And that rice experiment was fascinating! I wish I was still teaching – I would do that in a flash!) These are the times when we need to find a quiet place alone with God and count our blessings. He is the only One who can lift us. I’ve been there; it’s time to snuggle up, cry if you need to, and tell Him everything. He knows what hurts, and He will comfort you, Diane.

    1. Oh Susan,
      I am seeing so many comments that I missed! This one was perfect for me to read RIGHT NOW!!!! God’s timing is better than ours! 😉 Isn’t it? Thank you for being HIS vessel!

  7. That was amazing!
    I am a big believer that we don’t have to give away our power to others, we don’t have to let them bring us down, we don’t have to accept their negative words.
    And, I do believe that it is easier said than done, and that we have to work at it – and the hard work is so very worthwhile. 🙂
    Have a positive day! And remember, your body can’t tell a real smile from a fake one – even a fake smile will release the good feeling chemicals! 🙂

    1. Kate
      it has taken me decades to figure that out but I love how you put IT…we don’t have to give our power away! Epic! Thank YOU for reading and sharing♡

  8. You always make great post! I can always find something in them that I can relate too! It is the sign of a great writer!! Your awesome and thank you for sharing your gift , wisdom and humor with us! We are the lucky ones!

  9. Your readers are fond of you, too! Funks are difficult – even when we know we’re in one, it’s not as simple as saying “snap out of it”. I hope yours begins to lift soon.

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