It is so funny what a little encouragement can mean for someone. Today I was notified by one of my “Linked” connections that they’d just endorsed me for Content Development. I needed that! As I am finishing my book and as you know, have gotten side-tracked so many times before. I felt that it was almost as if God Himself used (Stefan Maxima)  😉 as HIS vessel to get the message to me to keep going! Though of course I know that we randomly endorse each other as we are on linked and I am sure it was not a specific endorsment that was being selected because of my brilliance  🙂  but it was just that push that I needed.

When I first created this blog, it started out as just a place to write my book that I’d started about a year earlier. Well, I am glad that I got sidetracked because I have been so blessed in the meantime by all of these friendships that I have made with other writers and readers alike. But I feel kind of  like an artist who can never stick to just one project at a time. Do I have ADD? Or am I just creative? When I was self-employed as an artist, I had several projects going at once. Every artist friend I have known has copped to the same crime.  Our art studios have never been very organized. We are not very focused! Or maybe too focused on too many things! But we are definitely not as organized as any of us would like to be! If we were, our art studios would not look like this! (though some are a little more organized than others, we have decided that a true artist has messy art rooms period.) The level of messiness may be indicative of the greater level of creativity…. or not! But it would be nice to believe that! Right?

messy1 studiomessy art studio5artist writer

Though, as you can see here, there are the few weird ones who are actually very creative and talented and organized! They must have issues! 😉

messyless art studioart studio craft room

Soooo anywaaay these are either staged photos or… it IS possible! Though I think that I land somewhere in the middle.

Here is a prime example! I know that I should be just writing my book…. but here I am again needing to touch base with my blogging world even though I am at a place of really being on a roll in what I would call content development! Finally! Exactly what Stephan Maxima endorsed me as being able to do. So do it already I tell myself! Instead I feel the clutter in my head and I just want to sit myself in the corner until I focus!

dunce cap

  So now I think that I FINALLY  have a frame and something to put in it! After all of those first drafts. I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Though this is all still a very rough draft, I feel that I have grasped where I am going. Can I say finally again? For those of you who have followed my other blog at Keris Journal:

I want to share my transition page and would love to hear some feedback from those of you who have followed my transition from my chapters here to the journal on Keri’s journal (another blog I created last year for those of you who are just reading this today) to third person.

 If you care to comment here or…… there>>>>  I’d be very grateful!

I really was not comfortable sharing this here as my other blog was more ingognito and that was just fine with me. But here it is…

Remember to read this first:

So you will know that the above is where it all begins…

Keri and her daughter Brynne decide to clean out their attic to make a study for Keri to write in and she finds a journal that she kept when she was a teenager. The next chapters are of Keri reading the journal to her daughter Brynne, as they find themselves traveling through a time in Keri’s life that she never talked about with her daughter before. As the journal is read, it takes them on a journey of first love, abuse and heartbreak. As the story comes back to current times, Keri uses her story as an opportunity to guide her young daughter who is close to the same age that Keri was when she began writing in the journal. Though there is a twist that no one expected…. with social media so prevalent, the boy who broke Keri’s heart three decades ago, comes back to apologize. But does he want more than just forgiveness?


21 thoughts on “Content Development

    1. Thank you Patricia! I know you are a busy mama right now and I am touched that you find time to read my words. You are a blessing and I am praying for a perfect delivery! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your growing little family!

  1. I wondered where you been! Great post here! I know exactly what you mean! And, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll be watching for your book! And in case you been too busy and missed it, I have a new one out: “JULI”
    It would give me an encouraging boost if you’d check it out and share with your vast audience! 🙂

    1. Charles,
      I’m not sure how we lose different friends along the way. I also thought you’d stopped posting. Glad to connect again! I will go buy your book when I get a chance. If you wrote it I know it will be great♡

  2. If things were too neat and organized I’d never be able to find anything !!! You have to achieve a comfortable level of disorganization to be creative. Hugs, D.

  3. I am a tidy mess in my studio. 🙂

    and I have loved following Keri’s journal — am looking forward to this evening when I have some time to catch up on the transition story.

    Hugs — I love reading your words where ever they appear.

    1. I love your words too Louise! I can picture your art studio in my head! Did you share it here ever? Too funny! Anyway I am one of your biggest fans. If I am ever near where you are speaking, I will DROP everything and run to that place! You can’t know how much it means that you are reading. You are especially close to my heart as I try to figure out how much to share. Enough to have a redeeming message but not too much to hurt those that might not need to know more than they need to… ya know?

  4. No, you didn’t. To clarify the push-pull of blog and memoir: Yes, “the tension comes from the competition of which to invest time on” or, in other words, how to balance the two.

    Thanks for providing the sounding board for my thoughts. It sounds as though you are well on your way. Brava!

  5. Bravo Diane! You have done it! And you don’t need anyone to tell you that you are capable but if endorsing you made you realize it then kudos! I am very proud of you my friend. Have you finished writing the end? Is it almost time to work on publication, editing? 🙂

    1. Debbie,
      Thank you. I love to hear from you. As I head towards the finish line (I feel as if you were there for the race!) xoxo
      I will definitely be asking you for your expertise and the editor you actually liked who sounded like a gem! And maybe I could send you some chapters? Hint hint. I have a couple more chapters that I share here and then that will be it until the book is complete. But I want to get it as close to flawless before I hand it over to someone so as not to waste their time since I do tend to go in and rip out big chuncks and go in and remodel whole chapters! 😉

      1. I am absolutely here for you! I’m not an expert but I have learned a lot from this biz and I can certainly offer you some advice and steer you in a few directions and happy to do so. I’m so happy for you Di, you have worked hard on this journey, I know this! 🙂 xo

      1. Lol, of course I did and I just thanked you on your previous comment, I think it may have been on your Dianewiter page, lol, I can’t keep up with you, back and forth from your two pages! You crack me up woman!!!! <3<3

        1. LOL! Strange… but I think that I am more comfortable here as I finish this. Though I don’t plan on writing too much more. Don’t want to be a spoiler on my own story! 😉

          1. Yes, Don’t Give Away the Cow! Lol, after all you want readers when the book comes out! <3. Did you see my comment yet on my review? Sheesh girl you make me dizzy, lol. 🙂

  6. There are many things to address here, so I’ll focus on just one – or two!

    First of all, I totally get the “artist” thing. I’m married to one! Every space in our tri-level house that is messy I attribute to him – NOT!

    Also, the tension about blogging and working on your book. I used to think my blog would magically turn into a book (Boy, do I have a lot to learn!) because I have a book with the title: “How to Blog a Book.” Turns out, that’s not really how it works. It’s more like blog vs book to me now. Blog posts are snippets; books have a narrative arc and read like a novel, especially memoir. Where/how to start?

    Wow, I feel better that I’ve gotten that off m chest. But I hope you can relate to some of this, dear writer.

    1. LOL Marian,
      I guess I should just be glad you read the whole thing!
      I am fully aware that I can’t pen my book on my blog. But I do realize that if I have a few willing readers I can get some pretty good feedback.
      I’ve written over twenty chapters that I probably will never use but have gained a whole truck load of knowledge. You see, I don’t just want the “good job” pats on the backs… (Though I love em) I appreciate the people who take the time to say that I tend to use a certain word a lot. I listen to audio books during my commutes and have got to say that even the successful, well known authors tend to use descriptive words and the same adjectives over and over again and it’s evident. What I post here are very rough draft samplings of what I am working on. I just need to know if someone finds something choppy or hard to follow.
      My story is my story and there is not a lot of changing of the content but I want to tell it so that the reader stays interested to the end.
      I have a blog with a few willing readers who actually read from start to finish and I can’t ask for more!
      But in the end of course I will not write the whole book here.
      I wasn’t clear about the tension thing, if you were saying there is tension in trying to write your book on your blog or if you were saying that the tension comes from the competition of which to invest time on? Or maybe none of those? Sorry if I am having a hard time following. Didn’t want to make you tense. 😉

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