washing cars

You fall into my heart like a catchy tune

on a slow lazy car washing  afternoon.

We fit together more than I realized

you’ve touched my heart like a sweet surprise.


You never really had any doubts about us

and believed all we had would be just enough.

Even when  I messed everything  up

you hung in there and wouldn’t give up.

fireplace sofa

 Oh yeah, Lord knows we’ve had our go rounds,

when we were anything but on solid ground.

But we’ve learned to give and let go some more

and have come out even better than before!

couple hugging melancholy woman's face

For falling in love and falling for you

was something I didn’t know that I’d do.

It took me a while to understand God’s plan

That you are the place He had me  land.

Diane Reed


30 thoughts on “You

    1. Thank you Jane! I am just coming around to try to tie up my loose ends here. Been working on my book! BUT I appreciate your time and EVERY comment!

  1. This part sounds like something I would say to my husband:

    “You never really had any doubts about us

    and believed all we had would be just enough.

    Even when I messed everything up

    you hung in there and wouldn’t give up.”

    It is such a special thing to have the kind of love that you can actually rest in.

    I am so glad, too that you have posted again. I enjoy your blogs so much.


    1. Theresa,
      Thank you! I have a feeling we are a lot alike in a lot of ways. I think that even through the lines that connect us and even though we have never met. I love that! Thank you for always being so affirming! You are such a great assett in my life!

    1. jp!
      What a lovely thing to say! I will pray for your dream to come true starting now! I expect you to share with me when my prayers are answered! 😉

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