I’ve written a few synopsis during my final drafts. I think that this one capsulizes my intentions. I’d love to have your feedback if you have the time. Does it capture your attention? Would it make you want to read more? Any changes you’d care to suggest? I appreciate you guys!

Thank you!!!!!


This book is for all the silenced voices out there, trembling under the shadow of someone else’s demons. For those who know how treading lightly and walking on eggshells feels. And how we all become a little confused about love and loyalty to someone else while forgetting to love ourselves most of all.

I remember feeling so conflicted when I thought about the oxygen mask scenario and how we must save ourselves first, before we can save our children. We instinctively want to give them everything to save them first. But the fact is that without us, they would not survive. And so we must save ourselves before we save them. By receiving the oxygen ourselves first. I believe that it’s the same in love. We cannot love someone else without learning to love ourselves first.


This is a story about a young girl who came from a loving home. Who didn’t have a lot of experience with grown up relationships. She was romantic and a maybe little boy crazy. But the intensity of everything that was to come caught her off guard. She began chronicling everything in a “Writing Journal” that started out as a simple English class assignment. Years later, she found the journals again and decided to share the stories with her young daughter,  now close to the same age as she was when she wrote in them. And through the sharing of the journals, it inspired her to write her story.

One morning, up in her study, half way into her writing project, she sat down with a mug of coffee to continue writing what she’d begun, as she noticed a friend request pop up on her Face book page and the name she’d never forgotten even three decades later, stared back at her. Little did she know that in the click of a key her life would change forever, in ways she could have never predicted. Accepting the friend request would allow her to confront her own demons that had followed her in every relationship since. It will be the closure that I’ve needed all these  years, she reasoned with herself as she clicked ACCEPT.








If you are interested… Below is the book that the above will prologue…


51 thoughts on “Saving Me

  1. Hi, I’m a writer too 🙂 I like your style (and you have the friendliest, warmest profile pic imaginable! It’s beautiful!). You’re making me wish for for more time so I can read more of your blog – decided I’m just going to make time for it. What a lovely place you’ve created – and the book sounds exciting too! It’s things like this that make me love writing so much: thank you coastalmom (oops, I’m British and just wrote coastalmum!) xx

    1. Hi Athousandtimestooshort!
      I love your name! Thank you for all of the compliments! Every once in a while I receive one like yours that reminds me why I write! I love our little community and the way that we get to connenct even across oceans! I love the mum as well! 😉 You can call me that!
      But my name is Diane and my friends call me Di!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to stroll through my words!

  2. You know what Daine…..I so relates to the story. I mean I have written something quite similar which I’ve thought to forge into a story someday. You are an amazing, amazing writer. My eyes were smiling after reading this prologue of yours!!
    Hope even I will get to read the book! May God bless you with all the love you deserve for this epic piece of your writing.


    1. ttf…
      Thank you so much for such encouragement! I always love both constructive and affirming feedback. I’d love to hear your story too! My email is crafterdi@aol.com if you ever want to chat!
      In the meantime I have been tweaking and re-tweaking everything. Even this synopsis. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback which is helpful because others have pointed out where I use a word too much etc… all makes me see with different eyes as I rip out sentences and add new ones… etc…
      Thank you my friend for taking the time to read and comment! I know how valuable everyone else’s time is and I never take it for granted when someone takes the time to stop and read here!!!

  3. Oh definately run with this one, it’s current, meaningful and holds so much promise…I feel it will be full of empathy and reach out to more folk than you realise…fly with this one, pretty please.. ❤

  4. I love it!! So when’s the book coming out? You’ll have to message me here or on FB (KElizabeth Green) so I’ll be sure not to miss it! I think this is a wonderful synopsis that grabs my attention…. and I think would of any woman… perhaps even some men. 😀

    1. Keli!!! So glad to hear from you! Thank you so much YOUR opinion means so much! I will let you know… REALLY working on it now! That ‘s why I am a little quiet on the homefront lately!

      1. I understand… I’m slow on here too cuz I’m still caring for my mom. 😀 Good luck and Blessings on your book! ❤

        1. Keli,
          Your mom and you are in my prayers! You are a good daughter! I pray you are blessed everyday!
          My father in law just went through a bout with cancer and is still in the hospital. We just got a cancer free report so we are praising the Lord.
          He will have a long road of recovery and adjustment living without a bladder and prostrate. But at least he will be living! And they say relatively normally… so funny how our idea of blessings change at this stage in the game. My mother in law has been a care taker to her parents through out the years and she said that she doesn’t envy our time of life, dealing with stuff like this.
          But my dad died of a heart attack at 51 and I wish I’d had more time with him everyday! Funny to think that I am older than he was now.
          Life is funny hey?
          Praying for you my friend.

          1. Yes, it is funny… My father died a month after he turned 55. I had just finished college and gotten married. I’m glad he was around for that. Always good to hear from you! Thanks for the prayers. I’ll send some your way too for your father in law. Blessings~

  5. Sweet Di, I have read your story a few times now and still love it and would still read THE BOOK! I love the synopsis. You have captured the essence of your story and along with it the emotion. I am so proud of you!!! ❤

    1. Ahh Debbie,
      Thanks my friend! I have been out of town with not very great reception and have been reading your posts as well but when I pulled them up on my phone it kept saying “loading” and I couldn’t comment. I have been trying to keep in touch with your posts as well. Need to go back and catch up with everyone.

      1. No worries. So much to read, and never enough time. I can’t seem to do half the things on my computerized phone I can on my own computer. I know you will come ’round eventually. xo

  6. I like it, Diane. I would sure keep reading while wondering, “Did this really happen to you?” I like the composition and flow. Way to go on writing your book. Looks like you’re well on your way.

    1. Pat!
      Thank you so much! I always appreciate your time!
      To answer your question, Most of Keri’s journal is true to life. But as I write about the adult Keri, I have added a bit of fiction, but for the most part It’s about 80% right on. But I have changed all the names to avoid oversharing! 😉 And believe me there is more to come!

      1. Hi Diane. You’re welcome and I’m happy to share with you. I’m glad you’re following your passion and writing your book.

        I’m sure in the writing you been on a journey and it’s taken you down many paths you’ve never imagined. I’m proud of you for taking on such an important project. It’s been life changing, I’m sure. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  7. Very nice! I’d keep reading! I really like the oxygen mask analogy. It is so true and a great metaphor to use. It is the reason I finally decided, or rather allowed myself to divorce. I had to save myself so that I could be a better mother.
    Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but the last paragraph kind of threw me off. I think the chronological order of it or something didn’t seem to flow.
    That’s just my non-professional (in any way) opinion!!
    I, myself, am trying to get moving on writing my story into book form as well. Congratulations on getting so far! It is already an amazing accomplishment and I am truly so happy for you!

  8. Thank you everyone!
    I took everyone’s advice who private messaged me and deleted the other synopsis and rewrote this one. Hope you approve!

  9. Yes, the prologue to your story would make me want to read the rest. It could use a little light editing, but as usual you are a very good writer.

    Sorry Diane about the medical issues in your family. You are in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Ann.
      Yeah I’m not fooling myself. I know I’ll need lots of editing even after I think i’ve gone over and over it all.
      I haven’t gone back to fix the errors that I made afterI tweaked it and changed some stuff that a friend suggested. I noticed some mistakes.

      Thanks for the prayers Ann! They are needed and appreciated♡

  10. I agree with becwillmylife, I love the thoughts and yes I’d definitely want to read on, but as an ex-English teacher, there’s some tweaking and polishing to be done I think. That’s why writers have editors. So I’d let her show you what she has in mind and go from there. Hugs and blessings, Natalie 🙂

    1. Thanks Natalie♡
      I went on to tweak what another friend suggested and noticed I need to fix some mistakes that I left. But I totally know that i am going to have to get a professional to go over everything when I’m ready. 😉

  11. Awesome – I’m totally interested! I can relate to many of the feelings being expressed and the mystery of the who/what/why would definitely keep me reading further.
    Well done and well written!
    ~ Andrea ❤

  12. Hi Diane. Welcome back. I can’t wait to read how this all turns out. It could happen to any of us. I hope mine is safely tucked away in jail but the question is have we changed enough after all these years to not be that ‘nice’ person again and instantly forgive like we did so many times before? The battle must surely always be within. Let me know when and how to get out my credit card. Your book will be so meaningful to many. Did you know you can split test the name if the book? Tim Ferriss did that with The Four Hour Workweek to get maximum interest in his book! You pay for some ads to see which title gets the most interest. For example you could call it ‘Is it possible to rewrite history?’ or something that leaves a curiosity gap.

    1. Joy,
      As always YOU nailed it EXACTLY! Sooo what I am hoping everyone GETS!!!! Thank you for your kind words and as always inspirations! I’ve missed you!

  13. The words you have used are inspiring and emotive. I want to read more! One little issue if I may: ‘Instinctually or instinctively’ instead of ‘instinct fully’.

    1. Thanks quiall,
      Will go change it now! 😉
      I am pretty sure that you’ve been reading my http://kerisjournal.wordpress.
      haven’t you? I have about 70 posts there if you are interested. But I think that I saw you there… or at least I thought I did. But if not, and if you are interested the story begins there.
      Thanks so much for your interest and the corrections!
      I need an editor for that kind of stuff for sure lol.

  14. First off, welcome back and prayers to family.
    These words of yours are brilliant and spot on, as we all who walk this journey through life, along our chosen path, will find not many but every similarity, to each and every word you have written. We all walk on egg shells, to whitch only a few really speak out of them. These words will touch a nerve of us all, but a nerve that will heel us, from all our troubles.
    Welcome back and great words as you continue your journey.

      1. You are very welcome. We all at some point in our lives have walked on these eggshells, we need to be true to ourselves, so we can be true to others, then these eggshells wont hurt us anymore.

  15. Diane,
    I like it and yes you have built an interest in the intro that makes me want to read more! There are a few things that I would tweak to make it flow a little differently, but I don’t think you are seeing that kind of feedback. Great job! Interesting story! Your heart shines through already!

    1. YESSSSS I am! 😉
      Sometimes I miss things for months and then reread and think why didn’t I see that? 😉
      Just like if I had something in my tooth… I’d want someone to say something!

  16. di whats the title going to be do you have a publisher. I just read a gretat book on the subject called the matchmaker by elin hildenbrand . There are a lot of novels lately that have fls as a major theme at least the ones im reading do. it seems to me that all novels about women that are 50 or so all have this going as a major plot point

    1. Stacey,
      It started out being Pieces Of The Circle but then after a vote, I came up with another one called Folded Pages which is what I think I am going with. Thanks for reading! And for the book share.

  17. I think you did a great job. This past few years the way people access information about each other and even communicate has had an impact that none of us ever could have imagined. I know I have been impacted. I am so thankful that you have written about that. We are ‘all’ so vulnerable to so much, and I believe much more vulnerable than any other generation.

    God bless you for taking these difficult issues on.


    1. Theresa,
      You never sieze to amaze me. I am continually blessed by your comments and your friendship. Thank you for your time and affirmations! You are a gift!!!

  18. Hey everyone,
    I have been away for a while. Sorry if I haven’t been in touch. We have had some medical stuff come up within our family and so I’ve been focusing on that. But I am back and will try to catch up with you all as I can.
    I love you guys! Thanks for your prayers!

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