Sometimes I wander through my mind like rooms inside my past.

Going back to different places that left my life too fast.

little girl looking out window

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go and find,

all the special places that we’ve left behind?

girl at a new door out in field

If at any given moment we could go down memory lane,

and everything we left once, could somehow be the same?


I know exactly where I’d go and who I’d want to see.

I know if I could pick an age, just how old I’d want to be

my portfolio from the seventies

 But I know there’s no such thing as going back again,

to find our yesterdays in places where we’ve been.

peaceful forest

I guess in all that I have learned to finally understand,

that being happy is done best,  exactly where I am!

me at my wedding shower

Diane Reed


30 thoughts on “All The Special Places That We Left Behind

  1. this is Wonderful, you have each thought flowing in rhythm with the photos…
    Thank you for sharing your journey …
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. Maryrose,
      I am just now catching up with my blog. And I am so touched by your comments! Thank you so much for your time and for reading and commenting! It means a lot! Particularly, today!

    1. Oooh Bill that makes me so sad. YOU are such a great person, I only would hope that all your rooms are full of sunshine!
      I actually would think that you might GET it…
      In your mind, wander back to a happy memory, a place that comes alive so that you can even smell the smells and hear the sounds and feel the wood floors creak beneath your feet. And hear the voices of loved ones.
      There was this one cupboard in my grandma’s kitchen that would squeak and I’d open and shut it just to hear it. Her backyard had a little hill and rosebushes lining the flower beds. When you would go down the stairs to the basement you could smell this wonderful musty smell that I can remember now. I remember my cousin and I sneaking into the builtin china cabinet in the dining room and stealing sugar cubes! Those are the kind of rooms I want you to remember! Not the scary ones! You only deserve the best!
      But I understand what you mean. Though the poem meant… I missed those happy rooms!

  2. This is really beautiful Diane. And although we can’t go back to those places, we are blessed to have experienced what we did when there. Those places and times, have made us who we are now.

  3. It’s nice to wonder Di, but I don’t think I’d go back anywhere. It’s the fond memories we keep tucked inside us that give us that little nudge once in awhile when we remember, how those moments were so great. But nothing was or will ever be perfect, so we live our lives in the now, making it our best moments yet and providing new memories for our futures. 🙂 ❤

    1. Yeah Deb,
      I actually put myself to sleep wandering around different places that I used to love to be. My grandma’s house is one special one. But here, I used it as a metahor mainly for those I know having a hard time staying in the present. Recently I have really embraced the meaning of Carpe diem!

      1. Yay, I am so glad for you Di. I know you have had your share of stumbling blocks, and I am thrilled that you are going to put your beautiful words into a book. Can’t wait! xo

  4. You can’t go back again for sure. I’ve had some bad times and some good times just like everyone else, but all in all I’ve had a good run. If I dropped dead right now it would take a swat team of morticians to get the smile off my face.

  5. Sometimes when I am drifing off to sleep, I really do try to go back in my mind and imagine myself walking through my grandma’s door. She lived in a large Craftman’s style home on top of a hill overlooking Lake Washington. I used to spend my summers there until I felt that I was too old.
    How dumb was that? To forego one more summer there to pursue some boy or whatever it was that year, that kept me home?
    Anyway, hind sight is 20/20.
    I like to try to remember all of the details, as I walk in the door and wander through her house and the different rooms and breathe in the scent of that old house that brings back so many cherished memories.
    Though metaphoric, it inspired this poem. To remind you all to sieze the day!
    Carpe diem.

  6. I feel like you have been reading my mind. I need to memorize that last line. I have been pining. I am so glad that picture of your beautiful smiling face follows the post. It makes me smile…really cheers me on.


    1. Ahhh Theresa,
      You are always the best cheerleader. Your beautiful smile warms my day as well! I had to dig out that pic of me and my daddy and one of my old (damaged) portfolio pics for this one! lol.

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