The other day, I was talking to someone closer to my age about how scary it is that life seems to be dashing by. Yesterday, I was planning a summer get away and now POOF it is almost Christmas. I brought up a point I made in a past post…

                                                                                     About how good God is, and about how when you really look back at the important stuff, it all worked out in the end. I had a prayer tin when I was a young wife and mother and faithfully put prayers in it. I found it years later, and every single one was answered in some way. Perhaps, not the way I’d envisioned. But they ALL actually were answered.

Later that day, a young girl that I was talking to, shared with me how she was heart-broken about the ending of a relationship and I told her my prayer tin story and how things that seem so important now, really won’t in four or five years. Of course four or five years to her is a lifetime, or at least a quarter of her young life, and I’m not sure if she believed me, but…. It made me think. Age is not such a curse. Good things come with experience. Hopefully wisdom is a biggy.

In my life, I have had a few hard lessons. And it’s funny, because NOW, all these lessons that I refer to have seemed to have collectively gathered at one time. EVERY day, I have had quite a few of those light bulb moments recently. And I guess you could call it wisdom. In writing my book, I have re-written the ending at least a dozen times. I do know that since I typed that first word of the first page, I have lived a lifetime in my heart. The poem below is not where I am today. It is just part of my story, a chapter in my book. I am so glad that I have lived past that time in my life. I am so glad that God answers prayers and that life goes on, and that we are forgiven of our indiscretions. In the end, I guess it is all about the lessons.

door little girl peeking out black and white

In the corners of my mind,

 behind the closed doors of my heart,

I struggle with the melody,

 that keeps us far apart.

couple on the dock

Loyalties and passion,

twirl inside my head,

memories of the past play there,

 like a story I once read.

smelling the books girl

Heartache is the tune that plays

 in the background of my soul,

charging for my sins,

 like a gate keepers constant toll.

Diane Reed                                                                                                                                                                                                                              © 2014

10 thoughts on “In the end it is all about the lessons

  1. I have a prayer notebook. Just a tiny one that anytime someone asked for prayers, or I told someone I’d pray for you, I wrote it down. I also wrote down my blessings and gratitudes and specific issues I needed help with – and I loved it!
    I think you are so right, what is vital right now won’t be in 5 years/months/days. 🙂

    1. Kate,
      I think that it would be a neat thing to publish…. answered prayers and the stories behind them…. Isn’t it a blessing to go back and see so many of them answered? I love that you remembered the gratitude part of things. I think that we forget to remember to be grateful more than not. Love that you remembered!

  2. I identified with so much in this post. I, too, was struck by these words:

    “I’ve lived a lifetime in my heart,”

    They really touched me. I am so thankful you are ministering to others. You are ministering to me. I’m misting up here.

    Love and blessings,

  3. Di, I love this post, “I’ve lived a lifetime in my heart,” beautiful, profound words to describe what it’s like to write from our soul. Yay, you! I’m so proud of you for how far you’ve come, and you know where to find me when you need help, a pair of eyes, or an editor. ❤ BTW, I have a prayer box and have occasionally gone back to it and looked over my prayers and wishes I put in their, and I too have found them answered in sometimes ways we never expect. Time is truly a healer. Love to you my friend! xo

    1. Marian,
      What a great idea including dates when your prayers are answered! All such a story of their very own! Love that at your post. Thanks for sharing!

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