typed to be continued

This is so embarrassing! But I accidentally published the rough draft of my book for a few minutes and then realized it and deleted it. So hopefully most people saw the message COULD NOT BE FOUND. But when I e-mailed my rough draft of my book to my blog, some of you evidentally received the whole thing. It is filled with errors that I was going to do my best to catch before I let someone read it and then re-edit before I hired an editor to go over it again. You know, kind of like the way you clean your house, before you hire a housekeeping company to come and clean it! I KNOW some of you know exactly what I mean! But I feel it is the same way with our writing. There are those people who are just comfortable. We trust them to not judge us, no matter when they come over, no matter how our house looks, they are welcome to just pop in. And there are those who you always try to have your house looking nice for and wouldn’t ever want them to see otherwise.

I feel that our blogs are like the first friends. We feel un-judged and loved regardless. Though there are some that give us welcome and constructive criticism that I appreciate. I think my rough draft slipping through the cracks here, puts me somewhere in-between. I wanted to straighten up my house so to speak before I shared it with the special few who have offered to read it. I understand that asking someone to read 200+ double spaced pages is a LOT. And I don’t take it lightly I am grateful for the ones who are willing. And anticipate their feedback!

question mark

The favor I am asking you guys is… to tell me what you have seen. I’m just wondering how many received my rough draft accidentally? I have received several messages that you guys are loving what you are reading and most have read it in one sitting and I am blown away with gratitude. I told Quiall, one of my very special reader friends that I would provide a place for your reviews. I actually am not posting my book. I published the draft for a few accidental moments before I realized that it actually went through! Embarrassing. If you did receive it, please let me know here. I am just wondering how many slipped out! If you are interested in reading the edited version of my rough draft, I will share it with those who want to give me feedback as I continue to edit… such as… was the ending what you expected? Did you feel it had a redeeming message in the end? Was it confusing in certain places? etc… Any suggestions…. etc… THANK YOU!

Once again through this journey of now three years! I thank all who have shared it with me…. through joining me at the beginning and throughout. Even following me to:          http://kerisjournal.wordpress.com    which I know I have kind of left hanging. You ALL are the GREATEST and I love you!



aka Keri 🙂

40 thoughts on “Sorry… Could you guys tell me something?

    1. Keli,
      If you have time, I’d love for you to read! I just have to edit it! I keep telling everyone that I was horrified that it slipped through for ten minutes but it was long enough to slip! Sooo upset. Though I’ve gotten some great feedback back. Just embarrassing. Like being caught with no make up on!

      1. Sorry I’ve been so slow answering. I’ve been super busy lately with all going on in my “real” life. I would love to read it when it’s ready! Just be sure to let me know and I’ll try to get a copy and let you know. 😀

  1. 😦 shoot I miss everything…. you better hurry up or I am gonna come out there for a real live version of your book just saying!!! 😀

      1. Hey Buddy,
        Sorry, Working and in editing mode… and some of the replies slip through when I read them on my phone and then forget to go back and reply! But I would love for you to read my second draft! I am so horrified that anyone actually could see my first draft! I just randomly wrote and wrote without going back and checking for anything at all! So I definitely did not want it to slip through like it did! I try to check over my blog posts more than I had a chance to do with that dang draft! But YES! I’d love for your feedback when I am ready! Love that you offered!
        di Oh yea and giggle ROFL!!!! 🙂

  2. Nope, Diane, didn’t get it on my end. You must have caught it in time before I read your posts. Breathe easy — have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Debbie
      Don’t be sorry. It went out accidentally. Didn’t mean for it to get published out there for all to see my mistakes to be displayed in cyberspace! Thanks for letting me know. Feel free to delete. 😊

  3. Hi Diane,
    Yes I received it and aside from the clean up parts, the content was great, wish you the very best with it and maybe someday I to will write a book? I have the idea, just need the time and space…….lol
    P.S. after reading it no longer exists, as this is yours and wouldn’t want it to leak out anywhere else.


  4. Hi Diane 😀 I received he email, but as soon as I scanned the contents I deleted it straight away as the link didn’t work and thought you had made a big mistake releasing your book. I hope you finish it and get it published one day. Ralph xox ❤

    1. Deb,
      I wanted to answer your question here about why I sent it to me. I wrote it on word but unless I have my computer I can’t work on it. So I thought that if I could put it on my blog I could work on it from anywhere. I am so bummed. Not just because of the obvious but because there is still so much editing to do. Hence why I thought putting it in the draft version of my blog was a good idea. Will you know what they say about hind sight. BIG BUMMER. 😕

      1. I hear your reasoning, it just happened to bomb out on you. But I was asking if you had sent to me specifically because I know you had asked me to read it. It came up on my WP reader list. When I open it I can read it,from my mail that I subscribe to your blog. But if I click on the actual link to your page, I get 404 and there is no post. So I guess maybe your subscribers can read it but it’s no longer viral?

    2. Debbie,
      By now you have received my email. The one I sent to everyone has wrong words, here and there, missing words, scattered through out, and punctuation and spelling errors all still rampid. I was sending it to ME only to correct all that as much as possible before sending it out to have others read. As you know editing is quadruple of what we expect. In my case, I hadn’t even touched it with a fine tooth comb yet. Kind of like sending a picture out with out my hair combed or my make up on for all my favorite friends to see!!!!! Just a version of me in my HORRIBLE, very AWFUL, cluster of a day! LOL.
      Anyway, I sent you, your own copy. In an attachment. Still not fixed. You might as well have it. Like I told you in my letter. I just really want to know if it keeps your interest and is an easy read. And if you could be very honest in the places it doesn’t. I guess the ending is still a work in progress and open for discussion.
      Thanks my friend! YOU have always been the one who guides me! I actually do what you say! LOL.
      Love ya!
      PS: I am LOVING YOUR BOOK!!!!!! 🙂

      1. Wow, you already got my book, after my mixup with URL, lol, where are our heads? No worries. Di, stop stressing about spelling and punctuation errors people will see. THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED A DRAFT! Now stop worrying, your drafting is no different from any other writer’s process. Heck when I sent my draft to my editor friend who beta read for me, there are a mountain of bad phrasing. I told her even though she was an editor, to overlook that and give me her feel on the gist of the story, just like you are doing. I wasn’t paying her to edit my book, merely to read the scope of the story while I was still working on revisions on my own draft. I hope this makes you feel better! xoxo
        I will get back to you later when I check what you sent. Right now I have to dash! ❤

        1. Yep! You did make me feel better!
          The journal part needs editing… but also I tried to write like a teenage girl would… so hopefully an editor would keep that in mind… don’t want to change too much except for errors and of course flow if it is choppy or something.
          Can’t wait to get into your book. Any feedback yet? Praying for lots of sales for ya!
          Love you!
          Have a great day!

    1. Really Natalie? Are you following me? THAT is so strange. Maybe good news too! I was hoping it didn’t go out to 1500+ of my followers. Hmmmm…. I wonder what that means. Thanks for letting me know! THAT is what I need. Thank you!

        1. Natalie,
          Thanks so much for letting me know! Hopefully people will see our correspondence and let me know that they DIDN’T receive it either! At least I can pray! 🙂

    1. Theresa,
      Well, the edited version would just be edited meaning me catching the mistakes. So if you can sift through them. Feel free to read and let me know what you think! I have always valued your in-put and would love to know things like if you find it an easy read, what you think of the ending etc…
      I really appreciate your time. No hurry.
      The edited version will just have the punctuation and spelling and missing words or correct words fixed. But as long as it is out there… feel free to read and like I said… I’d value your opinion! 🙂

  5. I read it and loved it. It’s not as rough as you made out. Nothing to be embarassed about, either by sending it (happens to the best of us) or by what’s in it. It’s a wonderful account of your heartfelt story and the ending was fitting. Life keeps giving us the same situations until we play them differently and you managed it. Hopefully you have closure and so does he. And yes there is a message – that we are all human and it’s easy to be attracted to the ‘shiny object’ but we have to reach that point where, when the bad outweighs the good, we can see it for what it is and walk away, no regrets. How many people are still living out a nightmare, unable to escape by their own will? It’s so sad. I hope your story can help them.

    1. ((((((Emma)))))
      BIG hugs! I JUST read this!!!!! So sorry that I missed it! I can’t believe that you actually read the whole thing! Thank you for the comments and the encouragment! You totally GOT why I want to tell my story. I owe you a copy when I finally get it out with all the editing done! 😉
      Thank you again a thousand times!

  6. Hi, Yes I received it but haven’t read it all yet. I did wonder when I saw it, because of the fact it was going to be a book and yet it came through your blog…. I’ll delete it. …. Diane

    1. Diane…
      You don’t have to delete it, if you’d like to read it. You probably would have been one of the ones I would have asked for an opinion anyway. Just know that it is not edited. There are words missing, or wrong words, and spelling and punctuation errors still in there. NOT what I would put out for an editor to edit. But I guess I am just looking for subject review anyway. Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Paul,
      You are definitely on my list of those I’d ask to read it and let me know what you think! Though I know you have spent so much time already helping me out. I hate to ask ya! But if you are willing, I am needing! 🙂
      This last cluster of a mistake was unfortunate. I will edit and send if you’d like!
      Thank you for being such a neat friend!

  7. I would LOVE to read the edited version. As for the ending . . . I was worried because of the direction you seemed to be headed, but you switched and provided the right ending. IMHO It was like a satisfied sigh at the end of a run. Well done.

    1. Quiall,
      Well, you were the first one who reviewed the whole thing… un-edited and all! So will always be special! Since you ACTUALLY read the whole thing in one sitting! What a special friend you are! THAT is HUGE for me and I am soooo very grateful! Even if someone reads an extra long post of mine…. I am doing cartwheels at how kind everyone is with their time…
      BUT actually reading THIS un-edited and all…. sends me OVER the moon with gratitude!

      1. Ok confession time. I could’t stop reading. I read until midnight and then over breakfast. I love it when a book grabs me by the short and curlies and won’t let go.

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