I am starting a new job in a few days. And though opening new doors gives me hope, I have learned over the years that happiness is not found behind some unknown door or even in closing an old one that has filled me with so much frustration that ANY new one is going to be better than the one I feel like slamming!

I know that “happy” is found inside of me. And in discovering that,  I have learned some valuable lessons that I will take with me. In leaving, I leave friendships that I’ve made over the decade since I’ve been there. And yet, I know it is time to move on, to give myself permission to climb out of this quicksand that has sucked me in for far too long. To understand that it is up to me to make the change, and never again give power to someone else, trusting that they will make it.

And in making that change, I am free! Instead of feeling that I wasted a decade of my life, (though it wouldn’t hurt to have the age I was ten years ago, back!) It is my choice to leave with my convictions in tact. And to understand that I have learned some valuable lessons. So as I close one door and open another, I leave with a wealth of knowledge that I WILL use inside that next door that I walk through.

The funny thing about doors is you have gotta close one before you open the other, or you leave a lot of doors “ajar” in life. I’ve always loved doors. I collect photos of them. They’ve always fascinated me. I imagine the people who’ve walked through them, lived behind them, opened them and slammed them and feel the magic of their power.


The Funny Thing About Doors…

The funny thing about doors


you must walk through one

before going through another.

And every one you open

leads you to something  to be discovered.

There are grand ones and small ones,

creaky ones and tall ones,

ones you open quietly,

and ones you just want to slam!

Ones that lead you to the light,

and ones…


to be damned!

But every door I’ve chosen to go through,

has taught me things I had to know.

From them, I’ve taken things with me,

and others I’ve let go.

Each one led me to a place,

to find new parts of me.

But not one of them was the “only” one,

that held the happy key.

Diane Reed


34 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Doors

  1. And this was inspirational to read, specially now in my life where major changes have to occur and as you said it´s only up to oneself to make those changes and not be chained to others to make them for you, then you´re really screwed. Closing one door know, and opening another one in another chapter in my life.
    Thank´s for the read, and great poem you added by the way.

    1. Charly…
      Praying for you as you walk through more doors. And you are right, the sooner we realize no one can carry us through those doors the better off we are! 😆😉

  2. Diane this is wonderful! Guess what !! I wrote a book called … Two Doors! The Day I slammed the door shut on all of my former Blogs I also slammed the door on Two Doors which was a 5 part series written around a character named Servant.

    You talk in your post about being in your present employ for a decade and feeling like it was a waste, woe thats how I am feeling lately too, I know I Must have change but my handicap has me in a lot of fear as to how I will survive, and what will I do, I don’t have any doors to go to, I wish I did!

    I pray God’s will and blessing on you as you go through the new Door.


  3. There is a blogger who goes by the handle g.e. who had a quote from Rumi on her blog that went like this – I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens, I have been knocking from the inside… Good luck , you are more than prepared. Have a blessed Thanksgiving !

  4. Loving your empowerment girlfriend! You keep going girl, the more doors you walk through, the more knowledge you acquire. And, lovin’ the book!!!! Halfway through! xo

  5. It really is hard to leave behind the ‘known’ even if we are not necessarily happy… to face what we think is better.. but is the still ‘unknown’…. It’s good that you got the confidence to make the move… Diane

    1. Diane, you nailed it. You’re so right. I was thinking that today as I was at my old job doing my job. I am confident knowing what I know. A good reason it has taken so long for me to walk through and shut the doors I know I’ve needed to.

  6. Great topic with photos to match. One thing that stands out in your post is that you left your previous job “with your convictions intact.” That says a lot about your character. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  7. Really like your insight on open doors…Be mindful there are some doors that we open and close
    In our own understanding. That’s not a bad thing but the benefits are far greater when we are going through doors He has ordained and at the appointed time.

  8. Excellent post, my friend.
    You now have me thinking about doors. My wife and I watch a lot of HGTV, especially the shows about flipping homes. I’m always amazed at the emphasis they place on the front door. After reading your post I realize that, to a potential buyer, that front door represents a new beginning, if it’s not right, it will ruin the house tour.
    Congratulations on your new door!

    1. Bill,
      You are so right! The door is like a book’s cover. People are gonna judge. I love those house flipping shows too. I wish someone would figure out how to flip me! 😏

  9. I am happy for you!

    Today I was thinking about doors, too. I am at the moment in my bedroom typing on my laptop. If I want to go outside and get in my car I will have to walk through my bedroom door, down the hall, across the living room, and then may go out the front door. Once I step into the hallway, I can either close my bedroom door, or leave it open;either way I am still on my way out of the house.

    This represents where “I” am in this chapter of my life, and certain relationships that are on my mind. It is time for me to move on and get on with my life. I am still leaving the doors (in my heart) open, but I just can’t camp out on the front porch to their hearts any longer. This empty nest stuff is hard when your fledglings are struggling and there are cats in the neighborhood. Nonetheless…moving on.


    1. Ahhhh what a sweet thing to say! I will be me with a lot of lessons in my backpack this time! Thank you my friend! By the way… where is your blog? It says cannot be found! :/

  10. WOW congrats! Love your bravery.. your an inspiration. I sometimes think we stay behind our doors, no matter how bad or crazy they may seem, because at least they are a known.. ya know.. I know what to expect, what I can and can not get away with.. and who I can or can not trust.. and honestly that is a sad reason. I can not wait to see what this new door hold for you.. So excited to see you grow.. I do know that your new job is gonna be blessed to have such a wonderful and loving person in their employment!!! You rock as always! ❤

    1. Thank you my sweet friend! As always one of my favorite Cheer leaders!!!!! You are the greatest! And I DO KNOW EXACTLY what you mean! I’ve stayed behind that door for ten years! Not always unhappy… but I do have to admit that I saw the dead end long before I decided to open that old stuck door and look outside of it. Funny thing…. they say there are no jobs out there… I had three to choose from! Two, I didn’t pursue as much cuz this one I am going to was nudged along by a past boss. And my choice of people to work under again! She is the greatest and it is pretty validating when you feel underappreciated and someone who already knows you work ethics wants you again!
      Working for a “real” company this time. 😉
      Thanks for the thumbs up!!!

    1. Thank you Louise! I am still giving two weeks notice… so I am still in-between doors. Hopefully I can refrain from singing “Take this job and shove it… I’m NOT working here no more!” while walking out the door on the last day! 🙂
      But am very hopeful as I walk through the new door! Great people, etc…
      I am LOVING your story!!!! Are you writing it as you go along? I am smelling a new J.K. Rowling in the works!

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