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Have you ever felt just a step away from everything? Almost as if when you try to walk, there is an invisible membrane snapping you back, so you just don’t ever quite get to where you are going? Today I feel as if I have figured out how to break that membrane and keep walking. Getting older may not be all it’s cracked up to be, but there is something to be said for experience and that with it, comes wisdom. Unless you are pretty dense, after a half a century, we all have something of value to contribute to the pot.

I had my day when I owned my own business, did my own accounting, booked my own shows and found the best sources for supplies. I created a brand and a trademark that was  unique and had a  loyal customer following.

craft show

 Later, I opened up a store, and we teamed up with my in-laws to create a pretty successful little inity all of its own. I did the display and buying, the hiring and managing of the employees and in its own right, it was a favorite in our little town. Until… of course, the earthquake that happened this month, eleven years ago.

Rose In The Woods after earthquake

I guess as the “anniversary of that date” grows closer, it has made me reflect on all the things that have come in-between, and made me take a personal inventory. Sure, I worked for other people in my younger years. I was a Dental Assistant, and a preschool teacher, I taught Aphasic children, and for a while, thought I might go into Speech Pathology. I worked in a hospital as a Unit Secretary in the Psychiatric Dept. in Southern California and then later, became a counselor for the adolescent unit. (Probably my favorite job to date!) I remained there for several years. But as insurances changed, that department kind of fizzled out and the unit became more geriatrics, which in turn meant more medical duties, which was just not my thing. Though I admire everyone else who does it!

I left the hospital and got a job working in an Orthapedic Surgeon’s office. Again too medical and that job was short lived and not my thing. And then I found a position at a lighting company that kind of changed my perspective on business ethics and during that time, became pregnant with my daughter. It was a highly stressful job and having a history of miscarriages, I was not going to chance it and so left  there, praying that I could find a way to NEVER work “for” anyone ever again. Thus was the birthing of my ART Business. And for over twenty years, I didn’t.

After the earthquake, I had to work. There was just no question about it. During the store, my time was so monopolized by the business that my own business suffered greatly just in devoting all my time trying to make the store successful and I had to take a hiatus from all my shows. My art studio became more of a storage place and those doors were closed shut.

messy art studio5

When I began even considering the possibility that I might have to brush off a resume and figure out what my talents were, I was at a loss. I guess I never really considered what I brought to the table.artist studio

The bottom line is, I had to get a job, I got one, stayed there for almost a decade. The first part of that decade, I learned a lot and was being groomed for better things. The economy changed, the higher salaried people were eliminated, and I was moved to another division of the company. My boss left and so did my opportunities for the  most part. I think I just stayed stuck. For too long! But now, that same boss that taught me everything I knew in my old job… has offered me a new job and I am loving it. Funny, working for the same person, has me at an amazing advantage. I appreciate her more now. I basically “GET” her now. Her methods of madness actually make more sense than they did a decade ago. And I am loving my job! A job working for someone else! Go figure!

I guess my point is that it’s never too late and you must never give up. Even flowers can break through the sidewalk!


22 thoughts on “Even Flowers Can Break Through The Sidewalk!

  1. What a wonderful, encouraging post- I needed to hear those words! So often I wonder if and how I will ever return to the workforce and if I will ever make much contribution to this life, because I’m a dreamer and not much of a do-er. Your wisdom reassured me that I can achieve something one day.

    1. Merryn,
      If I can do it! YOU can!!!! 😉
      I am finally “getting” the new system. At first everything at the new job was just a big fat blur. I didn’t even see the people’s faces. LOL. But now as I move on to the coordinating job, I am just now GETTING the process of how the front desk works. I am still not as fast as the ones who have been there longer, but having been on the other side of being the trainer (after ten years at the same job) I’d procrastinated leaving a dead end job because I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. But everyone has been so sweet and patient. And I finally feel comfortable enough to even be left alone to figure out stuff myself! Who woulda thought! 🙂
      Soooo take baby steps. Start exploring the jobs out there that you are interested in and KNOW you can do anything you want to!

      1. Thanks so much for the encouraging story of your experience and uplifting me regarding my future work prospects. It sure helps having people say “You can do it!”

  2. That was quite an inspiring post. I’m 65 and retired now. I worked for 43 years before life handed me an opportunity to grab the brass ring and fulfill my dream. I’ve been a photographer for more than 40 years including a stint as a professional wedding and family portrait photographer with my own business. I did this part time and hate the money end of the business. I just wanted to shoot so I should have partnered with a salesman and financial manager to schedule the work. My bad!

    Now, in retirement, I teach photography for free to anyone who wants to seriously learn. I’ve always loved teaching and feel I’m naturally suited to it since I’m so passionate about my endeavors. I’m also so very proud to see my students take the ball and run with it. I’ve put a few of my students in both computers and photography into their own business. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling to play a part in other’s success. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this. It requires a certain attitude to toil in a big corporation. I’ve been out for a decade, and don’t miss it at all!

    Oh, there are costs to being self-employed. It’s scary to realize you’re responsible for making critical decisions and (worse!) getting them implemented.

    But there’s a feeling of independence that makes it all worth while. I could never go back.

    1. You have inspired another blog! Thank you for reading. This is definitely a process and I am sooo learning about myself in it. I am so happy for you. I really GET the scary part. I remember having to come up with the $$ to pay the bills and the payroll but loved the independence and never thought I’d work at a corporation at this end of my life. But I am thinking that there is a bigger reason than just the position or title and I am supposed to be on this journey for some reason! But I do envy ya!!!!
      Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Thank you for such an inspiring post . I am half a century (and a little more) . I had my own business for nearly thirty years but recently gave it up to move to a completely different area .
    I have been here in West Wales for three months now and still have no work . I have decided to take a deep breath get the season over and see what the new year brings …’WHAT THEN ‘ ???? I’m not sure .
    We have been building our new house for the last three years that will eventually be a B&B …but that will take time . It’s a little scary, to say the least, but I take comfort in writing ( which I love) but it don’t pay my bills lol . Thank you for your words of encouragement .

    1. Cherry,
      I will be praying for you. God always seems to keep us going! You are on the right track! Write about your journey. Write about it all! At the very least, it will be a good place to store your memories and see the answers to prayer in front of your eyes. And maybe even a book!
      Thank you for reading! Glad it helped in some way!

  5. Oh how I love coming to this page of wisdom and inspiration! You are a rock my friend. All you have lived, you have learned from. If we take something from everything we do, we have learned, and we cannot say the time was wasted. P.S. I’m almost finished your book!!!!! ❤

    1. He Deb,
      Thanks my friend! I love you.
      I am still wondering about the ending of the book.
      I have been taking a page at a time (or was before I started my new job) and editing it. Anway, it makes me happy that you are reading!

      1. Hoping to finish by this weekend, as you know I apologize, time is tight for me. My reading is in stolen moments. I have been making some notes for feedback. I look forward to seeing what you’ve done with the end. 🙂 xo Lovin’ you back! ❤

  6. OK, flower child…, are you finished tearing up the sidewalk ???
    Experience is like armor if we choose to use it, and confidence is the sword we wield to attack problems as they rise in front of us. You have plenty of both, Di. 🙂

  7. You have an inspiring, varied past with a history of never, ever giving up. I latch onto your closing phrase “It’s never too late.” I’m starting my writing career after more than 40 years in academia. I see a bright future in spite of my age. Thank you!

    1. Marian,
      I am learning every step of the way that it IS never too late! So pick up your pen my friend… and come on this journey! I love that Joyce Meyers began her walk just about this age!

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