path in the woods

I’ve realized that the paths we take, may not always be the ones we envisioned. They may be charted out for reasons we don’t understand right away. In my journey, I’ve discovered that it is not about the job, nor definitely  the title, and it may not have anything to do with what you feel you bring to the table or what your talents are. You may just have to “be there” because God wants you right where He has you. It has taken me a long time to realize that. And to know the difference. Am I trusting HIM? Or am I just stuck? Even in writing, I catch myself thinking one or two words ahead and am constanly having to back space. It is not even just a mispelled word. I have actually observed that when I back space, it is because I have written words that I am thinking of, ahead of my current thought. And it has caused me to reflect on how I’ve lived my life.

door little girl peeking out black and white

I’ve gone through many doors in my lifetime, and have been PUSHED through a few! Recently that has really been the case for me.

typerwriter keys

It was as if some of the keys on my keyboard were stuck and I couldn’t really finish the story. I’d just typed around the broken keys.  NOW, the keys have all been repaired and I have been freed! I see the path before me and though it wraps around many hills and valleys, I am writing this story! It is not finished! I must stay on the path and continue the journey to the end! Even if it’s not really the one, I would have written into my own story. Sometimes I just need to let God do the editing!

 typewriter keys2

In my lifetime, I have realized it is not about the power of others, it is about the power that you define as yours. I’ve met some very brave people in my lifetime and I have met a few cowards. It has all been a measuring stick for me. WHO I have become and am becoming. Do we ever stop becoming who we were meant to be? I don’t think so. No, I really don’t. You only must believe.

woman leaving

“How can I get there?” Asked Dorothy. “You must walk. It is a long journey, through a country that is sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible. However, I will use all the magic I know of, to keep you from harm.”                      The Wizard of Oz


 yellow brick roato Oz


40 thoughts on “Repairing The Keys

  1. Hi Di!! How apropos for me to read this as I will be going to see the play “The Wiz” tonight! The Wizard of Oz has always been a favorite…believing in magic…and putting one foot in front of the other. Many blessings to you in this new year! ❤

    1. Hi Friend!!!!
      Ooooh I am jealous!!!! But happy for YOU!!! Have fun tonight! Not sure why I am not getting your posts! I went over to Keri’s Journal (where I haven’t been for a lifetime and they are all going there! So will follow you now as “me”
      Smile 🙂

  2. You are so right! We must believe! For most of my early years, I was pushed through some doors but then I learned that I could choose which ones to walk through on my own (rather than waiting to be pushed by someone else into one of their liking) and I started being who I I’ve become!! 😉

    I hope your holiday season was a good one and that you are doing well! I look forward to hearing from you!

    You inspire me, Diane! You truly do!!


    1. Mari! What a great idea for a post that you should write! Thank you for reading! I am glad you are choosing your own doors now!
      Happy New Year! Happy Opening up new doors!

  3. “I’d just typed around the broken keys.” Sheesh !!! Diane!! lol You are such a good writer I absolutely loved this post.

    wow do I relate! But I’m way off track on my story still trying to get all the marbles back ….

    God Bless you so greatly! Keep on posting great posts

    HGS Hubert

    1. Hubert, you always make me smile! (Sheesh <<<< I love it! And you for always being so affirming!) I was just telling someone else that I didn't know just HOW stuck I was or how happy I could be. I was so stuck at my other job!! After ten years, it was hard to leave because I really KNEW my job so well. I didn't want to have to go learn new stuff! LOL. Heck, I don't even like to learn a new game! I don't like to even read the instructions on things. I'd rather have someone else do that for me!
      I have learned that even though I am kind of metaphorically referring to all the uncomfortable things I don't like to have to do. I am so glad that I stepped out of the box and have proven myself wrong! I CAN do it! And so can YOU my friend!
      Happy New Year! And thank you for always being so affirming! You ARE reeeeally good at it! 🙂

      1. Ha Ha Ha My goodness you made me laugh so hard Diane!
        1. Heck, I don’t even like to learn a new game!
        2.I don’t like to even read the instructions on things.
        3.I’d rather have someone else do that for me! 🙂


        I bet you love Raisin Bran too right?

        I’m very Proud of you for doing it!

        I’m still trying to figure out what I need to be doing, I mean what I need to be doing next. I’m willing to do something else but my body doesn’t allow me to much at all.

        Just so you know “Your Great!

  4. Hey Diane! Thanks for your lovely message, its really great to hear from you! Reading your post, I realize how much I miss blogging. I totally agree that we are all exactly where we need to be and that God puts us exactly in the right place even if its not where we’d prefer to be.

    I’m busy doing an MBA at the moment, so my writing is purely academic and I’m not too good at it yet! I hope you and yours are happy.

    Much love to you Diane!

    1. Yaz,
      Thank you for checking IN! I just really love your heart and your words. But totally understand we need to check out from time to time and embrace the priorities! Blogging is very time consuming! I don’t GET how some people can produce more than one a day! But sometimes that can get annoying when people treat their blogs like tweets! (Making every bright idea a blog type of thing. LOL.)
      But thanks for checking in and Happy New Year! Blessingssss on your MBA!!!!
      You GO girl!!!!!

  5. As always, a wonderful reflection my friend! I apologize for being mia lately. In addition to adjusting to life with an infant again, I recently shared that our family is moving to Georgia in just under 2 weeks! We’re definitely beginning 2015 with an adventure! Happy new year to you!!!

    1. Wow Patricia!
      No wonder you haven’t been writing much! I don’t think that anyone would expect an apology!!! BUT soooo good to hear from you! Sounds as if you are following your dreams and that God is blessing your socks off! The great thing about techie stuff is we never have to lose touch! Check in as you can with lots of pics of your new home! Love you my friend!

  6. This is so good, Diane. I especially related to your following quote; it’s something I’ve felt in my spirit for many years: “I must stay on the path and continue the journey to the end! Even if it’s not really the one, I would have written into my own story. Sometimes I just need to let God do the editing!”

  7. Ah, Diane, seems like we’ve connected out there in cyberspace with like minds. I can’t believe how you talked about the same things I just wrote about. Serendipity! I agree, we’re all on a journey and it’s up to us to define what that is with God’s direction.

    I’m getting the same message when I feel idle and fidgety but comes back around that I’m where I need to be right now. Just like I wrote “What will your verse be?” taken from Walt Whitman’s poem “O Me! O Life!” and an excerpt from Robin Williams’ Dead Poets Society.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year — may all God’s blessings find you and yours this holiday season.

    1. Pat,
      What a great clip! I am honored that you felt my post was worthy enough to share it here! Loved it! And I am humbled to have it relate to what I wrote here in the very least! It was a powerful piece!
      Sorry that I am answering so late. I have had my daughter for almost an entire week before Christmas along with juggling a new job and trying to get shopping done for everyone!
      I miss my baby who lives 4 hours away and am always overjoyed to have her here. But I feel I want to grab every spare minute with her when she is here! So didn’t get to write much. But now am going to try to be more serious and start writing again! Thank you for the BEST inspiration I could ask for!

      1. Hi Diane — I’m glad you enjoyed it and thought it fitting with what you wrote. That’s inspiration in what we share with one another. I love it.

        No problems in responding — it’s the season to reunite with family and friends. No better way than spend all the time you can with your daughter.

        Wishing you a blessed and Happy New Year, my friend. See you in 2015. God bless. 🙂

    1. Theresa,
      Soooo sorry that I am just getting here to read the comments! Of course you can reblog! What a great compliment! You are always in my prayers and I have missed our connection lately. The new job and all of the holiday stuff has kind of filled my last few weeks, but I promise to try to get back to a more consistent place here. I do appreciate your comforting posts. They keep me grounded. I am still trying to read as I can. Just writing has been on the back burner for a while! But I plan on making time to get back to everyone!

      1. I miss the connection, too, but I totally understand. I am so excited that you have this new job, and am hoping that it will be a source of joy, and maybe even a prompt for new posts that you might share with us in that special, inspiring way you have.

        Thank you for your kind words. We are all in this together…”fitly joined”. 🙂

        Love and blessings,

  8. This took me in a couple directions that I’m not sure you intended. I’ll just say what I saw.

    When you mention having to backspace because you keep typing words you are thinking ahead, I thought, ‘what a brilliant metaphor for being grounded in the here and now.’ You can only be in and operate in the here and now, and progress is often hampered by letting your mind stray elsewhere — that is a kind of self-defeating reverie so far as immediately accomplishing something.

    Keys being stuck broke me out of that train of thought and confused me. Are we crippled by thinking too far ahead or is the keyboard itself broken? Is looking ahead hampering the present task or are our method and tools to blame? Sure, it can be both, but I found that shift jarring and confusing.

    God is in here too, particularly the popular meme: Let go, let God. Tying that in with the Wizard of Oz, who in the movie at least turned out to be a sham and con man is something I’ll not pursue here. I really should read that book though! (Right now I’m reading Phillip K. Dick’s complete works in the order he wrote them).

    With Oz, I was taken back to the yellow brick road, not the ultimate journey back home. That, in the movie, brought me back to Dorothy asking where she should begin. And with that it was suggested that it is best she start at the beginning. So we are at odds with my original notion of working from where you are and instead proceeding back to where it should begin instead.

    A very interesting jumble of ideas you elicit. You make me think sometimes!

    1. Well Jim Gramze!
      I am just getting to read all of the comments here after the holidays and what a nice surprise to find yours here! I love that you think for even a second that I might have chosen a brilliant metaphor! 🙂 And that you got my point that being grounded in the here and now is ideal. Though I have to admit that I am constantly fighting not to be self defeating.
      The keys being broken was a metaphor of how I was feeling stuck and stayed stuck by working around the broken keys instead of moving on to a whole new keyboard! (Old job/stuck keys.)
      You are reading too much into my mention of God. I was definitely NOT implying that God is a sham. And you did actually pursue it “here” by even mentioning it soooo…. not that fast, YOU BROUGHT IT UP!!! So I get to respond… ;)By the way… you do that a lot… mention something about God and then back away from the subject. I call it as I see it, just like you! 🙂
      I actually, just loved the verse. It is comforting. Nothing more was meant – because it just wasn’t where I was going.
      Though… You know, That she actually had the power all along. Right?
      IT IS in the lessons she found the magic and I may add, ultimately, found her way back home.
      As always you also leave me with a jumble of feelings, feeling sucker punched in the middle of a compliment! You make me think “sometimes” too. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing.


  9. Nice job of writing, Di. You are getting soooo good. Keys… ! Nice metaphor… All depends what kind they are, keyboard – typewriter or music, locks for doors, answers to problems. They can be helpful, enjoyable, or harmful. All depends on how we use them and for what. Hugz !!!

    1. Paul,
      As always, you make me think. Hmmm the keys I was talking about are all listed in your suggestions! Love it! Thank you so much for your inspiring me to write more on this subject! Family and the holidays and a lot of parties along with a new job has monopolized my time and I am just now getting back to my blog. Though I have read so many great posts of your lately! Everyone should go and take a peek!

  10. Wisdom is an amazing thing. We are not born with it, we have to earn it, and that takes time . We are always rushing as youths , So impatient to find the key . We may never find it and the journey may be bumpy but with wisdom you begin to understand why .
    Like me, you seem to have found the right path, enjoy I am sure you’ve deserved it

    1. Chel,
      I am just now finding your wonderful comment! You seem to really have captured my heart! And GET what I was trying to convey! Thank you for taking the time to read and share!

  11. I love the positive power you have mustered through time that I feel from this post Di. The metaphors are gorgeous!!! Happy holidays my sweet friend! Keep smiling! 🙂 xoxo

    1. Hey Deb,
      Thanks! I just am getting around to my blog again. But you are always on my heart! And I think about you often. My daughter gave me two new typewriter pictures for my writer’s wall! And an antique typewriter! I am getting the decore set. NOW I need to be inspired by my surroundings and write!

        1. The book had been resting. I plan to go back and reread what I sent you. And try to read it objectively. (Perhaps with a red pen in hand) As a stranger. I think that with a little time in between, it will give me a fresh perspective to circle the errors I missed. 😉 Thank you for being my constant inspiration to finish! Happy New Year my friend!

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