Bible (2)


His words are stored inside our hearts,

His life has been a work of art.

He’s planted seeds and grown new vines,

And he’s done God’s work all this time.

His eyes reach out and touch my soul,

his body is no longer whole,

this disease has come to take control,

to snuff the flame and take it’s toll.

But, life still lives inside of him,

the light dances, it won’t grow dim!

He still has lessons we must learn.

The fire continues still, to burn!

His mind is wise and he is there,

and hosts a heart, we’ve found so rare.

the numbers climb of those he’s touched,

the ones he’s taught, the ones he’s loved.

We can’t repay all that he’s done,

though if you are one of the ones,

and you are here now reading this,

Please reach out and help our friend Chris.

Diane Reed 2015

When I first met Chris, he had a Bible in his hands and that was always his trademark. He was and has always been the carrier of God’s word. Planting seeds and reaching out to anyone he felt led to approach. I am glad he felt led to our little store, because he changed things up in our lives as soon as he walked through the door!

I have said time and time before that I will never believe that pain and suffering and illness come from God! Or that bad things happen to punish us. I truly believe that God is not sitting up there choosing who to inflict with what. We live in a fallen world and that is just part of the deal. People suffer and die. They have financial successes and failures. Sure, some have brought on their own form of suffering through bad life or business choices or even health choices. But things like babies dying and ALS and meaningless accidents just don’t make sense and probably never will. Though I believe God allows opportunity in every instance and I have known people who have used their pain for God’s glory and Chris IS one of them!!

I will never forget sitting in a pre-marital counseling class when I was 21 with my on the fence non-believing husband to be. Our pastor at the time, Wayne Frase, shared with us something that even I never knew… that his baby son had died earlier in his own marriage. He was sharing the story to teach us that sometimes heart wrenching, life changing events that can come up in marriage, can either break it or make it stronger, and in that moment, I KNOW that a seed was planted in my soon to be first husband’s heart that would later lead to his own decision to accept Jesus as his Savior. At the time though, he was so confused at how this Godly man kept his faith, and yet very intrigued by his faith in God. Later, when my dad who we ALL loved died suddenly of a heart attack, my husband finally made the choice to believe after watching my mom’s strength through losing my dad and all the other little seeds that were planted along the way. Seeds like Chris has planted all throughout his lifetime!

I guess what I am trying to say is bad things happen to good people daily and it is how they handle them that can be used for God’s glory. And that life is not fair. And the formula has never been that bad things only happen to bad people and good things only happen to good people. If that were the case, Chris Pickens would be living on top of a hill in a mansion without infliction! But the fact is that he’s not. He is in need of our support. I have written about my friend before.  (Through Papered Windows)

But as this horrible disease progresses, my heart was pricked to share again.

One of my best friends, Michele, (Chris’s wife) has been her husband’s caregiver now for about 70 hours a week or more. Chris is totally paralyzed. He can no longer talk and with the occasional flick of one wrist, he is totally dependent. I have never seen Michele complain and she is always smiling. She is now in desperate need of funds to be able to hire capable caregivers to take care of her loving husband and take some of the load off of her. Another friend has set up a fund-raising site for him. 

Also Michele sells Shaklee. We all use cleaning products and need vitamins along with so many other things I never knew they sold that I use everyday!! Please take a look at the millions of things that she sells (on the handy link below) and instead of going to the store,why not support Michele and become a regular customer?! (she is even offering free shipping!) It doesn’t matter where you live within the United States. Why not just decide to order everything you would have gone and bought at a store, through her? And the products truly are so much better than any you might find on the shelves AND…. reasonably priced! If we all did it, we could turn their lives around financially by just supporting their business! Please click on the site below for information there!

Michele Pickens

LifeQuest Health

Natural Products Supplier and Nutrition Consultant
714.536.6555 Cell 805.423.2064

Improving the lives of everyone we touch

If you know Chris and Michele, you have probably read this all the way through because they have touched your life. I remember our friendship when Chris was the one who approached us, invited us to church and embraced our family. Even when they had to move back to Southern California to be closer to family and doctors, I’d hear stories about how he’d take his little scooter to town and witness to many, many people who came to the Lord just by Chris being Chris and sharing God’s Word.

The last time I visited, Chris could no longer take those rides to town and was in a wheel chair full time, by then, but those eyes and that heart still were strong. He is in there, still believing and loving God.  If he has touched your life or if you don’t know him and his story has just touched you… Please pray for them and then if you will,  reach out to him (them) in any way that you possibly can and thank you!!!! And along with just clicking LIKE (which I always appreciate!) How about stopping a minute and looking at Michele’s Shaklee site and perhaps sharing this post on your facebook page or send the link on email to your praying friends and any other site of theirs that you think might help!

And again…


micheld and chris

Chris and Michele before ALS hit hard

32 thoughts on “Chris Pickens, Carrier Of God’s Word

  1. Being that I am sick and on disability, I cannot help out monetarily the way I wish I could, but I can pray, and pray I will. I’ll be praying for this very courageous couple. Hopefully, I will feel well enough to make it to church tomorrow and if I do, I will put Chris and Michele’s names into the prayer box. Take care, and God bless.

      1. Thank you so much. I did not make it to church because of my own health issues, but that does not stop me from praying, and hopefully, this Sunday I’ll be able to make it to church and I will put their names in the prayer box, Take care and God Bless! I will continue to pray………..

  2. So inspired and filled with hope as I read this. God is able to use us in no matter what state we are in. I agree with you- I think illness / suffering is purely the result of our fallen world and not God- inflicted. Instead, I believe God feels our pain acutely and mourns with us like he mourned because of Lazarus. Much can be learnt from that story I think- Jesus surely knew he was going to raise Lazarus up and yet he still mourned his passing. Why? I believe it was to show that He enters fully into our pain. Chris will one day, have a glorious, new body. Till then, I pray He will be strengthened to finish the race. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Merryn,
      Me too! Love that story!
      My brother in law preached on that years ago, that even though Jesus knew what he was going to do, he still felt the pain of the family and cried too.

      1. That’s so cool that you heard a sermon on it. I love it when sermons make us think deeply like that. It’s great we share the same faith 🙂

  3. Oh this is beautiful Diane! A timely reminder of the goodness of God in spite of all that is wrong with our fallenworld. Wow, there are some strong people walking this walk! Chris and Michelle are blessed to have you in their lives, and I’m certainly lifting them up in prayer!!

  4. HI, Di, after reading this, makes me really wish I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with you; A lot of personal thoughts running around in my mind. Be good to yourself – Big Hug !

    1. Paul,
      I’ve often wished that many of us could sit down together over a mug of coffee and chat! It warms my heart that one of my favs feels that way about me! Thank you! You made my day!

  5. I wish I could give financially, but I can easily lift Chris and his wife up to God in daily prayer. May they always feel God’s presence in their lives

  6. Di, your big heart is never ending. I am sending prayer thoughts to your friends and I have shared this on all my social media. God bless you my friend. ❤

  7. Thank you Diane for sharing this post! It reminds me to be ever so grateful for my blessings, my health etc. I am so ashamed that this very day I was upset over some very petty things in my life. God forgive me.

    I will keep Chris and Michele; and you Bill and Mary also in my prayers.

        1. I just ordered a few items that I would have picked up at the store. It was easy and the reviews are great! But No one could ask for more than prayers! Thank you! 🙂 God is GREAT!

  8. You’re the best, Diane!!!!!!
    Caregivers, especially for people with advanced ALS like Chris and me, is SO expensive! Mary works a really busy full-time job from home and takes care of me full-time. We have a great caregiver that comes about 10 hours per week to do my excersises and allows Mary to run errands… But Mary needs more time off, but it’s not in the budget.
    Thank you for trying to help them – you’re a great friend!

    1. Bill, we need to help you too!! What can we do?! Even if we don’t live nearby, Social Media is great. And works! Just let me know! We need to be reminded that there is so much that we have to be thankful for and that others need to be blessed as well. What does Mary do? I am so impressed with Michele and Mary!!
      The thing is that quality care is so important. Your loved ones have to really trust that those offering are capapble so in Chris’s case as I am sure in yours, it has to be a professional.
      I just wanted you to know that…
      I have been rereading some of your posts and I am so blessed! You and Chris are two peas in a pod! I wish you could know each other!

      1. I’ve often thought about starting non-profit organization to help people with ALS to help pay their caregiving expenses. Or maybe just to cover the expenses of a full-time caregiver to get away for a weekend.
        People like Michele and Mary are real heroes!
        You’re right, they’re not easily replaced, even for just a weekend. We are so fortunate that my caregiver is a professional at caring for people with ALS; she’s had about ten patients with ALS.

        1. You would be a great advocate! Love your idea! I’d love to help team up with you! If I can be of any help let me know! I can’t imagine a better voice than yours! You know what you are talking about! I was reading on Michele’s facebook page a study that they have been doing, that is exciting.

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