When I started my blog I presented a question in my ABOUT section asking; “How old do you feel right now?” I suppose that I still don’t feel as if I am in my fifties, but slowly I have finally felt like a grown up. It took quite a while, but I’m not a kid in my head any longer. I do feel that I have experienced enough of life to contribute wisdom and a resource of memories to draw from to offer some kind of worthy advice and to have valid opinions about things that come up in life.

I think that because I’ve had such a clear memory from so far back, it has always been hard to feel a certain age. When I was a very small baby, I remember lying in my grandma’s bedroom by the window in a crib that had a raised mattress, the kind that you put a baby that can’t stand up yet in. It still blows me away that the memory is so clear. And then I remember standing up in what they called a bunting in a crib in my own bedroom. I remember getting potty trained, and I remember when my Aunt had to change my diapers and how mortified I was, or as mortified as a two-year old might feel!

I remember sitting on the counter baking with my mom, I remember going to Sunday school when I was in pre-school. I remember getting very sick and having to go to the hospital for a long time because of some infection called nephritis that attacked my kidneys and by the time I got out, all my friends had their training wheels off of their bikes! And my grandpa teaching me how to ride a two-wheeler!

I remember favorite teachers and mean teachers, I remember conversations with friends, I remember Christmases and birthdays, I remember getting up on Saturdays and watching cartoons and then going out and playing all day until the street lights came on. I remember sledding in the winter and coming home and watching The Wizard Of Oz. I remember digging a hole with some boys in the neighborhood one summer and making a fort we could actually stand up in! I remember planning neighborhood clubs and carnivals. I remember slumber parties and spending the night at friends and falling in love with boys.

I can stand in the shower now and a million memories can run through my head, weaving me into who I am today. I guess my biggest point is that now that we are adults, with kids in our lives, what kind of memories are we making for them? I tried to make memories for my kids and now my grandkids. I hope more good than bad. Some children may remember like me. Some of them may not remember a lot but it makes you realize how important making memories are. Whether it is just the experience you are sharing at the time, or the ones that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

How far back can you remember? I’d love to hear about your memories!

I Remember

friends two little girls with braids

I remember the smell of fresh cut grass, and watching cartoons at the crack of dawn

I remember our dad’s hanging out in the garage, after they’d cut their lawns

I remember hopscotch and roller skates, and running home when the street lights flickered

I remember slumber parties, favorite teachers, and the mean one that used to snicker

I recall getting sick and a summer lost, and I also remember getting well

I remember talks with my dad, and the things he’d give me, to share for show and tell

It seems like a lifetime ago, though my memories are still very clear

Some I wish I could forget, and some will always be quite dear

Sometimes I long for those remembered days, when it all just seemed so carefree

And yet I’ve learned that even today, will someday be tomorrow’s memories.

Diane Reed 2015

53 thoughts on “I’ve Always Remembered

    1. Some of these comments slipped through the cracks until a new reader made me follow her through her journey of LIKES as she read some of my archived things and I am finding them! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! And Happy 60 next year! I am two years behind you!

  1. I enjoyed this. It is so nice to know someone who can recall so much and describe it in ways that sparks the memories of her readers! I have bits and pieces of memories as far back as either two or three years old. I have a funny memory from around that age of crawling in bed with my grandmother and lifting her eyelids up and saying “Grandma are you awake?” LOL

    I am so thankful for your blogs. They really touch my heart.

    Love and blessings,

    1. And I am so thankful for you Theresa! I always come on to find you as the encourager! YOU the one who gives me church everytime I tune in! I love it! We truly bless each other! I just wish we lived closer!

  2. Hi D,
    I know this was mostly about memories, but, you mentioned something about being old enough to “contribute”. When it comes to that, I, personally think there is no age criteria for “contributing” or teaching. I’ve learned lessons from some of the youngest minds, and found utter nonsense in some of the oldest. Wisdom is where you find it…., a diamond in a dirt pile is no less a diamond ! 🙂

    1. Paul,
      You always have such words of wisdom.
      I think that I feel the way that you do, but I remember when I thought that I was going to write a novel at twenty. Heck, I still hadn’t read enough books not to mention, experienced enough life to even know my style yet. But I do agree. I know kids younger than my own children that teach me new things daily! And I know a lot of older people who think that they have a lot to teach others but just like to hear themselves talk! I think I fall somewhere in-between that! To never think that I am done learning and yet have gleamed some wisdom along the way, worth the share.

  3. Well my friend, it seems you have a condensed memoir already written here! Now pull out a theme from all these memories and write another book! xoxo 🙂

    1. Debbie,
      Maybe >>WE<< should do something together! It would be an amazing book if we compiled a lot of memories from a lot of people and we could call it something like the memory makers about how we need to be very careful as we are the authors of the memories of the children in our lives. Sadly yours weren't as great but some were! And you remember the adults in your life who were kind and made you feel important… anyway… off to work. I have an EVENT tonight and a breakfast one tomorrow! ARGH! I wonder why I'm not working on my book? LOL. But I am happy!
      Love ya my friend!!

      1. Lovin’ you back my friend! Now there’s a thought! Definitely something to ponder for 2016 as I am nearing revisions on my 4th book and halfway through writing the sequel to Conflicted Hearts! Now this gives you time to get Keri’s journal out to prepare!!!! xo

  4. Wow! You really do have an incredible memory! Mine may not be so detailed the further I go back, but my mind is certainly filled with many joyful moments. I’m having a blast creating so many new memories with my girls!

    1. Patricia
      You always zero in on my heart and really why I wrote this. We never know what our kids are remembering, both good and bad. I know your girls are going to have wonderful memories😊👍💖

  5. Our memories define us, keep us warm, remind us of regrets, and strengthen our resolve for new adventures. We need to significantly increase research funding to advance the time we will be able to stop the horror of memory loss suffered by increasing numbers of seniors. Enjoyed your sharing. womenlivinglifeafter50.com

    1. Sue
      I know what you mean. I just bought my mom some Mind Works from Shaklee and it seems to be really helping. She is 81! And her short term memory is not as good but she seems to remember more.

  6. Glad to hear of someone else who can go so far back in their lives. I still remember my early crib life, my first birthday in my high chair, my mom washing (and boiling) my diapers. I’ve told my younger brother stories about himself, but he can’t remember when he was even three years old. By the way, I’m in my sixties now. Now to hang onto that memory of mine. Nice post!

    1. Lou
      I also love hearing someone else has memories as a baby!!!!
      I have such detailed memories that I could write a book! Which might not be such a bad thing, if people realized they are forming their children’s futures with their memories. Thank you for sharing😊

      1. I can remember as far back as four years old when I went to a friend’s house with a strange window. I wish i could keep some of the people from the people from the memories, as well as the memories themselves.

        1. Alex
          I also remember little snippets of like being up in an attic and at my grandma’s house and both good and bad.The important thing to realize is that we are the authors of the memories of the children in our lives.

  7. I have so many , many memories as all of us do . But here’s a few ;
    Six or was it eight of us girls aged about 13/ 14 sharing one plate of chips and a mountain of tomato sauce …and our favorite cafe owner being cool about it .
    Hot sunny days, when I was about 7/8 making a tent out of garden tools ,rope ,
    and some old blankets with my dad .
    Six weeks off for summer break and collecting my ‘Dandy / Beano summer special
    Stop …this could go on forever …love your memories .

    1. Chel
      Memories are the BEST. Right? 😊 I love yours. I love hearing how far back some people can remember. I love that your mom confirmed yours!
      A while ago, I asked my daughter about her earliest best memories. It was the best trip I’d ever been on. 😊

  8. Beautiful poem, Memories are beautiful aren’t they? I can remember as far back as 3 or 4, little tidbits but my mother confirmed those memories when I shared them with her. My favorite memories are laying in grass watching the clouds roll by dreaming of my future, of waking up on a Sunday morning to my dad cooking Sunday dinner, meeting Tom for the first time, memories of my children being born, getting to really know my mother before she passed away, my long talks and walks with Tom, even after being married for 35 yrs we always held hands, and the sunsets in Hawaii, sunrises over New England and Canada…. oh my I can go on and on. It is a wonderful thought to think that today will also become a fond memory whether is brings joy or sorrow.

    1. Patty,
      I still lie on my back in the grass and watch the clouds and it snaps me right back! Oh yes first kisses, first time being in love. Being pregnant. First time holding my babies and grand babies.
      Thank you for sharing.

  9. What an amazing memory you have. I don’t have a very good one at all. Some tarnished by ECT treatments, some M.S. and some just old age creeping in. I wish I could remember more. But the most important thing I do remember is that my childhood while not the usual functional one, I had an amazing mother that taught me how to love… really love. It’s not that I don’t have some memories…just not enough of them…. Diane

  10. Ah!! The memories, this is what makes us who we are as we grow older in life. I just turned 50 this past summer and when we get older, it is these memories that makes us wiser, to be stronger and better, as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

  11. When I was growing up, my dad was a VP at Mattel and CSC and both positions involved in computers. I remember one day he took me to his office to print SNOOPY Calendars for me and my friends at school. The whole top floor of the building was filled with what we now call a laptop! Crazy! And probably not as sophisticated as now! I remember playing the organ and he’d wired the computer into the intercom system right by the organ to talk to me. I JUMPED out of my skin! He loved it! He was the one who took me to see Space Oddessy 2001 and Planet of the Apes! He would have loved it! 😉

  12. Oh Diane — I love this and all the memories you have. Seems as we get older the more we cherish our memories. For me, sometimes it’s just a smell that triggers a memory, like you said the smell of fresh cut grass, or the pop and fizzle opening a can of pop (for us it used to be in a bottle).

    Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Diane. It’s amazing you can remember so much when you were little. My husband is able to do the same thing and I can remember him talking with his mom and recounting what he remembered, the people and places right down to furniture and makes of cars. Love it. 🙂

    1. Pat,
      YOU are one of my best ENCOURAGERS! I love hearing other people’s memories. I am so glad to hear your husband is one of the earlier rememberers! I kind of find it strange that people can’t remember and yet I think it is the ones who have such earlier memories like me that are the strange ones. LOL.
      I even remember my bad dreams when I was a Toddler. My Aunt was such a great artist and lovingly painted me pictures of characters from Brer Rabbit and I used to have a reoccuring dream that they were chasing me down the hallway of my house in Eastgate Washington so I know that I was less than 3! Too funny! I also remember when my mom dropped the black phone on her foot! OUCH! And good memories too. (Mostly good) like getting graped juice when I’d wake up from a nap. Or the smell of the wood of the gate nextdoor. Funny what we remember… you are right… smells snap me back like a rubberband… the smell of bactine or coppertone snap me into summer as a kid! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing Pat always one of my favorites to hear from!

      1. Oh, we could on forever, Diane. I remember those good times, too. It’s hard to explain them to my kids and my grandkids??? Forget it. They look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them about phones when you picked up the receiver to tell the operator the number you wanted (before rotaries).

        I even remember teaching my grandmother what zip codes were and how to start writing them on letters. I guess that dates me way back — hahaha — it’s fun, though! Love sharing with you, my friend! 🙂

        1. We COULD go on forever!! I remember my dad giving me a little metal chip in a plastic poker chip and taking it for show and tell. He gave me a little speech to tell my young second grader classmates that someday what now (then) fills a whole room full of disk drives etc… might someday fit on one desk and somedaaaaay… might even be small enough to fit in our hands! He was predicting cell phones!!!! I wish he’d lived long enough to see it all come to pass! He knew! 😉

          1. Yes, I know what you mean, Diane. I wish those loved ones that have passed on could see the technology we have today.

            Don’t know that they’d appreciate it all but it would be amazing to them, for sure. I don’t understand the half of it. I can only imagine what they would think (maybe, bring us back to the simpler times).

            1. When I was growing up, my dad was a VP at Mattel and CSC and both positions involved computers. I remember one day he took me to his office to print SNOOPY Calendars for me and my friends at school. The whole top floor of the building was filled with what we now call a laptop! Crazy! And probably not as sophisticated as now! I remember playing the organ and he’d wired the computer into the intercom system right by the organ to talk to me. I JUMPED out of my skin! He loved it! He had one of the first cars that talked saying stuff like Your Lights Are On or Door is ajar or Fuel is low… He was the one who took me to see Space Oddessy 2001 and Planet of the Apes! Yep, He would have loved it! 😉

              1. Wow — Diane. It sounds like you got in on a preview of what was to come through your Dad. I can see why you wouldn’t want to grow up — childhood was such an adventure for you.

                Sounds like he was way ahead of his time and wonder what he would have been into if he were alive today. You have to feel so blessed, my friend. I love it and so happy for your memories. 🙂

  13. Great post Diane. First of all, I feel about 40, but am SIGNIFICANTLY older 🙂

    I am amazed at your memories and your ability to remember so far back. I don’t remember things as a baby. Occasionally my memory brings back something from my toddler days. But then I wonder if I actually remember the incident, or I only remember what someone told me about it.

    Maybe if I started writing my life story I would start to remember more! 🙂

      1. It is interesting how others feel differently regarding the various ages of their lives. Some young people feel really old, many older people feel really young. I believe it all has to do with what kind of life we are living at different times. Some, when they retire suddenly feel they have nothing to live for because they thought of themselves only through their work life, with no other interests outside of it. Then there are many, like me who feel we don’t have time for a job (work life) 🙂

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