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When my daughter was in High School, she was one of the Drama Kids. They are a special group all of their own. Some mom’s pick their kids up after soccer practice, I picked mine up after rehearsals. It felt like she belonged to a little family that understood each other and it was comforting knowing she had them. I kind of feel like that about the friends I have made here. It is as if we are a family. It is funny, I’ve noticed that the same people who I follow seem to follow one another. All in a little circle of our own. We have found each other and it is comforting. It is as if we all go to the same church, love the same things, like artists or dancers or actors or musicians who hang out with one another because they have that connection with each other that no one else really “GETS”.


Sometimes I read a line somewhere or wake up in the middle of the night inspired and have to run to my laptop so I won’t lose it.

desk empty

I like clicking on my blog and knowing that I am entering a little neighborhood, where my friends, my family of writers exist. The ones that inspire and nudge, the ones that are my soft place to fall. Many who I have learned to call friend and  and have genuinely grown to love. The ones who I pray for and who pray for me. The ones who advise and mentor the ones who critique and suggest. We are like a writer’s club all having coffee at a cozy little shop that allows us all to gather and read our ramblings.  I love to hear about your writing and what inspires you, imagine where you write and what time.


The writer’s studio in my head is a lot like the one I tucked into my last book. It is on the third floor of my imaginary three-story house. The study is warm and cozy with an A framed shaped ceiling, with wall to ceiling built-in bookcases lining both sides. A little gas fireplace sits in the corner of the opposite side of the room next to a window seat  my desk is a heavy wooden, well oiled, antique with a banker’s lamp and a lap top and plenty of drawers. It over looks the tree tops and a little brook below. I usually have a mug of coffee with a splash of cream sitting nearby. And you can find me there every morning before sunrise and sometimes in the middle of the night when my mind forces me up to write.

attic office

In reality, I live in a one story house in a small lakeside community. My house is a little less than 3 miles away. When I am motivated I walk there occasionally and write. My window overlooks the road by the gate where all of the cars come and go, since we live on the corner of the first street inside of the entrance. It gets a little noisey, especially during the summer. I don’t mind though, I find the traffic comforting. One day I sat there writing for so long that I saw an empty moving van drive in and then drive out full. When I get inspired, I “have” to write.

I’d love to hear about your routines. Do you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea so strong that it gets you out of bed? Do you write in a special place? At a special time? What does your “place” look like? I want to go there. Bring me there now with your words. If you please.

55 thoughts on “The Way We Write.

  1. I love the idea of the blog community being a writing family and a soft place to land. I needed to hear those words this morning as I felt guilty once again at my computer while my husband was working hard mowing the grass trying to get us ready to go out of town. I feel guilty for lots of things though so it’s not unusual. Gotta go pack but I’d rather keep reading. I’ll be back. Thanks for writing so universally. Your new friend. Lisa

    1. Lisa
      Never feel guilty for being part of the family! You are like an artist in your studio painting. It’s just part of you.
      Thank you for your comment- I needed it this morning too! Have fun on your trip!

  2. At one point, I would have told you I must have a sanctuary where I cannot be disturbed before I could writer.

    However …

    I’ve discovered that when I’m really INTO a story, I can compose almost anywhere — in the car, while waiting for my wife, in between errands, whatever — I can jot down rough drafts and ideas forever. There’s really nothing like it when you’re “in the groove.”

    1. I love that. Thank you so much for taming the time to read. I also carry my book aro and in my head. Yourdescription of your story, makes me want to read more!

  3. Truly enjoyed reading this, Diane. I can really relate in so many ways with connection and a circle of internet friends sharing one another’s stories. I love that and, though, this writing and reading thing has become bigger later on in my life, what I truly love is talking.

    I’ve been known to stay up all night, drinking coffee or having a glass of wine (or two) exchanging stories and just plain talking. There’s nothing better to bring us closer, for me, and gives me pure joy.

    But, when you can’t have that, the next best thing is sharing through our stories on the internet and, maybe, around my kitchen table. I’m so glad we’ve met and are connected. I’m happy to be in your circle. Hugs to you, my friend. 🙂

  4. Di, I love this. Thanks for inviting us to your special imaginary writing place. Isn’t it true that when you narrow down your favorite blogs and visit them, if you look at who has ‘liked’ it is many of the people in our own follow circles. I’m like you my friend – a fleeting thought has often gotten me out of bed in the wee hours. xo

    1. I am so glad that we found each other. I am not sure where we began or who found who. But yes, I love seeing your cute little face when I go through someone else’s gate and find you there it is so comforting! 🙂
      I have woken up early the last few mornings, read your post pushed: LIKE and it said loading forever…. Seems like it is my phone that does that usually. Soooo annoying!

      1. Ditto on everything my friend! And yes, phones will lag. I don’t even bother trying to read blogs or comment on my phone, I save it for my allotted reading time. 🙂

  5. I can’t say I have a special time… It happens when it happens except for the times it doesn’t happen at all…. Those times it doesn’t, I usually just wait it out, unless there is an interesting ‘prompt’. Most of the time I’m in my recliner where my laptop sits as I don’t have a spare room to write in….I would have to say most time it’s later at night that I write…. You’re right that the circle of friends and bloggers have come to mean a great deal… I love to hear from them, and when I don’t I worry sometimes… BTW I don’t know what the situation is with your family… ‘your son’ but I have been praying lately for several bloggers during lent… and you are one of them.. Diane

    1. Diane,
      Thank you so much! Lets just say that my son and I are a lot alike as well as worlds apart. I love him and I know he loves me. But he is my challenge and I am so grateful for your prayers. I am so glad you write as well whenever and wherever you do! And that you are part of my neighborhood!

  6. This is my kind of post, Diane. I can’t think of anything more wonderful that being a part of your on line writing group . You are right how we follow each other around the blogs that interest us . Thank you for inviting me .

    I get up 4.00 – 5.00 in the morning, make a cuppa, and sit with my beautiful ‘paper chase’ journal ( they have to be beautiful journals ) and write for about 30 min / to and hour every morning …it doesn’t matter where I am or what the season . Just me and my King Charles …Oscar and my journal …it’s the best time of the day . I write short stories , novellas , poems and at the moment my second full length book . I have made a plan to get something published this year wow ! it ‘s March already …maybe next year , maybe sometime, I just love writing it is my passion .

    1. Cherry,
      I also, am so grateful that you are one I consider as in the sweetest circle of friends that I could ever hope for! I am so glad you write… so we could meet. Your passion shows in your writing and I enjoy wandering around your posts regularly!

  7. My most recent post at was written at 1:00a.m. in the morning. I was forced to get out of bed and type the thoughts swimming in my head if I was going to get any sleep. Most of my inspiration, though, comes in my quiet times with the Lord, or sometimes in a worship service listening to a message–anytime, it seems, I am sitting in the presence of God and keeping company with Him.

  8. “Sometimes I read a line somewhere or wake up in the middle of the night inspired and have to run to my laptop so I won’t lose it.”

    Funny thing is, I have a rule against ever doing that. I don’t trust single lines that come like that. For me, they usually only seem to serve themselves not so much the higher idea. But that’s just me…

    1. Seb,
      Not me, I can take a commercial or a line from an article and run with it. And if I don’t jump up right then, like a dream I will lose that spark that inspired me. I have even texted myself a thought when I am busy doing something else, and it is just not the same for me (at least) to try to find that place that bubbled over when the idea came to me.
      But that is what I like about all of us… we all have our best process for ourselves. Though I do find it comforting when a lot of us share and we all understand and say… I GET it! I do that too!
      Thanks for sharing! I love it!

    1. Alex,
      I have journals that I write in each morning that are separate from my ‘writing’ self. It is something I have done forever it seems. People have suggested that I put them on my computer, but it’s not the same. I love finding the perfect empty book and begin filling the pages.
      I am so glad you like this post! I love your sharing!
      Thank you!

  9. I have notebooks – LOTS of them – the pen and paper kind. I carry one with me always. If an idea comes to mind, I write it down. Usually I rise early and write for an hour or two in my notebook; and sometimes for longer periods. I also write when I am travelling anywhere, such as a bus, train or plane. Then when I get a spare day or a few hours I transpose from from my notebook to the computer. I have a writing room (the joys of living alone) with my desk-top computer and two large monitors. From my desk, I am able to look outside the window to the garden.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Funny, I responded to this and it is lost in cyber space. So glad I came by to check on things, because I wouldn’t want you to think I passed you by. So glad you shared. I can imagine the garden you cans see from your writing window and it blesses me just like your words and the seeds you plant whenever you write!

  10. I feel the same way about my neighborhood of writers. I am so happy we are neighbors!

    I like the description of both of your writer’s studios too.

    I like to do my writing maybe 2 or 3 hours after I wake up (whenever that might be) and have had my pot of coffee, which is brewed strong and has enough cream to turn it beige, and a light sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice from my kitchen cabinet, but no sweetener. I am forever having to make more, because it gets cold and I only like it when it’s hot and fresh. I really must confess that I am wasteful when it comes to coffee. I take spells when I am a morning person, but the last couple of years I have tended to be a night owl.

    My bedroom is big enough that I have a small “kitchen” table in there that serves as a nice desk. The room has never actually been “decorated”, and we have lived here for 25 years. It is still cozy, though, and I am planning on finally doing some painting and decorating either this year or next year.

    Now when it comes to an imaginary writing studio I have a really nice one. I am staying in a really nice hotel or inn that is located in a charming historic district of a nice city with a type ambience…maybe Savannah, Georgia. I have a ton of money, and no responsibilities. 🙂

    There might be a little bistro on the corner, and across the street some little shoppes and a place that makes wonderful gourmet coffee. I am a lady of leisure writing sometimes from the comfort of my room that has been stocked with my favorite creature comforts, and sometimes while surrounded by friendly people that I might chat with or merely observe.

    That was fun! I hope I didn’t get too carried away.

    Hugs, and Blessings,

    1. Theresa,
      We are so much alike in our imagination. LOL. When I was growing up in Palos Verdes there was a little bakery in the Maliga Cover Shopping Center and even before coffee shops were the trend and before wyfi or Starbucks I saw a writer writing there and I always have dreamt of going to a little cafe like you described and writing!
      Thank you for sharing neighbor!

    2. Hi Moore to ponder 🙂 I also like nice little cafes that are unique and inviting places to write; AND have the occasional chat with someone, or just observe. There is a place in downtown Greenville (where I live) called Underground Coffee and is a basement of a big old bldg. They have good coffee and food. It is a popular place, and I hate to admit I don’t go downtown very often. I should make a point to get there more.

      1. Ann, Is that Greenville, Mississippi? I googled that a minute ago. That is not too far from me. I live in Russellville, Arkansas. 🙂

        I guess if you and I really wanted to fit in our surroundings we would be sipping on a tall glass of sweet tea! 🙂

        1. No it is Greenville SC 🙂 I am a coffee drinker, and as for tea I only like it straight, no sugar and no milk (as many Irish drink tea with milk).
          I see you have checked out some of my blog posts and thank you for the “likes” 🙂 I have several about Greenville, the downtown area and Reedy River which runs through downtown. They include photos I have taken. Check them out, it is a wonderful place.

  11. Yes I agree. We have formed a lovely community at WordPress where everyone welcomes everyone to share about their lives, hobbies, writing and anything under the sun. I love how you describe how writing is all about.

  12. Been so busy. How can you be retired and have so little time? I’ve been rebuilding, literally and figuratively.

    We now have new laminate floors throughout our house. That was a hellish week of noise and dust and expense — we hired that out. Along with getting the new floor I had been taking a music writing course that opened up some wonderful doors to me, there was nothing I wasn’t taught before but the approach just triggered something inside me and I get things I forgot and understand some things I never really understood. I have a new desk that makes sense for the first time and a music scoring program that makes writing a pleasure instead of a laborious confusing task. Things are coming together for me in wonderful ways.

    My desk is made for someone with a desktop or laptop computer and also holds a smartphone and tablet upright off to one side. There is a cup holder with a cork bottom and the mouse pad is built into the desk. A corner of the desk has four pairs of six-inch tall dowels that are perfect for holding envelopes with bills or other papers. The desktop is bamboo with a plexiglass top. Everything has a physical place that is just perfect. It has become home.

    To the left of my desk is a music keyboard with 88 weighted keys. There is a shelf above it that holds wireless headphones, a desktop style music stand and whatever else I temporarily lay there. The bench for the piano is height adjustable by turning knobs on either side and the seat is leather. I need to put felt pads on the bottom of that seat to protect the floor from being scratched.

    Most recently, my wife and I are volunteering to improve the technology of our local library. Their stuff is getting old and outdated — nothing new since 2006 — and they are in need of informed ideas. I hope we can help.

    There’s part of my office. There’s a mess on the floor by the closet, things that need to find a home or be kicked out of the house. We got things arranged to be functional and then couldn’t do any more. After a while, maybe spring cleaning time, we can get the rest in perfect order.

    1. Well Jimbo,
      Good to see ya! As always I love your way of writing and description of your office and desk. I feel as if I’ve been there! You are a good writer I feel as if you showed rather than told! Thumbs up!
      Your library is lucky that you guys have chosen them to bless!
      Good hearing from ya!

  13. Hello Dear Diane, love this post. Love the sound of your writing space. I can only dream of my dream writing space…a special room, with a big window overlooking a beautiful, peaceful garden OR a large body of water with a beach of soft sand to walk on in good weather. The room would have large bookcases filled with all kinds of books, framed photos, and works of art. There would be a lovely desk made of wood, a comfy sofa, a big LoveSac and a cushioned window seat so I could have my choice of where to land depending on my mood at the time!

    Sadly, and bad me for I have not been spending time writing as I should. I get so involved dealing with daily life stuff and not settling into a time zone for writing. I have to get out of the mentality of thinking “if only I had my life organized and settled, and furniture to make this place more homey, and didn’t have to be concerned about having, even just enough finances, then I could concentrate on my writing life!!!!!!!!!!!

    I keep trying to get there, and sometimes believe I am ever so slowly walking the path and will get there one of these days.

    1. Ann,
      (Why do I always want to call you Annie? I will tell you! It is because it is my way of giving you a hug!) But thank you for taking the time to read and at least write here! (That is a start! You can tell the words are bursting out! 🙂 Here!)
      Writing for me is so healing. It is YOUR time and God has given you such talent. I am glad you stopped by and I got to share some of your great visions!
      Thank you.

      1. Thank you Diane. It is healing AND a great way to spend time. I know I am suppose to write, but I keep making excuses…some are valid, but most are not.
        When I started writing while living in Ireland, I was married at the time and did not have to work, the house was furnished and I had a small room, mostly like a little office. But I had more freedom, mentally to allow inspiration to pop into my head and able to sit down and WRITE.

        Love and blessings,

        1. I understand. I’m working six days this week and haven’t felt at all like writing. There is something to being tired that ties in with being uninspired. Today was my only day off and so I made myself sit down and write today and it felt good. But I know it isn’t my best… (Still not inspired to dig into my completed book and edit yet!) I am a year late on finishing my book. It was supposed to be edited by now. At least it’s done. But now the work begins! And I will tell you, I am not running there to do it. I think I need a break from it. To sit back and let it maranate for a while. So believe me I understand!

          1. It is good to let your writing, especially a manuscript sit for awhile. Then when you go back with fresh eyes it will be easier. It took me some years to truly FINISH my first book because I kept going back to read it, make changes, let it rest, then go back again, etc. several times. And I wanted to make sure there were no spelling etc. errors. AND, I wanted to make sure I was happy with it.
            Do you have an agent or publisher pushing you to finish, or is it self “pushing?”
            Either way, you will get it done when you should.

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