winnie the pooh in the honey hive

“Though honey is a very good thing.” Said Pooh, “There is that moment right before you taste the honey, that is almost as good as when you do.”

I have always loved Pooh in all of his wisdom but if I were to choose just one of his amazing quotes, I think that the one above, resonates with me most. Because “I” am famous for looking back in regret and not embracing the moment. Last year when I was still working at my old job, a bride was getting married on our property. She was radiant, waiting for her maids in waiting. At first she was very sweet and happy waiting alone. But as they continued to make her wait, she quickly turned from a Princess to a Bridezilla at a fast rate of zero to sixty!

As others listened to her rant and rave and really carry on, (along with a few cuss words that Princesses should NOT know) I quietly took her aside and read her the quote I had on a necklace in my shop… “Listen to this” I said, “Though honey is a very good thing, that moment right before you taste the honey is almost as good as when you do.” She looked at me blinking back tears, as I placed the necklace in her hands and said, “this is your moment right before you get to taste the honey!” It was kind of like a little miracle as I watched and saw her expression change the minute it registered. Her face lit up and I knew she understood. Then she instantly snapped out of it and turned back into a beautiful Princess rushing out the door with her bridal party in tow (that in reality, actually only made her wait for all of five minutes.) “How did you do that?” A coworker asked, and I just smiled. “Magic” I winked.

How many times have you missed the moments that God custom made for you? Not just in changing your own attitude but in helping someone else change theirs?

Carpe Diem.

39 thoughts on “Embracing The Moment

  1. Diane, I read you post, 6033, today and so wanted to comment on it, but when I tried to it wasn’t there. That was a tearfully bittersweet story. I don’t like to look in the mirror these days. The lady staring back at me is NOT the one I feel inside. Let’s just say I’m aging faster and much more noticeably than I’d like too. But yes, we can still be all that we once were except perhaps for some physical ability chanages that accompany aging. But our hearts age differently. They mellow and soften into something truly loving and beautiful. So you go girl. Diane are not what you have done and not done in your life. You are what you have learned and how that has changed your heart that matters. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

    1. You are so sweet, I was able to rescue it and rewrote some of it but dedicated it to you! And reposted! Thank you for your sweetness and encouragment! I love you!

    1. Thank you Ann,
      Sorry, everytime that I tried to reply on my phone, it wouldn’t let me. But you know I appreciate you! Always! Even when my dumb phone won’t let me tell you!

  2. Well I know your bosses didn’t appreciate you at that job but the clients sure did judging by this little story. I hope the bride appreciated you like we do!

    1. Emma,
      Whoops, dumb phone… Or as my husband says, user error.. lol…
      Posting replies in the wrong place 😒. but definitely wanted to thank you for your sweet words.
      Love seeing your cute face here in my neck of the woods!

  3. This is where you shine Diane … Your heart saw how she could not be alone… I bet she treasures the gift and reads Winnie the Pooh to her children … Thank you for sharing this treasure!

    1. You are such a great Encourager!
      Thank you! Will miss your blog while you are away… but I love how you said you would keep it up so people can still read in the archives! 😉
      I have enough in mine a few years back that no one has ever seen! Wish people would remember to wander back through those doors too! I will be checking out yours!

  4. Kindness and wisdom ring true through this sweet story. Thank you for reminding me of Pooh’s comment, a wonderful way to describe anticipation.

    1. I think that anticipation is such a great thing that we forget about, in our fast paced super fast tech world, ever changing! I remember a ride at Disneyland about the past and the future and I think that microwaves and touch pad phones and color “televisions sets” were the up and coming thing. Now we can talk on a phone, not only in our car, not have to wait to get a message when we get home and pop up a meal in for a minute or go through a drive through! Pretty soon vacations are going to be a program in our head, no need to even get in the car! Now if they could do that with going to the gym, I’m there! lol.

    1. Debbie, always the cheerleader! I love you! And I am not forgetting about my book. I just read it again and it is pretty bad! LOL. I need to take a lot of the name Keri out and show and not tell as much… but forever a work in progress just like me! Right?

    1. Theresa,
      Thank you!!!! I have been out of the loop for so long! But you are always in my prayers. How are you??? We need a good long email catch up session!

      1. I’m stopping by to say hello and let you know that I sent you an email a few days ago. I hope this weekend will be fullt of moments that make you smile!

        Hugs and Blessings,

  5. beautiful words my friend.

    ” We always over look what is right in front of us, cause we don’t take the time to truly look deep enough into what we are looking at”.

  6. This reminds me of reading a biography of Chopin where his contemporary Franz Liszt said, “Chopin captures the moment between seeing something and reacting to it”. That growing reactionary tide between anticipation and reality is a very interesting snapshot to focus on, during the change of mood and thought. For me that is the real honey.

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