writer's block

I’ve been experiencing “writer’s block” for a while now. Though, I don’t think that I’ve ever truly experienced such a serious one. I’ve written several manuscripts, have a card line, and produced a monthly column for a local magazine. A few years ago, I started writing a book that was on my heart for decades. It was one that >I< needed to write. Now, I am wondering… Did I need to write it for me, or is it a story that others might find time worthy as well? Hmmmm. Well, it’s written. Or I guess I should say…I have the bones. The foundation is there.

Some of my “blog’s readers” have given my little project a thumbs up when I’ve shared pieces of it. Some have even helped edit parts of it, here and  there. But I KNOW that it is far from done. The editing has just begun. I’ve done a kind of Dr. Suess editing. Reading it to myself silently, reading it out loud, reading it to others, having them read it to me. Green eggs and ham, Sam I am. Ya know? You have to put it down, come back to it and read it again. In my case, I think that I’ve put it down for almost too long. I know I find new things wrong each time I come back so that might not be a bad thing. Over the course of re-reading it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I use the main character’s name far too much, I use the word “had” a lot (pointed out by one of my favorite editor/friends.) I Tell more than I show… All correctable. I just need to get my rear in gear and  do it. writers trash can In-between the beginning and end of writing this book, I have lost two close friends and just had some emotionally challenging times. And  have been S-T-U-C-K! Literally. But maybe those experiences can oil the keys and help? Another writer friend recently told me…     Thinking about the task at hand, takes more energy than just doing it!

type the end

 She is right. The blank page is not all that scary once you start putting a few words on it. Today, all we need to do, is backspace and re-write! Right?

Sam I am

35 thoughts on “Dr. Suess Editing

  1. Thank you for this post. It has stimulated wise comments and many useful tips and suggestions for my own navigation of the writing/publishing conundrum. Good stuff, Diane and commenters (a word that apparently does not exist, but I’m using it anyway, in which case it does exist because I just wrote it and you just understood it). Haha! Happy writing to you!
    Len at Gloryteller.com

  2. Well said. I’m editing now and it seems to take longer and I’m full of doubt during the process. Then I look at it again and I find something else. Other times I pick it up and feel like it’s a masterpiece. So many feelings during the editing process.

    1. Sierra,
      I feel exactly the same! I read my book a few times and thought this is so great. And now I feel there are too many of this word, or that expression that happens too much and can totally rip apart a whole page at a time. For the longest time I thought the first few sentences were epic. Now they sound too contrived. Go figure! LOL. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to buy your book!

  3. Hello my darling blogger! How about you don’t edit it? Seriously! Your talent is for the story and I couldn’t put your book down. It depends what you want from it. If you want a serious book deal then invest in an editor. If you want your story out there to help others then leave it be. It works. It’s fantastic. 50 Shades was badly written but it didn’t make any difference to the plot. Perfection is the enemy of good. And of being done. Your true work, your true talent is done. Don’t beat yourself up. Let others edit it if you really care but this book is for those who need help and they need it now. It’s ready in my opinion. As a fellow perfectionist I get you but if we can spend time dropping that instead of editing it will affect everything in our lives. With love xxx

    1. ((((((((Emma))))))))))
      I love seeing your face (faces) lol…. on my blog!!!! YOU my dear are such an incredible uplifter! What a wonderful encouragment! I want to take your comment and frame it on the wall of my study so I can look at it everyday! No store bought gift could ever compare! I have missed you!
      Love ya girl!

      1. Well there you have it!! Even your replies are bursting with your talent. You write with love, you are bursting with love and it spills out into everything you do. Not just the words but the layout. ((((((Diane)))))). Magic. So expressive.
        Now I shall have to frame your answer. People will tell us to get a room haha!!
        I wonder when you (and I too perhaps?) will finally get it. We are worthy. We are enough. We can stop punishing ourselves. What we do in life is special. Others see it but we don’t. Except in rare moments when others voice it. Sadly then the gremlins take over. Do it, Diane. Go back, copy and frame all the love that comes back to you in comments from everyone. through this special blog. You could fill a book right there. And read it every darn day until it sinks in. And if you really want to, then go and edit your book. Or don’t! Leave judgement aside and let the book be for those who put love before judgement. Goodness knows they need it.
        It’s not what we have in our lives but who we have in our lives so you are a billionaire. You have gathered only the nicest people as followers. That’s through your gift. Now who cares about editing??? Hugs. Emma

      1. Don’t stress about timelines Di. It’s different for everyone. I’m so late with my latest book, due to the kerfuffle and losses in the last 6 months. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. We can only do what we can do. My latest book should have been out in winter, and now I plan on September. New timelines give me new breathing space. No use crying over what we didn’t accomplish; we just move on! xo 🙂

    1. First Night…
      Yeah it’s scary too… when you leave a page, having just read it, thinking you’ve nailed it, and… come back to it several months later and think…WHAT was I thinking?! LOL.

  4. I think we all go through times I writers block . But even if you write garbage it’s writing and for me it’s as essential to write as to breathe . Keep on keeping on .

  5. I think we get ‘stuck’ because of all the other concerns we have going on… I think writing takes so much concentration and if our minds and hearts are elsewhere.. it’s hard! Take care ………………….Diane

  6. I think that it is also scary when it gets to ‘almost done’ and you begin to think of it in print … and then procrastinate because of not being sure whether you want others to read it, or maybe it is being scared of others thinking it not good enough or whatever. So there is this COURAGE line that you have to step over for that final part of the journey. Once you step over it, it becomes easier.

  7. Your post is so well written Diane. I think you are very brave to keep editing your baby. I couldn’t do it. If I wrote a book it would just be the one time. There is no way I could go over and over it again tinkering. I think many famous old books wouldn’t get a first reading from a publisher. I mean The Book Of Genesis, with all the “begat”ing in many chapters, would have so many red lines through it the publisher would have to stock up with red pens.
    My suggestion is to put it on ice for a while. Go and do something else. Make ice cream ! 😀 ❤

    1. Ralph,
      Why do you always make me smile? LOL. The book of Genesis! Still grinning… but you are right! I’d hate to have to edit that! Guess that’s a good thing that God got to be the Editor there! You are so funny!
      Gotta love ya!

  8. Hi, cut yourself some slack. Since you have been through a lot of turmoil and stress in your life, perhaps you need more time to assimilate and grieve and gel what you have learned from your experiences. Is restarting the writing a way of not having to deal with the stresses or pain of loss? Take your time. Go away from the book wholeheartedly for a while or at the most write it for yourself for now. When you are ready the book will flow from your mind. It may just be that the time is not now. That’s my opinion. Hope it helps.

  9. I really enjoyed reading what you shared. I really don’t know anything about editing or what it takes to do it all the professional way. I probably said that wrong, but you know what I mean.

    I think that one you have fixed any things that are inaccurate and get it polished you should be proud to have it published, because it is very good! I enjoyed it enough as it was that I would probably read it more than once.

    I think as we look back on the events of a life we will see things with a somewhat different perspective each time, and will think that the previous perspective was wrong, but actually none of them are really right or really wrong……so go for it! Have confidence about what you are doing….just know that it is good, and that it will do good!

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. Theresa,
      You said it perfectly! And I do know what you mean!
      I love the thought that nothing is really right or wrong! That takes a lot of the pressure off if I can just carry that with me through this work. I do know one thing that my perspective is totally different now than it was when I was writing it and when even different when I was thinking of writing it. Maybe this one will have some substance because it’s come from so many perspectives! 🙂
      Thank you! Hope all is well with you!

  10. not writer’s block, just a temporary brain freeze. I am sure you will be back with more great words to share with us all. ” words are easy to write, but the right words takes a great creative mind”.

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