sealing wax

Old friends across the miles

I still recognize your smiles

terri, scott and i

wishing nothing but the best

happy times and all the rest

friends sunbathing

they were the times of our life

How quickly they passed by

peterpan and wendy not a cartoon

We didn’t see it then

how someday we’d just  click on “FRIENDS”

girl flying

And through the magic of the air

Mail... You Got Mail

We’d find each other there.

facebook friend request icon

Diane Reed ’15 ©

18 thoughts on “Through the magic of the Air

    1. ((((Paul)))) Hugs my friend!
      Thank you for checking in and the compliments. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods as well???? You have been on my heart from time to time and I’ve prayed for you when led to! Hope they helped and that you are doing well?

  1. I know how important it is to connect with friends Di. FB is a wonderful avenue for that, and for looking through remembered photos. 🙂 xo

    1. Deb,
      I am so glad for the ability to connect and cross paths with new and old friends alike! YOU have been an unexpected gift… Kind of a SerenDEBity! 🙂
      Seriously, Did I really say that?

    1. Diana,
      That’s kind of what inspired this! I ran into one of my High school best friends and got to tag onto her friend’s list which happened to be some of my favorite people from my past!

    1. Marian,
      I just lost a friend that was my email buddy every single day, only missing a few here and there. I am thankful for that “air” that brought us together daily kind of like the airplane that would carry us back and forth for visits over the years. 🙂
      I am thankful for that air that brings you all here! It is like magic!

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