There are people in our lives that lift us up and others that are constantly Debbie Downers, no matter what their gender. People who gossip about everyone and those that listen. And those that won’t. There are people who light up a room when they walk into it and others that are hard to be around. Just like the people on the road that live their lives in a kind of constant road rage, with their hand always on the horn while they tail and cut everyone off in the process, never seeing their own flaws. And then, there are those other set of people who manage to get to one place to another without seeing the flaw in every driver.


I’ve used driving as kind of a metaphor to help get my point across. Do you know someone who always has to be mad at somebody? One friend last week and a new one this week? A coworker, a boss, a landlord, a family member, or just some poor stupid stranger on the road? They obsess and talk about their issue of the week with them and then move on to the next victim. Sometimes the people they hate on have no clue, sometimes unfortunately they do. It is just sad that, that person just can’t relax and live their own life and stop worrying about everyone elses. At least until they get their own lives right.

sad man silloette

Some people can’t stand that you are moving on and constantly want to drag your past into today. Don’t let them. It is your life and your choice what today will bring for you. One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard is…. Just don’t react. When you remain silent, you have the power, because when someone does not know what you are thinking they have nothing to respond to.

breaking up

Recently I’ve been surrounded by the death of some very important people in my life and it has really made me slow down and not react so quickly. In a way in reflecting alone, I’ve been in this place of restoration. Choosing what is important and what is not and who I want to be around and who I don’t. Over the years I have systematically chosen to not be around toxic people, but I’ve always kind of felt guilty about it. Just recently, I have given myself permission to let go because eventually everything connects.

lost love on the beach

I may not be where I want to be this minute. But I am not where I used to be yesterday. Every step is mine to take and the direction I choose to go. I can choose to be miserable when I wake up or I can choose to be strong, the energy used in that choice is the same though the end results can be monumental. Anger destroys, it consumes all your energy and is toxic. People around you will begin to avoid you. The secret is to not focus all your energy on fighting the old but building up the new. Change is like a gift we can give ourselves. Do it now. Because sometimes later becomes never.

cemetery foggy

A Lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep. Don’t you love it? I just ran into this quote this morning and it rang so true for me today. We need to stop allowing the opinions of others to rule our day. Especially when we know that it’s coming from twisted anger.

sheep in our backyard

We must remember that the strongest people are not the ones who show their strength in front of us, but who have won battles that we will never know anything about. I am stronger because I’ve been weak, I am fearless because I’ve been afraid and I am wise because I’ve been foolish. I am working on the day when I won’t need validation from anyone but God. That is the day, when the world will fear me. For the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack!

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30 thoughts on “A Lion Never Loses Sleep Over The Opinions Of Sheep

  1. Love your post Diane. So much of this rings true to my life. But as we give each day to God and trust in Him to guide us, we become stronger and wiser. And I believe we make less mistakes. But some we make to learn a lesson. So we much keep praying for a clean (pure) heart and clear mind.

  2. Nice job, D. Liked the way you expressed the ideas. Some of it reminds me of the words to a song…. “every day is a winding road…You get a little bit closer… 🙂 G’nite !

  3. Wow! That was a wonderful, wise and motivational post! I too am cutting loose the toxic acquaintances and you know what, I have more time to enjoy the quality, positive friends I enjoy most.

  4. Excellent post, Diane.
    I love the title – it’s so true.
    I think with age, with the death of family and friends that have influenced us for the good…, we realize that life’s too short to make room for “toxic people.” We also realize that we want to influence others for the good and that takes valuable time and effort.
    Needless to say, you’re a keeper 🙂

  5. Di, I love your growth chart my friend! I especially loved this line, “I may not be where I want to be this minute. But I am not where I used to be yesterday.” Inspiration! We live through stuff, and take something from it, which in turns builds our character. No, we don’t all brag about everything we’ve conquered, many wear their scars inside. But you and I have weathered many storms in our lives and like a good facebook post I recently saw says: If I get any stronger, I could lift a buick. LOL. I think you’re almost reaching buick strength!!!!! ❤ Proud of how far you've come my friend. xo 🙂

  6. ‘The same boiling water that softens the potato boils the egg ‘ I love that Diane . I hope you don’t mind me stealing that phase because it makes the lion in me stronger and the mouse squeak away to his hole in the skirting board . Thanks for this thought provoking post .

    1. Lol Cherry,
      Not mine but if it was I love sharing and when people like things I write as long as I get the credit 😉 I am flattered! But when i read this one it was anonymous.

  7. You’re so right that ‘toxic’ people can drag you down… people that just find fault with everyone and everything. Somehow it is so sad that in order to make them feel more important, they have to make others feel less important… Diane

  8. Thank you for this eloquent and spot-on post. You captured my feelings precisely, and I absolutely adore the lion quote!! Sending you lots of love and positive, healing energy as you deal with your losses. xo

  9. “We must remember that the strongest people are not the ones who show their strength in front of us, but who have won battles that we will never know anything about.” Love this.

    It is sad to me that people live their lives with hearts filled with anger or fear. So filled they have no room for God’s precious gift of grace. So filled with their own burdens, they cannot take up the lightest one of all: love.

  10. First of all love the photos and the auras around everyone. It is through our energy fields that we are all connected.. Realization is key to mastery, and through this realization you are becoming the whole, the connected person, you know exits, yet had been separated from, by birth, by training, by belief. Wisdom is not intellect, and often confused with the same. To be wise is to know everything you need already exists. In truth, one day the lion will lie down with the lamb. Courage will always overcome fear, when given a chance to come to the light. Wonderful, reflective, post!

  11. Hi Di!! What an incredibly wonderful post!!! Yes…to all of it!! And yes to you standing in your power. Everything you wrote I agree with! I also a few months back used that tactic on someone who was so aggressive with me…I said NOTHING…and that person kept going on and on…until they realized I didn’t add any oxygen to their fire…and they hung up the phone…and I have not heard back from them AT ALL!!! Much love to you…I am sorry for your loss ❤

  12. I saw that quote just the other day too! I love your interpretation. It is true in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As always, they are inspiring.

  13. What a beautiful and wise post Di. I’m sorry for your recent losses — your strength and love shines through.

    And I’ve never heard this … “Just don’t react. When you remain silent, you have the power, because when someone does not know what you are thinking they have nothing to respond to.”

    LOL. Made me smile.

    I also love the title of this post — brilliant! 🙂

    1. Louise,
      Pintrest is a source of inspiration! I can’t take the credit for the title. it was a quote I read this morning, but I’ve been trying to master the empowerment of not responding for a while! Smile… Not always easy!
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. YOUR comments are always like little presents wrapped in silver packages!

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