I HiJacked my sweet friend Louise’s blog today by my long winded comment so I had to REBLOG!!!! She always inspires me to the upteenth degree! Obviously! If you don’t know her work, watch her TED video here on her blog… and read some of her past posts! I guarantee you will FOLLOW her and wait on the edge of your seat for her next brilliant post! She is an artist as well! Can you tell I am one FANatical fan?!

Dare Boldly

Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.     — Andrew Murray

I wrote last week about The Fall. About landing on the cold, hard cement in front of my office building downtown and the mind chatter that ensued.

At Choices last week, while chatting with another coach about monkey mind chatter, I shared what happened and told them that I was shocked to see how, even before I knew if I’d broken anything or not, my mind immediately leaped to that place of, “OMG! I hope no one saw me!”

Imagine. Lying on the ground, not even sure if I am hurt or not and all I can think about is my pride.

On Monday, I gave a presentation on homelessness to a group of University students. After the presentation, a woman came up to share the story about her daughter.

“She’s lived in a group…

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6 thoughts on “Pride: it cometh after the fall too

  1. Thought provoking – glad I read it. Followed too :). I think pride is like a wall and if we don’t get rid of it and be more vulnerable, it becomes hard for anyone to truly know us.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to this great blog Di. Incidentally, I fell yesterday where they are doing renos in our underground. I was carrying too many bags and trying to sidestep a running pipe and my foot got stuck in a hole. I landed on both knees and couldn’t get up for a few minutes. Nobody was around, no help, and ironically because I’m so used to doing most things on my own, I didn’t expect anyone to help. I don’t know if that relates to pride, independence, or just sad. 🙂 xo

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