Brooke's engagement ring

Something happened the other day that made me really slow down and remember God is in charge in a much bigger way. My daughter lost her engagement ring. All moms hate those calls when that usually bubbly voice is overcome with sadness. In all of the phone calls like that, since she has walked out of our front door into the world she is creating, we have been blessed that more than not have just been fender bender or parking ticket or friendship blip calls and nothing more. But listening to the pain in my baby’s voice and not being able to fix it is devastating. I’ve said before, that a mother’s happiness depends on the heart of her unhappiest child and so since I heard the news, I have woken up every morning praying that she will find it. Though it didn’t cost thousands of dollars, I know that Chase saved up for it and that because he picked it out especially with Brooke in mind….

Brooke and Chase Engaged

She loved it more than any other ring in the world. When she told him she lost it, of course he was sweet and felt bad for her, but showed his true colors by saying all the right things that reminded me of another story, years earlier…

My sweet little niece Adrienne hadn’t had the best examples of loving relationships while growing up. I remember telling her… “Someday, you can make your own life into all the things you missed out on when you were growing up.” And she did. Going out into the world, she dated a bit, but when she found Vance, it was different. He put her first. I am sure she already was in love by the time the accident happened, but I remember her telling me that when she crashed his brand new car on the freeway and called him crying and all he asked was “Are you okay?!” She said at that moment she knew that he was “the one.”

When my first mother in law (her grandma) died, Brookie and I met them for the funeral. We went out to get coffee before the service and though now, I can’t remember the exact story… it went something like this… Adrienne was so happy with the coffee in all her sadness and Vance smiled and said something about how cute she was. It was a silly little conversation, but Brooke saw something in that exchange that  touched her so much that later she told me that she was going to find “a Vance.”

Later, when she grew up a little more and began dating, no guy ever measured up to the love she remembered witnessing all those years earlier. She almost lost faith that there may only be just one Vance out there, until she met Chase. So many small little stories through-out their six years together have all added up to  Chase earning the space she saved so many years ago while watching her cousin’s sweet relationship. She’d been a flower girl in their wedding and felt their love was magic. So years later, she had her template.

Adrienne at the beach

Today, in all of my pain for her in her loss, I know whether the ring is found or not, Chase already said all the right things, just like Vance did.

brooke and chase1brooke and chase4

He loves my baby with the same respect and devotion that Vance loves my sweet niece. And oh yeah as far as happy endings… My sweet niece has created a wonderful little family with God blessing her with the most beautiful children and sweet life. I am sure they’ve had their ups and downs, but it made me realize God answers the bigger prayers.

Adrienne's Family

I pray that Brookie finds her ring, God found her a perfect love. He found her exactly what she asked for. God is definitely a God of answered prayers and he answers in detail!

(Please pray my baby finds her ring!)

31 thoughts on “Filling That Space

  1. Hi Di! Ah…my heart is touched! I pray the ring is found…but what an amazing feeling for you to know your baby is loved so!!! Hope all is wonderful in your world ♡

  2. Such a beautiful story, Diane. As parents, it fills our heart to the brim to know that our children are being genuinely loved. I hope she finds her ring! (:


  3. What a beautiful story- so wonderful that you spoke those words lovingly into her heart and that she didn’t “settle” but found Vance and knew she had man who was devoted to her. Lovely that she in turn, inspired your daughter to find a man like Vance and that she did. So important to love the person more than caring about material things,and be does. I will pray that your daughter finds the ring. Remember my story about my own rings- don’t dismiss any possibility as to where they could be :). The ring represents so much doesn’t it? The sentimental value often outweighs even the cost of it, for all it represents.

  4. Hi Di,
    Sometimes there are things
    More important than rings
    Happiness for a start
    And enough love
    To fill your heart
    Sounds like she’s found the latter, and that, above all, is the most important thing. You can always buy another ring. Hugs !

  5. Aww such a sweet couple and a lovely story .
    I remember my Dad telling a story at our wedding how he remembers me coming in one night sheepishly asking for a torch . My then boyfriend ( now husband) had had a row and I’d thrown my engagement ring …we were on up our hands and knees looking for it …I still have it and my husband for 27 years 😄♥️

  6. Thanks for sharing this story Diane. It is wonderful to know there are pure and beautiful loving relationships out there. I was never blessed with one, but maybe when I am 80 or 90, God will give me a wonderfully special man for my life. Even if there never is, I am very blessed with all His gifts…most of all the wonderful people in my life 🙂

    1. Thank you Barbara! And that is what I am praying for! Even though she really does already have the happy ending, that the ring turns up in a place that gives them a great story in years to come! If nothing else, Chase will have no doubt how loved that ring truly is wherever it is! 😉

  7. A sad, but eloquent tale here Di. Brook is blessed to have a compassionate husband. And miracles can happen, I pray her ring will turn up. xo

  8. Lovely story – faithful character trumps fate. A diamond is a beautiful thing, especially an engagement ring, but sterling character is even better, as this story proves. I lost my diamond, probably flushed down the toilet by my 3-year-old long ago, but my husband was a trouper. He dug up the lawn to see if it was lodged in the trap to the sewer before it ran in to city lines. Alas, no hope! He was disappointed at the loss, but nary a nasty word.

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