lion in a cage

Like a wild animal

suddenly trapped inside a cage

I surprise myself sometimes

as I’m caught in my own rage

Within a fragile second

I will change if I’m attacked

So don’t let my smile fool you,

you should know that I’ll fight back!


Diane Reed©




12 thoughts on “You should know that I’ll FIGHT BACK!

    1. Love it Paul!
      I look back when I was a young girl in an abusive relationship and wonder why I just took it. I got a chance to tell him years later, I never would again. 😉

    1. Teresa,
      I know that this stems from my earlier days of being abused and not fighting back. I remember just sitting there and taking it. I never even got angry and tried to fight back. I am not sure if I was too scared or thought it would make it worse, or what. But now I think that I have a snapping point of zero to sixty because of it. And I really don’t like that about myself. But I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, I’d fight back in any situation. Kinda sad. This wasn’t a prideful poem, it was just a warning. 😉

    1. So True!
      So Glad you commented cuz I needed to tell you something!
      Not sure when I wrote this or why. Somehow I accidentally posted this one before my Happy New Year one!
      But anyway I just went to your site and it is all black. Not sure if it is just me or you changed the design, but I can’t see your words?? I wanted to visit you and couldn’t see your posts! Check it out and let me know if it is my browser or if you need to adjust something!

    1. Thanks Q😊
      I actually accidentally posted this today. I as going for a more positive attitude. Lol. I must have been in a very different place when I wrote that one! Lol.

  1. ” a cuddly teddy you are, but when poked you become a bear”.

    ” we all have our buttons, sometimes though we forget to take time for ourselves so these buttons keep from becoming broken”.

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