I just watched a video of a Chiropractor healing a young man who was bent over for a very long time. In less than a month of treatments, he stood tall as he walked out the door with plans of becoming a Chiropractor, himself. It was so inspirational, it almost made me want to become one!


In a way, I think that we write to heal.

Most of us who are writers, remember when we knew we “had to” write. Like those who sing or dance, paint or act. It is so hard to explain. Right? Even when we don’t do what we are supposed to do, we still really are who we are. Does that make any sense at all?!  If a dancer stops dancing, she is still a dancer. I know that as an artist, I am still an artist. I could still draw a new illustration for one of my greeting cards or make a doll and at times I miss the art shows and the long nights getting ready for the next one, or packing up my car to head for a holiday show, But from the begining, I really feel that if I had to choose, I was always meant to be a writer.

During my art show years, I wrote poems for my cards, I could probably publish a few volumes of what I’ve written. I’m talking hundreds. Some not great, some not so bad. But writing here at WordPress, the last few years has really made me want to write more. Though I go through spells. Really dry spells. Recently writing my story, really did me in. Going back in time, affected me more than I knew. Literally, mood changing, and it was hard for me to snap out of it. But it was also very healing. I know I have a message for women. If just one sees herself in my story and takes back her power, it will be worth it.

writer frustrated

I have realized that I need to go back and adjust parts, tear out others and be more brutally honest. I am glad that somewhere inside myself, I knew that it wasn’t good enough. Fictionally introduced to spare those that might not want “their” story told, I intend to pull out some of those muscles that have become mushy and push on, like an old dancer, who knows that they have not danced their last dance, and still have a few more great performances left.

ballerina sitting on floor

The age old question.  Does everyone have something? Why do some live their whole lives without ever sharing it or letting us know their gift? Why do those of us “have to” do what we do? And why do we sometimes stop? I think it is exhausting at times. To share daily, is like going to the gym, you have to be dedicated.

It is more about exercising our words. It heals us as we write. More often, I have been going back into my archives and having my own AHA moment when I need it the most. Pricking my own soul with a message I wrote years ago. And realize that I really am writing for myself. Trying to reach my center, not really being the expert for anyone else but me.

library shelves

Blogging is a funny thing.  There will be the handful that LIKE this before I can even re-read it myself. The ones who support you just to be nice… And then I have my two or three dozen very loyal readers, who really read because that is what they do. (I love you guys!) And then there are the writers who I have bonded with who read pretty regularly, even if I have been missing for a while, every so often, if I don’t write, I get comments from people reading random old posts of mine, which is amazingly inspiring. And then there are the writers, that support you as you support them. If you don’t work it, you lose them. Like anything, ya gotta work it to stay in shape! Lets just say, like my wedding diet (mother of the bride in June) I am back! Well, I am trying!



18 thoughts on “Why do we write?

  1. Sounds like you reoriented for the new year. I appreciate that writing helps you reach your center. Our thoughts become our biology. There is a plethora of science that proves that our words affect us neurologically and naming our feelings, not just feeling them, strengthens our parasympathetic system so that it calms anxiety and fear. Talk about taking back our OWN power. All the best this year,


  2. I totally agree with you , for me writing is the most healing thing I do , apart from reading of course . It frees the mind of burden …I completely recommend it . It should be on prescription .
    I love your writings always look forward to your blog Diane .

    1. Cherry,
      Love it! >>>> It should be a prescription.
      But yeah it should. Instead of offering all of the meds for things that ail us, writing a few hours a day would help tremendously. I go back to some of my older posts and take my own advice! LOL.

    1. Arlene,
      That is such a great mission. Everyone is going through something, and the most comfort I’ve ever found in all the different things that I have gone through, has been finding comfort in those that survived what I was going through at the time!
      May God bless your journey with health and healing and joy!

  3. Healing like life is a growing process or a process of life itself. I always wanted to be a nurse. My body, I believe God really used it, to tell me it was time for a change.
    Being married to a man who knows or thinks he knows everything and does not show politeness enough to listen with interest caused me to shut down in communicating with him.
    I found my voice again by sharing stories with online friends who responded and asked for more!! What a thrill! Then I decided maybe some of my pieces might help others or make someone smile. Now I am hooked.
    Glad you are back!!!

  4. Why do we write? Why do people climb mountains ? Because it’s there !!! It’s not something you think about…, its something you do, because if you don’t it’ll build up inside of you til you burst ! ………….g’nite, Di. …………….xo

    1. Papa Bear,
      ((((Paul))))) HUGS!
      Yep – gotta climb those mountains!
      The funny thing is that I have encouraged some to write that almost get mad at me telling me it is just not their thing.
      It is more than everyone having it.
      But those who do have it… like us… gotta let it out! Or we WILL burst! 🙂

  5. I agree that writing can be a healing process. It’s easier to fight a demon if you can see it clearly. Flannery O’Connor would definitely agree with you.

    1. Mike,
      Thank you for taking the time to read!
      I agree with you. Sometimes I am healing myself months later, I knew the advice I needed at the time, but it took me a while to GET it… even from myself! 😉

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