Love is a funny thing. It is a little like magic. The beginning is like a drug. You can’t get enough of. You can’t wait to see each other, and you want to squeeze in every minute. You never can imagine fighting or disagreeing about anything. And you are on your very best behavior. You dream big and you have a whole story written in your head of how life will be.

And then… slowly you relax and life happens. Bills and kids, sometimes health and jobs  all wrestle for a slot in the daily pages of the life that you planned to write. Sometimes even imperfections and failures of one another nudge their way in and well… “Hey wait a minute!” You think… “This wasn’t in the rough draft in my head!”

Some of us trudge on, some of us check out. Some of us muddle through and are rewarded. I am one of the blessed ones. My husband stuck it out with me. I have not been the easiest person to love at times. (I KNOW, shocker, huh?) Oh and yeah, I still have plans for that story… The best is yet to be!

So Babe this ones for you…

Happy Valentines Day Jimmy!

hugging kids

I remember when I met you

my heart fluttered like a little kid

No butterflies have ever quite felt

the way those first ones did

But over the years I’ve come to realize

and truly understand

that no one in this old world

can love me exactly as you can

For love is not just the way  you feel

When you first fall in love

It’s hanging in and pressing on

even when there’s not enough

It’s fighting and forgiving

and being able to “never mind”

That makes me know I want you

To always be my Valentine!


Diane Reed


22 thoughts on “To My Valentine

  1. Such a beautiful poem! It has been so long since I have had time to sit at the computer and read posts but I am looking forward to catching up on yours. Always from the heart and I can relate to what you write.

    1. Hi Merryn!
      Hugs! I know the feeling. I have just started getting back into trying to connect with you guys here myself. Kind of been a little rusty trying to get back into the flow. When I used to have 3 days off at a time I was much better at sitting down and making myself do what I love most! But trying to keep up with everything and working fulltime + has put my writing on the back burner for a bit. So nice to see you. I am in the midst of doing some spring cleaning on my blog. Trying to make it more reader friendly. Not sure I like the new look!
      Have a great rest of your weekend. THIS is Saturday for me! Yaaay!

      1. Wow- full-time work would be exhausting as well as time consuming. If you need blogging tips, probably just ask your blog community- I’m sure there would be someone who would be able to suggest how to make it look a certain way. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. So lovely I hope he likes it . I am writing this on my very generous husbands iPhone because he’s the only one with
    Internet been down and out for a week and BT have no idea what’s wrong agggghhh!!!!!

    1. Oh no Cherry!!!
      Isn’t it crazy how when that happens we feel as we are missing a limb? And yet I bet you are getting a lot more done! Hope you are back up and running soon! But enjoy the vintage time you are experiencing away from all the techie stuff that robs us of our minutes when we could be doing other things! Though gotta have it, huh? She says as she types on her blog on the internet. 😉

    1. Liz,
      Thank you! And NO! And I’d never heard that song! I sent it to my daughter who is getting married this summer. Such a perfect choice for one of their songs.

  3. Amen to all of that, Diane. I’m more at the end of a lot of those challenges celebrating our 50th year with hubby. Here is a special song that’s tugged at my heart on our love for one another and still rings true today. Happy Valentine’s Day to you young lovers and many more days and years to come. This for you two.

    1. Ahhhh Pat Thank you! Happy 50th! Wow that is pretty cool! You probably have an amazing poem inside your heart for that day! What an accomplishment!
      And what a great song! I love John Denver and how have I never heard THAT song????

      1. So glad you enjoyed it, Diane. It’s a special song for me and is one that always takes me to that special kind of love. And, yes, 50 years, thank you — can you believe it! I can’t. Don’t know where all that time went. It doesn’t seem that long. Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day and it was special to you, too! Hugs xxoo

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