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I thought my blog needed a little makeover. So I wandered on over to the Admin side of things and giving myself much more technical credit than I  actually deserved, I proceeded to click on “theme” and color swatches. And when I clicked on  “View” it was like looking in a mirror after a bad hair cut. Reality check. “Hey girl, you DON’T know what you are doing!” And I had to go to work reeeally early yesterday! (WHY do I always do things when I don’t have time to do them?)  So I sucked it up and closed my page and jumped into the shower hoping for the first time since I’ve had my blog, that I’d have no visitors. 


A special friend is someone who looks past your broken down gate and                                                   still admires your garden!

But I really do love my readers because even though it looked like a big fat mess, (you know the kind when you are moving around your room  and you are stuck in the middle of a bunch of furniture kind of mess?) A few still managed to muddle through, leaving sweet comments without ever mentioning the state of my blog which looked like a very BAD make-over by someone who had no idea what she was doing!

salon cartoon

So back to the proverbial Salon I went to try to fix things. And still not sure I like it. But I think it is a little easier to read than my last look. Sometimes you just need a change. I’ve always admired the techie people. I find it kind of hot when someone remotely hops on your screen from somewhere completely different and works on the likes of the little mess I’ve gotten myself into. Showing up on my computer screen and wahlah! It is fixed. (So amazing!) But we all have our limitations and I know mine. So weird that my dad was one of the first computer dudes out there and I am his off-spring. But oh well. We all have our talents.

Whatever my limitations, I needed a change!!! Like when you want a new look so you get a hair cut, or change a room around kind of thing. My blog needed a little dusting off. So I took the scissors and gave it a haircut and moved some things around.

hair cut

Just wanted to warn you guys if you came looking for me and it looked as if I moved. Still here, just with a new look.  What do you think? I am still trying to get used to it. But like hair that always will grow back, WordPress has the option to return to the old look if you guys liked that one better. Also beware, I may keep trying new looks.  Poor Linda! (my hair stylist) Knows that about me after over a decade of working on me and sweetly following my lead and going along with stuff I ask her to do even when she knows that eventually I will want to return back! After all these years you’d think that  I’d learned my lesson by now. (At least with my hair!)

make over cartoon

18 thoughts on “Like A BAD Haircut

  1. I like it! I’m itching for a change but I don’t want to massacre my page either. LOL. I think this time I’m going to reach out for help. That’s probably the better route for me. 😉Hope you’re well friend!

    1. Patricia,
      Yikes! I am missing so much now that I have an Iphone and can’t respond without signing in each and every time! I love your posts! And am reading, just can’t respond if I am at work, which is always…lol. Until I get home… and then things get lost through the cracks of life. But I miss you! I love your stories and getting to share your journey! Anywaaaay, It was pretty easy to change… I haven’t gone back to tweak and readjust things but when you have time (lol) it might be fun to try it. Though I like your page! It is reader friendly!

    1. Sue,
      I was thinking that it was a little bit like spring cleaning. So funny… I’ve tried this before, and always went back to the original look. But I am liking this I think. NOW for my cupboards! 🙂

  2. I like the new change. Looks fresh and clean. But I can see you tweaking it until you KNOW exactly “this is it!” We all need changes now and then, even if it means changing little things, like in a room and it looks different just by changing 1 or 2 things!

    1. Ann,
      I have always loved changing rooms around. Or adding or removing furniture to make the whole room feel new! I think that this look is easier to read. I think I will keep it.
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Mmmm great idea like a spring clean . Liked you before but I’m sure I’ll like you even more with your new image ..,good luck .
    I just want to start my own blog and that is so difficult …not the process I’m sure that’s easy it’s pushing myself into believing I can🐌🐌🐌

    1. Cherry,
      You should!!!!! You are such a loyal reader and I love when you comment on my posts! You are such a good writer!!!! You have my vote to make one! If you need any help – I am here. Not that I am a pro but let me just say if I figured it out, you can for sure!
      Let me know, I want to read your first post!

  4. WordPress definitely has a learning curve.

    Made some changes to mine when I hit my one year anniversary. I figured if I was still interested in blogging after a year then I needed to spruce things up a bit. A couple people actually commented that it made my blog easier to read. Great!

    I also linked my posts to Facebook and Twitter and also opened an Instagram acct. Trouble with that one is I’m still figuring my way around and wordpress doesn’t post directly to Instagram so it’s slow going on that end. But it’s all good. I’m enjoying the process. If nothing else it’s keeping my brain active (and hopefully young) 😀

    Best wishes with the makeover. Have a great week!

    1. moylo,
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I went on your blog and love it as well and the look is what I was going for! So reader friendly! I followed and commented on your blog so will just wish you a nice day right back at ya here!

  5. Oh, my gosh, I know just what you mean! When I decided to change my “look,” I finally just took a deep break and plunged in. It took me days to figure out what theme I wanted. When I picked it, I schedule a full day to play around with it. I think mine still needs a few tweaks and it still doesn’t quite look like the “example,” given, but I’m happy with the cleaner look of mine, too. And I’m definitely techie-challenged!

    It’s a process; I think yours looks terrific – nice and clean. Give yourself time to play around with all those widgets until you’re satisfied.

    1. Susan,
      Yours looks GREAT – much more uniform and like you said nice and clean. << YOURS!
      Mine kind of is spread out all over the place!
      Thank you for the in-put! I think tweaking is going to be my exercise of the week. Wish it burned more calories! LOL.

    1. Thanks Quiall!
      I need some techie training! But your words are appreciated ALWAYS! Especially today! I think I still need a little snipping and tugging but I’ll get there!

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