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What comes first, the reader or the writer? For me, first being read to, and then reading, inspired me to write. It made me think at a very young age,” I can do that.” Or perhaps, I want to do that. I know others do it better. And yet, when we do something well, we just know. A dancer, a singer, a baseball player or an actor. We may have encouragement from parents or teachers and adults prompting us to hone our craft. But it is something more, there is just something inside of each of us when we have found that one thing we want to improve on without anyone telling us to.

It is funny, I remember in about second and third grade, grasping the concept of writing and my favorite authors that inspired me to want to do it too. Roland Dahl, Beverly Cleary, Ray Bradbury and C.S. Lewis, just to name a few.  I know that as an adult, I now have my accrual of favorites and I know that they are both similar and different than my style and that I am always aiming for improving and use them as a sort of an archetype. A model of sorts to sharpen my own skills by their style of writing and their formulas.

When I knew that I could write poetry, or could write verses and rhyme sentences, I studied the greats and it wasn’t as black and white as a certain genre such as Fiction or non-fiction. Poetry is an entirely different concept. I have always loved T.S. Elliot and Of course, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who intrigued me when I’d heard she was an ancestor. Whether or not, I ever have proof of that, just learning that, I think helped to inspire me and for me to feel as if talent might be inherited and hopefully a few blood cells found their way into my bloodline!

Every once and a while don’t you just stop and wonder, why am I doing this? Why can’t I not do this? When did I ever come up with this concept that I might have something worthy of sharing? Do you remember when you first had the notion? Was it some encouraging word from someone else, or did you just know?

Most of my poetry is very Hallmark-ish I always loved Hellen Steiner Rice and I think I tend to count cadence and beats and rhyme accordingly. I am trying not to rhyme. To  dig deep and attempt new things.

Below is a brand new style for me. Not sure I am there yet… It is dark, always dark lately. And very random, no cadence, no formula. I will write a happier one tomorrow! It’s so hard not to rhyme!!!! Not good at not doing that yet! (this is just what came out of me this morning…  I think sometimes, whatever rises up is what needs to be shared… maybe for someone else somewhere…)

On The Brim

cliff girl looking down

as I smell the storm passing

trying to escape where I’ve been

the rain fights with the fog

the storm wins

broken glass eye

it’s hard to see

behind the pain

barely holding on

as it rains

the clutter in my head

crashes in

pieces of glass stare back at me

broken glass3

shattered on the floor

as each finger lets go.

cliff stepping off

Diane Reed


17 thoughts on “Or did you just know?

  1. It’s lovely Diane …it is dark I love dark it makes it raw and real …do you like Sylvia Plath ❓ Now that’s dark …I love it .

    1. Chel Thank you!
      If you like dark… my blog at is filled with dark poetry that is hard to explain on this one since people I know in my life read here sometimes… lol. So I have a totally different side to me over there. LOL.
      Thank for turning me on to Sylivia Plath! I just ordered one of her books on Amazon! Can’t wait!!
      So weird, I’ve tried to post this post three times and by replying to your post and it keeps not replying to you… even though I push reply on your comment… User error??

  2. Nothing wrong with counting rhythm and rhyme when you’re writing poetry, and you can accomplish it and give as much meaning with it as without it. For me, you give up the artistry without it though ! Hugs, Di.

    1. Paul,
      I guess there is no worry that I will ever give it up. I just read a bunch of poems on my other blog trying to find some more abstract and there’s a few but not a lot. I thought there was a ton more there. You are right! I think that we are who we are and our style is imbedded in us! Can’t escape it! I love your poetry. Still would buy a book if you sold a collection! 😉

  3. It is hard not to write rhyme, but I think you have found a place here Diane – This is well done, and interesting. Although I like to think the words come through me, not from me. Whether we channel our own souls or the souls of poets like Browning, and Elliot, there is always more to be said. Until thoughts can be transferred freely, then words will have to suffice, and the art of the writer will remain intractable …Have you read Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen, his take on the nuances of the artist are fascinating …

    1. Peter
      I know what you mean! Sometimes words just feel channeled. Other times not so much. Especially when I’d be commissioned to write a poem or card trying to incorporate several personal points when I had my shop. But it was fun to get their reactions when they’d read about their loved ones that I’d written about. Sometimes we pish wah rappers (especially our generation lol) and some really have me shaking my head thinking “and you got how $MUCH$ for that song??!!” But some
      ireally is art in it’s finest. Rhyming is not a haiku but as many classes that I’ve had on that particular style-I still don’t GET it. 😛
      A good rhyming verse is deep inside me I guess. Looking back on the tons of poetry I’ve shared here. I can admit some is pretty bad. Lol. But some aint too bad. If I do say so myself. 😏
      Thanks for the book suggestion! Excited to look it up!
      As always you seem to make me want to chat with you and I end up with a reply longer than my post! Lol.

      1. Yes, the rappers sometimes get too much for their words – but what price they put on their souls! I feel the same way as you about some of my poems but when I look at the reviews, some I like the least, others like a lot. I started writing haiku at the urging of a friend. It took a while to get the count in my head – and fingers… I found it helps focus thought when the mind is running away with you. All you get is 5-7-5 so it creates focus. Try it sometime. I really enjoyed Return of the Prodigal Son, not only that it retells the story, but also the insight into Rembrandt’s life. Keep writing – it’s part of your purpose … Cheers!

  4. ” We all can write but only a few can do it well enough to captivate an audience”

    “To put words on a paper is one thing to put words on a paper using one’s creativity now you are an artist beyond words”

    Check out my FB page at tireless freelance writing, please like and share.

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