retro timerI’ve had so many moments that have been capsul-ized by other people stopping me and telling me not to miss them, to embrace everyday, to stop and smell the flowers, that it is rather ironic to be the one telling  the young people I know now in my life, that message of Carpe’ Diem. To enjoy these moments, all of them, even the tough ones, “because someday they will be your good old days.”

I’ve shared before in another post, how my grandma once asked me how old I thought she felt inside. I was about thirty and she was in her early seventies. I asked, “I don’t know grandma how old do you feel?” And she’d said, “about 17” So matter of factly, I never forgot it.


NOW I GET it! Sometimes, when I am in the shower, with my eyes closed, there  is something so familiar about doing something I’ve done since I was ten that makes me feel kind of ageless, trying out a new shampoo, takes me back to when I was a teen with my youth in front of me. My hair was a lot longer and my body a lot younger, but I sometimes feel like that young girl when I am standing under that water, and not someone’s grandma!  Maybe everyone has those certain times that just catch you off guard like a rubber band and you are snapped back in time. A scent, a song, a taste, hearing an old friend’s name, sends you there. I know swimming or riding a bike, mowing the lawn or even weeding the rocks takes me back in an instant. As if time stands still while I take a magic carpet ride into yesterday.

A few years later, an older woman, (probably younger than I am today) stopped me in Target when my little baby girl looked up at me (less than 2) and said “Mommy I love you.” And the woman said, “Cherish these days, my daughter just got married and I’d give anything to have these days back again.” I smiled and kind of knew what she meant, but I do feel as if I did cherish every minute of those baby days with my kids. I loved when they’d wake up and it was a new day with new discoveries. But I did kind of rush them, I mean I loved the progress, the first sign of recognition, the first words, first steps. Looking  back,  I could have just been  a little more patient, instead of always looking forward to what came next. Now my daughter is getting married this summer and those memories of those women’s words, one my grandma, and the other a complete stranger resonates more for me now than any other time in my life.

Sometimes when I am in Target, I hear a little baby’s voice  chatting to a half listening mom and I might say something to plant the same seed that was planted in my heart a little less than three decades ago, other times I hear a screaming kid and I wonder if I’d still have the patience. But think… yes I would, it is different when they are your own. Howling or not. You want to scream yourself at times, but in the end, it is the best thing I ever did in my life.

Today there is a part of me that looks back a lot, that knows that someday I will look back with regret if I don’t stop and embrace these days. Because you know what? Every moment, now will someday be our good old days. I have a favorite Winnie The Pooh saying that goes like this:

“Though honey is a very good thing, sometimes right before you taste the honey, is almost as good as when you do!”

winnie pot upside down


It is all about embracing the moments before the good things happen. To live in the moment. Even the frustrating ones. To look forward, but not too far ahead so you don’t miss the minute you are in.

Time is like a silent whisper,

a gentle moving nudge

trying to hold it too close

as it evaporates

through our fingers

or letting it go

embracing the moment

as the memory lingers

Diane Reed©



23 thoughts on “Time Is Like A Silent Whisper

    1. Tammi!
      Thank you! Sorry I missed this! I have lost a lot of messages because of my iphone. I need to read things from my pc but ahhhh I always seem to have to look at my email when I know they will slip through the cracks if I don’t respond right away! Thank you again for your sweet note! I appreciate your time!

  1. As you said, Di, it’s all about embracing the “now”. We’re only given so much time in our life account. We can choose to waste it, or we can choose to live it. No one can save or hoard it. The clock just keeps ticking. Hugs !!!

    1. Paul,
      I love it! >>> We are only given so much time in our life account! THAT really made me pause and think.
      As always….I have fallen in love with your brilliance… YOU my dear, are never a disappointment! The clock does keep ticking indeed!

  2. I adore Winnie The Poo . I have the complete wirks in my spare room and when I have a bad night I read them and they fill me with wonder .
    When I was pushing my son in a pranm 25 years ago ( and to be honest not relishing the whole idea…fear and depression taking hold mainly ) my best friend told me to treasure the moments because they will soon be gone . She’s right they are …we are still best friends and my son is all grown up and happy . By the way he bought me Winnie the Poo …good choice 😊

  3. Beautiful poignant and so relevant at this time in my life. I am reading this as my 2 year old sleeps soundly beside me. It all goes by so fast if you don’t make sure to notice the sweet moments. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Kristen,
      You will never know what a gift that is to hear that.
      If I can slow down just one mom to live in the moment, this post will have done what I intended. I remember waking up from my naps and having a cup of grape juice (a kind of special treat) and feeling so loved. Fifty years later I still cherish that memory. I always tried to emulate that with my kids. Dropping whatever I was doing, when they woke up and tried to give them times to remember.
      It’s all about those memory making moments. (And it doesn’t always have to be Disneyland ones to make it a special memory!)
      Once I was sitting in a food court as I watched a mom text on her cell while her daughter ate a happy meal, my kids were older and had since moved out and I’d run to do an errand. As I sat and watched that tiny little girl look around, as she took her bites, my heart broke at the time that mom wasted as she missed those moments she will never get back. You sound like an amazing mom and I pray you have many years of special moments! Thanks for sharing with me!

      1. This is so true. I ended up in the hospital last year for quite some time, recovering from a massive stroke and not knowing when I would get to hold my little ones again, or to tell them that they were enough and that they mattered in this world… Words that were so imperative that they hear from my lips.
        I vowed to never take the moments for-granted and to always make a conscious effort to be attuned with a listening ear and be kind and patient with my response.
        Sometimes I still need to remind myself those things when life gets busy, but so far I am so proud of the bond that me and my two little ones have made when I actively cultivate conscious moments and view each one of those moments as precious.
        I know that I am lucky to have more of those;)

  4. Beautiful reflection of life my writing friend.

    ” Memories are special to each of us in their own way and certain things we do trigger these memories”

    ” these triggers come upon us when we least expect them, which makes this journey through life intriguing in many ways”

    1. Bowling C-
      You have the greatest perspectives and food for thought!
      I love hearing your thoughts. Thank you for always taking the time to read and share!

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