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I am excited to announce the April 9th release of Missing Kylie!

What is it, you ask?

Missing Kylie is a compilation of my writing from Kylie’s diagnosis to the first anniversary of her death. Like everything I write, I have triedto mix laughter together with theheartache of cancer treatment and losing a child. You’ll smile some, cry more- and most importantly, I believeyou will feel somethingwhile reading it. And despite what my macho side has told me all of these years, feelings are good.

The book contains short chapters, many of which started as blog posts, and it is divided into three sections: The Struggle, The Loss, and The Search for Meaning. Although it is organized chronologically, it is less a history of treatment and more a tango with God as I try to maintain my faith through the hardest two years any parent couldimagine.

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3 thoughts on “The Release of Missing Kylie

  1. Congrats on your book, as I to am thinking of putting together one also. Have to get out of think mode and just do it.

    ” the hardest part of writing a book, is the actual starting of the writing”

    ” once the writing starts, the words flow like water off the water falls”

      Not sure you read enough to realize that this is a re-blog. Not talking about my book coming out! Though I wish I were announcing mine was ready to launch – Oh well someday!! But this one is actually from one of my special blogging friends. I can’t even begin to describe what a an inspiration his life has been. The book chronicles the feelings of a father through one of the most horrific life experiences. And how he has turned around and blessed others with his honest accounts of it all. Everyone should read it!

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