I have been so wrapped up in work and life and my daughter getting married that I have neglected my writing for far too long. Posting posts from my archives, and just trying to stay afloat. So now that the wedding was magical, and my baby is successfuly married… I can officially announce that I am back! Though it is a bit like Double Dutch, trying to jump back in with both eyes closed. Where to begin?

first dance

First Dance

I will come back to share all of the wedding notes & pics with my loyal readers that might be interested, but in the meantime, I just penned a few silly thoughts that I have written about before. And I have found it all so interesting. It is a bit like the “CALGON take me away”  concept. We all just need that place to land each day. I would love to have a waterproof laptop because I seem to think all of my greatest thoughts while I am in the SHOWER and then pouf* they always seem to wash down the drain before I can find a pen and remember them, or aren’t as profound once I am dried off!

Anyway, I have really needed that place a lot lately. Perhaps I am cleaner than usual! But those long showers tend to clear my head and in the end, life happens and it is what it is. Isn’t it? But I am grateful for it all. The good, the bad, the lessons learned. The chance to make ammends with your past and to embrace each day. I’ve always kind of been stuck in the past or the future and I am finally just learning that today is the answer. To find that place where you can gather yourself and not just face the day but embrace it!

A Place

Inside my shower I’m inside my head

As the years fall down around me

The water rushes as I am ten again

And then fourteen, sixteen, twenty

A place where I can finally cleanse myself

From all the day’s wasteful chatter

Where wisdom seems to find me

Giving me a sense of what really matters

A place where I can just find me again

Sometimes where I’m washed in my own tears

Weary from the pain I feel

A place to cry where no one hears

To cleanse my soul and to talk to God

and then to give it all to Him

to be grateful for every moment

that I’m allowed to do it all again.

Diane Reed ‘16

11 thoughts on “A Place

  1. Don’t apologize for being busy, Di. I’m going through a summer of that type too. The pic of the couple dancing reminds me of a Cajun wedding that Gayle and I attended a long time ago. It was such a wonderful event…., the people, the food, the dancing, and happiness so thick you could breathe it in. Thanks for the memory….. 🙂

  2. Diane,
    So glad you’re back. I’ll always enjoy reading coastalmom. I have those random brilliant ideas while I’m driving, like you have in your shower. I can’t write them down and I often lose them before I get to my Evernote. I’m trying to learn to use “Google talk” to create notes. That is much less dangerous than trying to drive and text. Glad you’re back.

  3. I know what you mean. Water even symbolically is a purifying agent that washes away the dirt and pains of the day.Beautiful poem!! May I share this and if so, do I credit it to Coastalmom or Dianne?

  4. Sorry guys, I noticed that some of you made comments on my duplicate post. I accidentally deleted it. I told you I’d been gone too long!

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