My Grandma B was my dad’s mom. It is funny how there is always a grandma who is a little closer than the other. Grandma B wasn’t it. Though I loved her and I know she loved me. I was the first grandchild so for a while I was pretty much it for everyone. But slowly the other kids came and my Grandma Nina-Mae was the one that was my soft place to fall for most of my life. I was born on her birthday, I was her first grandchild and up until she got really sick, we had a very special bond.

My Grandma B was closest to her daughter’s kids. So it surprised me that shortly after I’d had my daughter I received a funny little note. It came with some old pearls in a special clasped box and a few baby pictures of my dad who had died a few years earlier. The note said: Your dad bought these for me when he was over seas in the Air force. I thought you might like them. They may be worth something since he bought them for me in Korea.  It was a funny note. She didn’t end it “Love Grandma” she just ended it. About a month later, she died talking to her best friend on the phone. She had a brain aneurism.

I didn’t care how much they were worth. They meant more to me than I could ever say because of the random way my grandma had given them to me right before she died. Maybe she had a premonition. I am not sure. But it wasn’t so much the pearls, it was that she’d thought of me.

While she was still a little girl, I decided to give them to my daughter on her wedding day.  I knew in my heart that they would be hers someday. And always planned the giving to be special. I actually gave them to her at a special gathering of her brides’ maids at a sweet little brunch  she put on for those involved. My best friend and I were also invited to it and I thought that it might be the perfect place to gift her with the pearls so that she could decide if she wanted to wear them or if she needed to match a dress to them. She cried and it was a sweet moment. Just as I’d imagined it would be.

When trying to decide if they actually “worked” with the dress, her photographer suggested that she wear them on her wrist instead of around her neck, I have tried to be the kind of mom that sets my kids free and  not to barge in with my  own agenda or what is in my  head or in this case heart. But I have to admit that I was a little disappointed and annoyed with her photographer…. especially when during a dance they broke all over the dance floor, scattering pearls everywhere!!

I think my heart lurched a little, and of course, my daughter was devastated.  But what actually blew me away was how all the groom’s men got down on their hands and knees and deposited 4 pearls, and 7 pearls and 5 pearls and 4 pearls and 8 pearls… into my daughter’s hand. It was the sweetest thing I ever experienced. Sure the string of pearls seemed so important at first. After all my daddy gave them to my grandma….  But over the years I have had to remember….                                                                                                    That the best things in life aren’t things.                                                                            

And that it is those sweet unexpected moments where these grown up boys got down on their hands and knees to rescue my baby’s pearls. I knew without a doubt that these friends her husband had chosen to stand up there with him as he married my daughter represented what I’d always wished for, for her and that the best things in life are definitely not things!


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18 thoughts on “The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

  1. Okay, I’m sitting here on a Thursday morning with tears falling down my face. What a BEAUTIFUL post. The grandmom thing, the daughter thing, the pearl thing, the groomsmen thing. Oh dear, here I am, blubbering again. So beautifully written. I’m a grandmom now – hard to believe since I’m waaaayyyy too young to be. 🙂 But I want to be like Grandmom Nina-Mae – close with each grandchild, always there for them in spirit and body. But then again, I want to be like Grandmom B and surprise my grandkiddies once in a while with something so special, they’ll hold it close to their heart forever. And the pearls – oh the pearls. I was mad at the photographer also when I read this; I saw what was coming and wanted to should NOoooooooO! But then, we realized a lesson was there to be learned.
    Thanks for sharing that lesson with us.

    1. Pamela,
      What a gift to wake up to your sweet comment. As a writer yourself ( and one of my favs) I am so touched. Your note made me wander over to your blog again and catch up with some of your posts and remind me what I was missing.

    1. Mark,
      It totally switched the whole scenario in my heart. I wanted to cry for a whole different reason by the time they’d found all those pearls!
      Thanks for taking the time to read!

  2. The best things in life are moments. And clearly the pearl collection was a special moment to add to the memory of where they came from. ❤

    1. Debbie,
      You are right! I don’t think that I really paid much attention to that part of the wedding party until that happened and it made me love each one of them as they dropped another pearl in her hand. 💕😉

    1. Thank you Ann!
      The fire has gone from 20% contained since I last wrote about it, to 49%!
      I think people losing homes & things happening so close has made me want to share my ephifanies. 😳 Stuff really is just stuff. It’s the relationships attached that make “things” special!

  3. WOW! What a touching, heart-warming story, Diane. Those best men were awesome. Ahhh, what memories you will have of that special night those pearls meant so much. Thank you for sharing this story and your precious, tender heart. God bless you, my friend. XOXOXO

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