I have been spending a lot of time in the archives of some of my favorite wordpress writers here. I have always found it funny when people have told me that they wish I would write more when I have over two years worth of posts in my first archives that I am sure that they haven’t seen or for that matter, no one has ever seen.

When I began this blog, my daughter had just left for school and though I hadn’t been a stay at home mom for years, and had a full life with a full time job, the hole I felt was deeper than I’d ever expected and so in working around my feelings, I found a blog called Empty Nesters that really helped me not feel so alone, where other people talked about their feelings too and it really helped. As an all my life writer wanna-be, I took the plunge and after starting a few different blogs, found wordpress and settled down here. Writing mainly for me. Never expecting anyone else to read my silly ramblings.

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Now over 2000 followers later, I feel blessed to have settled down in my little blog neighborhood with people who I actually consider my friends. It is hard to keep up with everyone. But it is fun to go back in their archives and read their earlier posts. It made me wander back into my own before anyone ever read any of them… Mostly before 2012. It is like going back and opening up an old door. And it is funny because I find the words I wrote so long ago a little useful to me. I used to say if I could help just one person by sharing my story than that was enough. Never imagining that the one person that needed my advice would be me.

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Maybe we need to backtrack and from time to time go back into our own posts and find some good advice. You know what they say, sometimes, all you have to do is look in your own backyard for what you are looking for!

Try it. If you are looking for some answers in your life today, go back and look through some of your old journals or posts and see if you might find something helpful there. You might find that you have grown a little wiser since writing. But you may also find that you actually can learn something from yourself all those years ago.

Too funny…. Like a boom-a-rang I have to swallow my own words.

reading on the floorPerhaps we are smarter than we give ourselves credit for and we need to find the answers in our own lessons learned.     d.reed

21 thoughts on “Like A Boom-A-Rang

  1. My journal gets a regular work-out and it IS interesting to see the things I have noted in the past. The same is quite true for old postings. We can, and do learn from our past. It’s called: Growing and Life!

    Most Respectfully,

    Jennifer Lewis

    1. Jennifer,
      EXACTLY! It is called growing and life! I like that! The problem with me is…
      I sound all wise a few years ago and then catch myself needing the wisdom now and wonder what happened to that wise one who wrote all that smart stuff and why am I not still back there in all my wisdom?!! LOL.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. I applaud your experience and writing skills! You seem like a wonderful lady. Check out my page for current and upcoming theological and political posts. Follow for follow. Have a great day!

  3. It’s interesting … I wrote a post tonight about the Rolling Stones. Before I did, I searched my blog to see what I’d previously written about the Stones. I was taken back to a post from 2012 in which I referred to a blogger who I first began to follow way back then and who was kind of an inspiration to me about how to go about blogging. Some months later, she wrote about something in a vague way that sounded like there was a health issue lurking for her and then her blog disappeared. I google’d her just now, found her FB page and she’s still around, so it appears the health issue wasn’t too serious.

    But, you’re right. It can be very interesting going back to what you wrote a few years ago and see what your words were back then.

    1. Funny how looking backs nudges us through different doors mostly in our own heads. I know my imagination of what and who I remember is much better than the reality of both in more times than not. 😏

  4. Looking back is fun, most times, Di. We must be of like minds as I look through other’s archives too. Sometimes there are such treasures there.
    Happy Weekend ! 🙂

    1. Thanks for always being there! Hope you got to fish?
      So freaking frustrating that whenever I want to comment on my iPhone, I have to sign in each time! Was over on your blog and tried to comment and it said you have to log-in. I JUST did!
      That doesn’t happen on my computer or when I had my android!!
      It is kind if stupid of me to get so annoyed when a couple of decades ago we never had the technology we have now. Lol.
      Guess I’m in a bad mood cuz I have to get up early to get an event coffee by 6:30 AM in their meeting room. 😠
      Have a great day. 😊

    1. Peter! You are so fortunate. A lot got thrown away when my family home that I grew up in was sold. I do have journals during my first marriage and as a young mom. And during the last several years. But wish I still had those little diaries we kept as kids! I have my grandma’s and it’s priceless!

  5. So true! I can’t believe I’ve been doing “this” (blogging) for five years. Word Press sent me an announcement and I was sure they were wrong. But then I went back to posts from, like you say, 2012, 2013 etc. and thought ‘wowzie.’ Then I thought, “how clever and wise was this woman – I wonder who she is?” Well, it was me, of course. Reading our words years later can slap us a wallop, and usually it’s a good slap. A slap of recognition (oh, yeah, I did go through that, and look how well it turned out” or “I wrote THAT? How was I so brave?”). Definitely, going back to our earlier posts encourages us to keep going in the future, don’t you think?

    1. Ain’t it crazy? Five years for me too! I looked back at my 2011-2012 posts and remember when no one even knew I was here! Lol. Too bad I’m not as good at Applying all that smart advice to my own life. 😏

  6. Thanks for the cool post, my friend. What a treasure of words you must have to read through in your past blog posts. I enjoy clicking back into posts I wrote in previous years. Yes, some of the lessons God taught me, I see a need today. I like clicking back in some of my own follower’s archives as well. I often wonder what folks years or decades from now will think of our words today, should they read them decades from now (that is, provided Jesus doesn’t come to take us home before then. That’s what I’m praying will really happen.

    1. Thanks for reading Steven, I am glad we are back in touch! I am going to have to go back and find something that I know God wants me to read in “your” archives!

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