I have recently realized that light is very important to me. I remember visiting my cousin in Seattle several years ago. It was funny, as kids I was always the leader. Being two years older, I decided the adventures and she was my little follower. My soldier of one, following my instructions. In this particular visit we were adults and somehow I feel that she took the lead. I was visiting her and her home.  I admire her so much for taking a life that didn’t start out with a lot of the things I took for granted and worked hard to create a pretty great life.


During that visit, she worked as a Marketing Executive at a trendy Company which she took me to tour. I was so impressed. When we got to her office I noticed that she had a light on her desk that she described as a SAD light for those that had a  light deficiency (Seasonal affective disorder) and went on to explain, that a lot of Seattle based people seemed to have. I laughed thinking that she was joking about the weather and she got a little miffed at me. “It is a very real thing!” She’d informed me. And you know what? I get it now.

lampToday as I sat down in my office, pre-dawn, I turned on the overhead light and then quickly turned it off and turned on a floor lamp. And I would rather have the entry way light off and a near by lamp on. And it made me think… maybe there is something to this light thing. I know that there is a certain time of day that I love. When the light hits just right.


And lighting that just makes me uncomfortable. Weird? Maybe. And not really relative to a cloudy day.


But I am beginning to notice what makes me happy. As daylight Saving time approaches I am already noticing the mood changes around me and believe that those people in Seattle might have something.


Some people can tell it’s going to rain by their knee hurting… sometimes it is another part of their body that hurts… cloudy-wisps

6 thoughts on “I See The Light!

  1. Sometimes light may be something different from just illuminating your surroundings, Di. For some it may be that their source of light comes from the love from another person. Everybody has their own light, eh ? 🙂

    1. Yes Paul, for sure! But in this case I am not being metaphorical (surprisingly) I actually mean the lighting in a room, the time of day lighting, seasonal lighting, etc. I have noticed that there are so many environmental instances that make the SAD Light make more sense than I’d given it credit for.
      But… if we’re going to talk about light energy a person projects… you definitely shine bright when your cute face pops up in my neighborhood!!!!

  2. I think the key message here is that it’s another way of recognizing that we’re all different. Not better or worse, necessarily, just different. Once we recognize that, then we can get on with discovering how enjoyable and informative the differences can be. Thanks for sharing!

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