My daughter gave me a book last Christmas that I have been reading and re-reading this past year, called; You Are A Writer (so start ACTING like one) by Jeff Goins. And something he said really resonated with me; He shared an example of how every Sunday for the past 150 years Londoners have assembled in a corner of  Hyde Park as a place to share their views on anything from politics and religion and everything else in-between. Standing on a stage where they’d get up to speak and shout their views into the crowd. He goes on to say that today the Internet is our Hyde Park and the stage belongs to everyone from artists to entrepreneurs and yes, writers. And how it is important to not have to shout above the crowd but make your own platform where your loyal readers know that they can find you week after week.


Always loving a good  metaphor, he gave a perfect one that really  made me think! He shares about receiving a newspaper that he didn’t ask for that lands daily at the end of his driveway. It gets rained on and never read and always thrown away. though he realizes that the editors and writers probably put a lot of work in writing and editing and distributing it, he doesn’t care and didn’t ask for it. That made me think. A lot of us write our blogs hoping that it doesn’t land unwanted, on that reader’s driveway, that we have   earned a platform on their page and have an unspoken permission to show up on our followers doorstep when we do.


I actually got up today, intending to post this, when I got caught up with my previous post that I just posted. It is different than a lot of my posts, but for some reason I wanted to write about it. Not that I usually expect someone to read two posts in a row. As I never would want to be just another annoying metaphorical rolled up newspaper that’s  ended up at  the end of one of my reader’s driveways. I feel that it is important to recognize that you really must earn the space that make people actually read. Like the Hyde Park gathering where the crowd hushes to listen. To feel heard is an amazing feeling but also an honor.


I have some pretty loyal readers, no matter if I even answer back, they are always faithfully there reading. Not even a lot of my family members  do that! LOL. I know that some still have the mentality that if I read theirs, they will read mine and if I get busy, I can tell it is a give and take with a lot of other writers. And I understand. I just can’t read everything I follow and only try to follow those I know that I will read.  And love the new writers that I am getting to know and look forward to their posts. Sometimes I will spend a day off wandering through posts that I have missed. I just know that I never want to feel that I have to shout to be heard and that  I’d rather be one of those  newspapers that my readers are waiting for and not one of those soggy old unwanted ones!

12 thoughts on “SHOUTING to be heard

  1. Hi Diane — sorry I haven’t been over here for a bit — enjoyed seeing your new site and your latest read. I’ve always thought of this topic interesting and wondered what charisma and specialness attracts people. Like this post, I can see it’s connection and a feeling that resonates where I get what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. The attraction, for me, is not only with writing but mostly in engaging in these types of conversations.

    Look at me . . . I could go on and maybe even get on my soapbox, though it would be nice if it was in Hyde Park. I love seeing that you’re still here sharing your life with us and seeing how well you’re doing. Love and hugs, always. Hope you have a great weekend, my friend — happy to touch base with you again. xxoo 🙂

      1. Thank you, Diane. Don’t get to do it much these days and when I do not many listening anyway. Just as well — Love and hugs. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. 💖

      1. I do pretty good when I’m around. I’ve been away from wordpress for about 2 months, it appears. I didn’t realize it had been that long….sigh……………..just sick as always………………….Good to hear from you. 🙂

  2. Now I’m thinking about that soaked newspaper sitting unread at the end of the driveway.. some of our words won’t get written but it’s the process of writing them that has done wonders for the writer’s mind, in some cases..

  3. Diane,
    You and your posts are the sports section of my blogosphere. No matter what the medium, newspaper, radio, TV, Internet, mobile device, I seek out the sports stuff first. :>)
    This is a great post. I would like to republish it on another blog I post to called BloggingMeetup.
    If you have more than a passing interest in blogging I think you’d really enjoy the site and the communities. Folks leave good comments and likes and you get to read a plethora of topics, interests and backgrounds. There are both fiction and non-fiction writers there. Some fascinating topics. For me it’s the Hyde Park of the blogosphere (to borrow Goins’ metaphor). Check it out and see what you think. I’m a regular contributor on writing. click on the “Write on Target” tab at the very top of the page. I need to get your permission before I post it there though. And of course I’ll include a link back to your site and a short bio as well. Let me know what you think.
    BTW How are you doing with everything? Let’s catch up, I’ll have some updates for you as well.

    1. Ahhhh Stevie😘 Considering your photo I felt led to call you that! Re blogging is one of the best compliments ! Thank you! I will have to go check out that site. And I loved your metaphor! I am honored to be your sports page! 😂

  4. Diane,
    You’re the sports section of my blogosphere. No matter what the media–Internet, newspaper, radio, TV or blog, I always seek out the sports section first. I KNOW I’ll find interesting stuff to read. :>)
    This is a great post. WOW! I love some of his thoughts. I think it’s fitting to be posted on another blog site I post to called BloggingMeetup. In fact, I think, if you have more than a passing interests in blogging, it might be a great place for you to get followers and read a plethora of blog posts on a wide variety of topics.
    I’ll need your permission to post it there, though. It will appear on both my site and the bloggersmeetup site. I love to post and read there and I’ve met some really great blogging friends. Let me know. Okay?
    BTW, how are you doing? How are things going?

    1. My heart is full Quiall!!! You are such a blessing. I wish that I could meet all of my friends that have landed in my life here! But I am blessed however we get to be in each other’s lives!
      Love you tons!

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