When I was a young girl, I counted the days until Christmas. Both my parents made it magical for me. My dad was as big of a kid as I was about it all! Maybe because they didn’t have a lot when he was young. And my mom baked and decorated and was always making something and well, I was just blessed.

My memories are of festivities and Nativities and later…. of my mom’s holiday boutiques that she held at our home with all of her artsy friends, when for a few days our house was transformed into a kind of magical holiday shop that was constantly packed with people. Now looking back, I remember it as happy days, but I know I was annoyed by it as a teenager. Not being able to find a parking place when I got home from school, having to maneuver my way through the crowds as I walked in the door, having to smile and be as polite as a sixteen year old can be, as I trespassed over the barricades on the staircase to my room, flopping on my bed to call and complain to my best friend or boyfriend or whoever I was calling, only to find someone else on the line downstairs. Grrrr….

But as an adult, looking back those were The Good Old Days!! And I have tried to replicate it ever since. I tried to make each holiday magical for my own kids and hope that they have special memories. I even have done my own holiday boutiques. A few at my house, but mostly I have found ones like Sugar Plum Festivals in Orange County California  that I did for years, before opening up our own store Rose In The Woods.

Each period in my life, I look back on fondly and yet I remember constantly being annoyed with something or other. And I realize now that each time I complained, whether it was getting ready for a show, or being overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of owning a store, I missed the blessings a lot of the time by feeling burdened instead of blessed.

Even now I almost missed it. I have learned that due to financial reasons there will be lay offs at my job and my position as an Event Coordinator will be one of the ones eliminated. Just when I felt that I’d really gotten organized and each event was smoother than the last. My boss and I were fine tuning things as we would see the need and after the last event which happened to be a holiday boutique that I helped make a success, we were getting a lot of calls for quotes for more events. Not even sure what will be happening with that building, Corporate has decided that my position can be integrated. Funny, I never even felt resentful. But I am sad. I love my boss. She is one of my best friends now and will always be whatever happens. But it kind of sucks that most corporate companies have to make these changes by the end of the year so it falls on the holidays.


I guess with all the changes looming over my head, I really didn’t feel like doing Christmas this year. But lo and behold, I came home a few days ago and my husband (with his bad knee and all)  took down every single box marked Christmas and went about pulling everything all out and making it Christmas in our little home whether I wanted it or not! Yesterday was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary and through all of our ups and downs, job or no job, I can’t imagine not recognizing right now that THESE are the Good Old Days!!!!!!!

writing poetry

Some of you know that I have been writing a book for the last half of a decade. It is about a fictional girl named Keri. But to tell you the truth, she is me. In every aspect. Though I thought it would be easier to tell my story in the second person.  It starts out with Keri as a young girl. Before cell phones or the Internet. And moves to today. I started a very rough draft in a corner of my blog to see if I could get some feedback. It is VERY rough and I definitely will edit a few times and change the format before I seriously consider showing it professionally. In my blog I feel safer and know I will get honesty but a little softer (Smile) though now I think I can take the professional feedback. So who knows THIS may be the kick in the rear I needed to get serious with it.

I had not visited that section of my blog for a while and someone said something profound in a comment on my last post… about how we come with more experience than Keri. And I thought…”Oh how I wish I could go back and tell Keri everything I know now.”

13 thoughts on “IF ONLY…. I Could Go Back And Tell Keri What I Know Now

  1. What ????? You’re not a young girl ???? Could have fooled me !
    “IF ONLY…. I Could Go Back And Tell Keri What I Know Now” ….., believe me, Di, she knows ! Hugs! 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your job situation. I’m sure your events were wonderful. We’ll be waiting to see what happens next for you. More writing I expect? Maybe chronicling this whole job situation and all that comes your way. Best wishes for all of it.

  3. I’ve got an offer for you. I’m not a professional editor or agent or anything like that. But I write my own fiction and lots of other things. Over the past three years or so, I’ve probably read about two dozen manuscripts produced by other writers. I give them various levels of feedback. Your project intrigues me. I’d love to read it and let you know what I think — honestly, but gently. If you’re interested, email me at

    1. Thanks Steve!
      I am so encouraged by you always reading! It doesn’t go unnoticed! After the 1st I will have more time to write and appreciate you guys!

  4. Oh my dear friend.. I loved this.. and your husband did a wonderful job. I know how much you loved this job and the joy it brought to you. As you very well know God has a grand plan for our lives.. we may not know what it is, but just knowing he does makes it better. Something better.. maybe something of your own.. Maybe he is telling you to get that book done! LOL You have kept me waiting for YEARS! LOL Love and miss you much! I hope you find some cheer this Christmas holiday and know how much you are needed and loved! PS. Congrats on the 23 years!!!

    1. Ahh Tracey,
      You always make me smile when I see your little Kermit pop in! Or should I say hop in! Who knows? Maybe I will finish that book! I believe that it is going to be for the better. Just waiting to see. In the meantime I am going to write and my husband bought me a dremel for our anniversary so who knows maybe I will get artsy again!
      Thanks for the pep talk!

    1. Thank you! You must have checked out Kerisjournal! I appreciate your time in doing that! It started out being called Pieces Of The Circle… so we are on the same wave length. Now though all the chapters are tucked away in the archives, I’ve changed the Title to Folded Pages which makes sense if you read the chapters.
      You are always such an encourager! Thank you again!

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