Anyone who has followed my blog knows this story… but sometimes I just need to remind myself of all my blessings. So please bear with me as I remember.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, having recently been laid off, but still trying to finish out my “time” when it dawned on me what anniversary it was, and how thirteen years ago today, I was bustling around our little store, turning on the Christmas music and the fireplace. Making hot apple cider and setting out cookies.

My daughter and I had just pulled up in front of our little gift store, Rose In The Woods, to “open” as we waited for our employee Caroline to relieve  us long enough to go Christmas shopping.

All month long I’d hear our customers say… “This is my last gift I have to buy!” and I’d panic, because I hadn’t bought anything yet, besides the gold watch I’d ordered for my husband and just picked up from Pan Jewelers, a local merchant in our building , a few days earlier.

As we pulled up, my daughter Brooke asked to wait in the car but I coaxed her into helping me open, promising that with her help, we’d get out of there sooner to go shop! Just as the Fed Ex guy showed up with a back order of quilts, Caroline, our employee walked in the door as Brooke implored,”No mom pleeease don’t open that box!”  knowing that normally, I took the time to open each quilt and hang them on a fat dowel to display. I decided to compromise saying that she could just price them in their zippered plastic packages and was about to find a basket to put them in when the phone rang and my husband was calling from across the street where he’d recently moved his printing business in order for us both to have more room. Asking if Brooke could run over and  pick up a mug for a customer who was scheduled to pick it up that morning.

We both rolled our eyes as if to say “we are never going to get out of here” as Brooke ran across the street. And another customer walked in. I’d just found a basket for the quilts when we heard a loud bang and all of a sudden our painted wooden floor began to buckle and roll as the room began to shake for what seemed like several minutes. I can’t say why, but I directed everybody to get in the back of the store and as they did, the roof caved in, right where my baby would have been placing that basket filled with quilts.

Not knowing, that when our roof caved in, it had also slid off of the building onto the cars below, including our car that Brooke had asked to wait in! I ran outside to find my baby still holding the mug, crying in her Dad’s arms as they surveyed the crunched building that used to hold Rose In The Woods. Not yet knowing about the two women killed right next door, I ran to them. As we stood huddled in the middle of Park Street that day, we watched as heroes began pulling the bricks from things.  I  suddenly noticed as they started removing bricks from my car. So I ran over, and choking back a sob I tapped on the shoulder of one of the firefighters and said…”It’s okay sir, there’s no one in that car.”

18 thoughts on ““It’s Okay Sir, There’s No One In That Car”

  1. I know right now as I’m reading this that God has his hand on me.
    Glad you and your daughter made it alright.
    I needed to see this now, right now.

    1. Sawson,
      I just saw your comment just now. You blessed me. And your comment was also in God’s perfect timing. You will never know how much it meant to me. I feel we are both in God’s hands and that He has great things in store for us this year. Happy New Year my new friend.

  2. Things like that happen and you just wonder why you and why them. But ultimately what it should do is cause a person to appreciate every day they have.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year this year and for many more.

    1. Yep! My daughter is kind of over this story. It was very traumatic for her. & has moved on. But for me it is a reminder that even though our lives changed that day as we knew it. & we lost our store, THINGS can be replaced as well as jobs, but we were blessed beyond compare when God saved our lives.
      Merry Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the reminder of how God covers us with his protection as long as we are call and keep his comandments. Love you my beautiful sister I’m so thankful for our relationship. Our God will supply all our needs😘😘😘

    On Dec 22, 2016 1:19 PM, “The One Thing I know For Sure” wrote:

    > coastalmom posted: ” Anyone who has followed my blog knows this story… > but sometimes I just need to remind myself of all my blessings. So please > bear with me as I remember. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I > was feeling a little sorry for myself, having rece” >

  4. Such a powerful story Di, and a really good reminder to treasure what is — and listen, even when you don’t think it’s speaking, to your intuition! Somehow, I think you knew! So glad it was just your car and not your daughter — and so sorry for the 2 women next door. ❤

  5. Oh, dear!! Thank God, you listened to your instincts or that little voice in your head. Thank you for sharing this story. I evidently missed it in the past. Thankful you all were unharmed and left thankful. Much affection and wishes for a Merry Christmas!!

  6. My oh my. It seems no matter how many times you hear it.. it still brings a huge lump in your throat. God had his hands you on and Brooke that day. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that once again your time is not your own it’s Gods. So love the gift he has given you. I know that where ever life is leading you.. God has great plans for you.. I just hope that what ever you do is something you love with a passion. Love and miss you my friend.

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