My line of Dumpties  

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…

I had a huge epiphany yesterday….  the older I get… The faster I recover  from falling down (metaphorically that is.) My body may take a little more time healing, but my heart seems to jump right back up. Once upon a time when something or someone tried to rob me of my joy, I’d dwell on it and let it knock me down and then I’d stay there and wallow in it.

Now, I just brush my shoes off and move on. And it is so freeing to be able to do that. To step back and evaluate the situation and the source and not be held hostage by someone else’s point of view. Over the years I have put so much value on the opinions of others (no matter how ludicrous)  and I have needed everyone’s validation.

Maybe… because I have  hit rock bottom so many times that I’ve learned to start building my foundation from down there. And have begun to finally  leave all the baggage of others behind. I have finally learned that by doing so, I can rise up faster and farther and stronger than I’d ever imagined. To look up from the bottom, get down on my knees and know HE is there with me as I  smile and say “I know that was you God, thank you.”  I don’t need All The King’s Horses and all the King’s men to put me together again because I am not broken! And will no longer allow anyone to tell me differently.

NOW,  I can just let it go. Where I used to beat something into the ground and let what other’s think, hold me hostage from my joy. Now I have learned to give others their space to think what they want but to no longer let it affect me, to know that my value is not someone else’s  perception of who they need me to be, or wish I was, but to remain 100% authentically true to myself .

9 thoughts on “To Put Me Together Again!

  1. This is called maturity and ability to forgive. Good for you! My uncle who is 99 and 8 month (as he says LOL) taught me a big lesson “when people lose the grace to speak, I shut up, because if they have the fortune to live as much as I have, some day they may understand my silence.”

  2. Diane – So true! I learned this saying later in life – don’t worry about what others will think of you, half won’t like you anyway and the other half won’t care!

  3. Put me together again ???? Most of us never really fall apart. We just get a bit dirty and frayed around the edges, and , with a little encouragement eventually find the courage to pick ourselves up and keep trying until we get it right. Hugs to ya, sweet girl ! 🙂

    1. Thank you my sweet Cherry 💖
      But just a blip in my day by someone who judges everyone so I’ve finally decided to no longer receive it. 😳😲😉👍😊❤️️

    1. I guess I am just learning that people usually hurt you in an attempt to heal themselves. It must be horrible to be so judgmental and angry with everyone. I just happened to be the focus yesterday. It was weird. At first I was upset because I’d been pretty happy two minutes earlier. And than I realized the pattern and that it really had nothing to do with me. 😉

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