(Lynn is the blonde on the left)

I am getting ready to meet a handful of some friends from my past, way in my past… ones I called my best friends back then. The ones that  I met in my teens, and that I have a YaYa sisterhood kind of weekend planned with. We met in a time when every kitchen and usually every master bedroom had an attached phone. If you were lucky, you also had one in your own room, but with the same phone number. In a time when answering machines had not yet been invented and if you weren’t home to receive an important phone call, (unless someone was there to take a message) you missed it. Finding long-lost people in your past was through the mercy of a phonebook. If we had a report due, we would go to the library and look up our topics by going through the Subject Catalog in a bunch of long drawers that would give us enough information to go find the book with the information we needed. If we wanted a copy of something, we would pay ten cents and make copies on their copy machine. If we wanted to take a picture we did it with a camera and then had to wait for it to get developed and pick it up a week later.  And oh yes, there were Polaroid cameras back then too. and getting a semi permanent photo in a few minutes was the newest thing. (you can still make out most of mine but a lot are faded!) And if we wanted to send a message to a friend we would tear off a scrap of paper and write a note and pass it to them or if we wanted to write a letter to a friend or loved one that lived far away, we would  put a stamp on it and maybe a little sealing wax and the recipient would receive it in a few days.


Now days kids can follow each other on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and who knows what else. Our cell phone is our answering machine, our stereo, our library, our phonebook, our camera and our computer. We can email our letters and pass notes anywhere in the world by a thing called texting.  If any of those people that we are looking for are connected to a social media account, we can usually find them. And that is how this particular handful of friends reconnected. It is kind of funny. Two of them are sisters, Lynn is two years younger than me and Cindy is a little more than three years younger. And for a few years, I hung out at their house during my teens as if I was just another sister. Their parents were the coolest and their little sister Tracy, was like my little sister. I have a ton of sweet memories and I can’t wait to remember them all with them. Lynn was in my first wedding and, I actually saw Cindy more recently, (though several years ago)  when we ran into each other in a nearby town and discovered that we didn’t live too far away from each other and connected a few times until she moved and we lost touch. That is, until this thing called Facebook popped up into our lives. The other friend Amanda, was more a friend of Lynn & Cindy’s, but the funny thing is… I feel almost closer to her now, as we have reconnected a lot through writing back and forth with a kind of honesty and admiration that sometimes comes only from really taking the time to sit down and get to know each other all over again through the written word.

Now I’m going to be very honest and perhaps a little shallow. In a way, I don’t want to ruin it. The magic of creating or rekindling friendships on-line is just that. A little magical. I was always one of the thinnest kids back before becoming a mom and now grandma and well, just before life set in. And funny, I hated it. I wanted a little more meat on my bones and to have the kind of shape that would fill that bikini top a little more. Not even appreciating for a minute, that hard, tan, flat stomach! That I would kill to have now! Why aren’t we ever happy with who we are? Now I’m probably the heaviest. Lets face it. We don’t post the most unflattering pictures of ourselves on our pages, without make up etc… now lines and all POOF it’s me! But seriously, I think that every one of these girls (including me) will only see each other’s hearts at this stage in our lives. And I know that in a few weeks, seeing  these particular friends are truly another very important thing on my Bucket List that I need to fulfill. And you know what I have figured out? Bucket Lists take us out of our comfort zones but in the end, they make the best memories, not really to replace the ones that came before, but to add to them, to understand that we were all meant to be forever connected in this thing called life.

11 thoughts on “Forever Connected That YaYa Sisterhood Kind of Thing…

    1. There is something special about friends from our beginning years, it was such a magical time even though we didn’t realize it then. I think that is why when we reconnect with those who knew us when… it snaps us back to a more carefree time when someone else paid our bills and all we cared about was what suit we were going to wear to the beach!

      1. For me it was not a carefee time, but stressful and emotionally painful much of the time. Thank God I did have the one special friend, who is still a friend; and, now I have more very good friends. And my life is pretty good 🙂

  1. ahhhh the good old days!!! I remember attending your wedding!!! Such great times! Life was so much simpler back then. I wish for those kind of days today.

    1. Ahh Donna,
      Nothing like those San Pedro Days. We were so “stupid in love” with our guys. And I really did love him. So crazy to look back and see what we did for love. I remember you were at that wedding too! And we went to Long Beach And Dave Pack from Ambrosia was one of Randy’s and Mike Z’s friends and played at our reception which was at the hotel we were staying at. Funny, I later ran into him when I coordinated an event where he was playing about 8 years ago. He is a believer now and he totally remembered me.
      I think half of the good feelings about those days are more because we had our whole life ahead of us. So glad we didn’t know everything that was going to happen…
      Walking in faith is much easier when you just do it! Ya know?

  2. “Technology of today keeps changing”
    “The good old days of yesteryear, so sorrowly missed”
    “Technology was supposed to make our journey’s better, in some ways it has not”

    1. I’ve shared a lot that my dad predicted everything about what computers can do now and more. Unfortunately, he died in 1983 so it hadn’t happened yet. But he knew.
      I am happy that technology has worked in this case. I actually am happy it worked another time too, though it made people I love unhappy. I feel I needed questions anwered and it all ended okay so in the case of being able to find people in our pasts… and the other helpful things I feel is a good thing.
      But I agree in the way that it has helped hackers and dishonest people figure out how to be even more dishonest. Robbing a bank or hacking people on the internet for their own dishonest gain etc… have turned certain technology into a nighmare. Unfortunately.

      1. yes technology can be great when used for the right reasons, but unfortunately some have taken this and used in ways of harming others, showing just how screwed up this society has become. Which makes it harder for ones like you and I to actually use this technology for good and helping others become stronger and better.

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