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I recently was on an interview where this kid interviewing me, (that could have been my own kid’s age) told me that I was no “Spring Chicken.” He meant it as a compliment. I know,  because I was there and in the context of the conversation he was referring to the fact that I was experienced and would not be a flake like some of the younger applicants.  Therefore actually offending both age groups (young and old) at least he is an equal opportunity kind of guy, smile..

I am sure he would have been mortified if he thought about it and realized how politically incorrect that comment was. But I found it hilarious and let it slide.

strength quote

I think that I have grown a thicker skin and it feels kind of good. I just don’t care as much anymore. I mean, not everyone is going to think the way that I do. Not everyone is going to agree with all my views or believe what I believe. I have stopped making things matter so much. And in a way, it is kind of like taking a pill that numbs the pain. To finally be able to let go and realize that at this age I am still evolving and hopefully always will be. And yet, to embrace the fact that I am who I am and no one else’s opinion of me is going to bring me down ever again. Do you know how freeing that is?

I have lived much of my life buried under someone else’s opinion. Trying to be politically correct. Caring so much about what a co-worker, a friend, a family member, or the joe-blow on the street thought about me that I was consumed with so much self doubt that it has made me pretty negative.

artist studio

As I begin to create and really find my talents again, to work for me, and in turn for God, I am slowly feeling that wall come tumbling down. The one that I built brick by brick over the years. I am feeling fun and young again and slowly living in the moment and finding joy in everything that I create. I am the boss of me once again and though I learned a lot in the corporate world, I am back! I am so blessed to have a husband that is so supportive and friends and family that encourage me. And did you know, for the first time in a long time,  I know that I will be okay and have no doubt that I AM going to be a success!

paint brushes in a row

dachshundnew better fairynew 2 ballerinas (2).jpgnew gymnist upside down balance beam (2)girl dumptynew hanging ballerina (1)new jewelry fairy

Some of my recent creations….  Humpty Dumpty and dancing have been a kind of subconciousl theme for me….  maybe because…         I love the saying… if you stumble get back up and make it part of the dance… and as for the dachshunds, well I guess-  just because a special friend loves them!

18 thoughts on “Did You Know????

  1. Gosh Diane, I didn’t realize you are an artist. Where can I see more of your artwork?

    I have not been getting enough contract work to keep my financial head above water. So I am looking into (reading and researching, learning about another skill that should allow me to earn money with that skill. I have gotten a few more posts written in the last couple months. Now I just need to continue.

    1. Hi Ann,
      I guess the best way to share most of what you asked is in the below link. I have shared my journey as an artist there. There are a few more recent posts from earlier this year about what I am currently doing, but this is pretty much packed with a lot of info.
      I guess the first thing would be is to ask yourself if you’ve had a passion for any particular media, drawing, painting, stitching, sculpting, etc. maybe take s class locally. If you think you don’t have a talent, you might surprise yourself. My cousin took a ceramics class and was featured on the cover of a magazine with her first creation and didn’t even know she could sculpt. My daughter as well began sculpting paper clay and began making hundreds $$ on Etsy!
      If I can answer any questions please feel free to ask! I’ll be praying you have an open door just waiting for you!


      1. Gosh I am sorry I missed those posts. My life has been a bit crazy this year, especially with the surprise health issue that came up in April. I will check out your other posts, and first the link you share from 2013.
        Actually I already know my niche is writing. A new acquaintance at my local haunt, B&N Cafe suggested I look into marking my proofreading and light editing skills. So I am researching information about getting into that as a business.
        This is not the time of night for me to be writing this reply as I am very tired. Time to hit the hay 🙂

      2. Diane, I just read the link regarding your painting and other creative work. And I checked out your Etsy site :)m I love your art. Please paint again.
        I really need to get back to writing more, and finish my second book…even if it never gets published. I am thinking of possibly creating a new WordPress blog just for The Journeys and Adventures of Little One! 🙂
        Love you Diane. XOXOXO

        1. Hi Ann,
          I love your idea about editing! You are “one” that I know, reads all the way through. And that’s a gift to a writer.
          It’s funny, I post my blog when I post, on my Facebook page too. And posted my last post about my mom. A LOT of my friends “liked” it. Some never mentioned my mom dying (which was what the post was all about) and even commented proceeded to comment on where the picture was from, etc. But when people started sending me condolences on my page. Some of those same people who had liked my post said how sorry they were to hear. Anyway I never said anything. I really don’t expect everyone to read my posts and if by liking it, they are thinking they are supporting me? Who am I to call them out? 😏
          But I wanted to say that the reason I shared that with you is because I’ve always appreciated your support and how you really do read my stuff! And I think you’d be excellent at editing!!
          Maybe you could also sell cards with words?
          Photography & scripture?
          Etsy was good when there was less competition. You have to really promote your shop. All day long.
          Anyway thank you for the sweet words

          1. All the years that I have done proofreading/light editing I never claim to be a grammar guru, but good at catching most if not all other errors.
            I quit Facebook on New Years Eve for a couple reasons, but mostly because the rare times I got any responses, they were from the same 2-3 friends.
            I have been lax in keeping up with all my blogger contacts, but when I do read most of the time I actually reply, rarely just “like.”
            I have been told before I should create photo essays, photos with my poetry or just words from my imagination.
            My problem is I worry too much about finances, and I am not good at selling myself and the business side of creativity!!

            1. You should take yourself to come of the local craft shows. This is perfect because THIS is the time of year for them. If you Google Art & Craft Shows in your area you are sure to find some! It doesn’t cost anything to shop. It might give you some ideas or inspire you.
              Making cards is not a lot. Michaels has 40% off coupons and sale on card stock and envelopes. Go on line and look up greeting cards on Etsy all you need is a name and wahlah! It’s exciting once you decide. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just inspired! 😊 And you don’t have to do it all at once. Just feel your way out.

              1. I have done the occasional cards for friends years ago. My printer is not a laser one which is best for printing quality and not smearing. I only have a toner cartridge printer. I know that might be an excuse, but if I got a request for lots of cards I could not afford to get a bigger and better printer!
                Anyway, I will keep all these suggestions in mind.
                I am in the middle of learning about the business of copy editing (proofreading and light editing). There is a lot of reading and podcasts in this learning process. Check it out at http://www.justaddhustle.com/
                I am also trying to finish some books I am reading for church. I keep pretty busy when not working. Wish I had enough money that I would not have to work for pay 🙂

    1. Hi Andy!
      Thank you! I know I heard it and can’t stop using it. It is the trademark for my Humpty Dumpties!
      Thanks for stopping by. Your little girls are adorable and your gravatar is a mirror image of you! lol.

  2. Darlin’ girl, in all this growing, it’s not so much a “thick skin” that you’ve attained, but the gift of EXPERIENCE !!!!!!! Hugs, Di. 🙂

    1. Paul my sweet guy!
      (I really do like the “Darling girl” endearment.) Especially “girl” 😀
      I like “the gift of experience” rather than thick skin. That does sound reeeally creepy doesn’t it? I guess where the term being caloused must come from. Yes I will retract thick skin for sure!

  3. Good piece! The one time-capsule note I would have definitely left Young Me is “Be you, have fun, and don’t worry about the rest. P.S. Dance, dance, dance!”

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