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I think that when I finished my book I knew that I just had the bare bones. A writer friend of mine edited a few of my pages and then another writer friend did the same, but I didn’t want to waste their time, and I knew that I’d be changing things, several times before I’d consider it worthy to be read as “finished.” Or at least that is what I told myself as I only gave them a few pages at a time. I think that it is scary for most writers… because when you finally offer it up as a completed, you are putting yourself out there for the real critiques. You are now saying… I think it is good enough, not… this is still a work in progress. You imagine that raised eye brow reader thinking…”REALLY??? She seriously is done?”

And right now, I know I’m not. I am not even hiding behind the pretense of really thinking that I have told the whole story and now am just editing the grammar. I know that the whole story is not really there yet. It’s getting there but it still is not there.

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Someone recently asked me if I’d written a synopsis of my story. An outline so to speak of my intentions. What I’m trying to convey. Why I even felt the need to tell my story. I think that when I penned the first word several years ago and now, sit here today, a lot has changed in the way of technology and social media, in just the last decade. And so my story continues to evolve, even sitting on the metaphoric back shelf.

However, I do believe that if I am ever going to seriously put this one to bed I need to sit here and write this.

Though this book is presented as fiction, 90% of it really happened. The other 10% was just necessary fluffing and primping. But as I introduce the main character… Keri, she is my vessel that carries me through this project.

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My goal from the start has been to make others aware of abusive relationships and the blur that keeps us asking… Why did she stay so long? Why doesn’t she just leave? In my story it is important to understand the chronological emotional pull that draws each of us in. All in very different scenarios. And yet to hopefully have even if just one person see themselves in the pages I have written. To maybe have an AHA moment and save themselves.

For anyone interested… I will continue my journey through these pages. “My little work in progress” so to speak. But I have learned that in the world of blogs… if you write 800+ words, you begin to lose your audience… and I do want feedback along the way. So for now I will  just say… To be continued. But I will come back and finish this. I promise.you-are-a-writer

15 thoughts on “Have you written your synopsis yet?

  1. I may have told you this before on other comments but I’ve always considered your writings to be articulate and professional. Your phrasings paint mental images in a way that is compelling and equal to most published authors. I’ve written my synopsis too but I keep going back to tweak it so it will never be complete.
    I wish you and your family the best.

    1. You are such a light in my writing. Whenever I see your sweet name pop up, I always feel a warmth in my heart. You just sparked another fire under me! 💕

  2. Hey gorgeous
    I read your whole book years ago and loved it.!I’m in the same place. I’ve written my one year memoir and am working on the rewrite. It’s such a journey and I almost write as therapy while many times enjoying the challenge of getting down on paper what I truly felt. If you want to buddy up to get each other to the end I would be honoured. I will edit and critique (very nicely) each chapter and perhaps you can give me feedback one chapter at a time too. I joined 2 writing Meetup groups and am totally focussed until I’m published, one way or another. I’ve also finished two long writing courses which helped enormously. Let me know. I think I have your email address somewhere. Hugs either way clever girl!!

  3. Diane about 4 years ago you sent me a copy of ‘Folded Pages’ (I think by accident). I read it in one sitting it was so incredible. I said then that I thought it was an important book. Is the new one a continuation of that?

    1. What a perfectly inspiring message!!!! I love you for your support over the years you have proven to be a sweet friend!!!! With impeccable reading material choices! Lol. Just kidding about the last sentence!🤭☺️😎

  4. ” truly writing from within the soul is a very long process, but at the same time the journey may not totally heal the soul but soothe and relax the soul within us”

    1. Ann you know me! It’s been an emotional process stepping away & then back again. I think I had to let enough time pass to heal enough before picking up that proverbial pen again. 😏

      1. Yes Diane, and I am like that in some ways with my writing. Another issue I have is life and finances or lack of. During those times of unemployment I spent too much time being anxious about the need for finances and trying to get work and cutting more from my life where possible.

        But one day reading a quote in the inspirational quotes book “You will never have this day again”
        that smacked some reality sense into my brain. “Do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do!” Can’t remember who said that right now. Anyway, it allowed me to stop feeling bad about what I am not doing. I decided to stop being anxious about finances; and lo and behold God is sending me what I need! 🙂

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