I haven’t been terribly supportive in my blog world lately, or any other part of my life right now, because  I have been trying to prove that I can make a living in the art world  again. I plan for this next one, to be one of my most successful shows yet!  I have given myself a time limit to prove to myself and my husband that I can once again, make this “running my own business thing” a success,  and the deadline is quickly approaching.  I have really been working hard in trying to re-build my customer base.

artist studio

You see, I was pretty spoiled a couple of decades ago. I had a rather nice following of customers. I did my shows and made good sales,  finally, landing at one show called Sugarplum (Festivals)  ( sugarplumfestivals.com ) that made all of the others seem to pale to the magic that they created in every way. And so I have signed on again to do almost every one of their shows. I have also moved into a little local shop called Reminisce and have had a booth there for a year.  And just recently reopened my Etsy shop called Dianes’s Designs by Diane. Though as life happened and I slowly stopped doing shows, I slowly lost that “Once Upon A Time” long ago following. Since my customers  couldn’t find me anymore, except for a handful of loyal ones that I still am in touch with and are excited for me to re-enter this part of my past and still boost me up by reminding me of their loyalty.

That also has happened here, on my blog. I noticed the less I write, the more I am losing a lot of my readers. I once tried to write daily, and to keep up and support other writer friends. And notice that there are those sweet readers that pop right back up and support you unconditionally as you write. And then there are a handful of writers that do the same. Regardless, if you have ever supported their writings, they always support you, and then the others that  just stop supporting you if you don’t support them. Though I have shared before that I really started writing here, to basically write my book and my poems….  and to find a place to store my words… but I began kind of getting a charge out of realizing people found me somehow and began reading what I wrote. Just like when someone would purchase one of my paintings or cards, seeing that someone else liked something that I wrote and commented and followed me was a little (for a loss of a better word) addicting.


To be honest, what you put into anything is what you get out. Period.  work, writing, hobbies, friendships, relationships, when you really think of it that is how life is. Right? Sure there are those priceless friendships that can start right back up,  where you left off without guilt trips or expectations and those are to be treasured. And other relationships such as maybe familial ones, that are unconditional, but even those will fall away if you don’t nurture them a little. So in my business I must come up with new designs and verses for my cards. And here on my blog, I need to check in rather regularly. I do intend to continue my book series that I promised  (in my last post) that I would continue to work on and I will! But I wanted to let my facebook readers know that I will not be posting my book posts on facebook so if you are interested, please follow me and you will be notified by email when I post a new post and those will be included there. Though I will post other blog posts on facebook, just not my book.

I would like to take this time to stop and thank all of you who are reading this now, because unless you are a first time reader, I know that you are one of those faithful readers who inspire me and comment and continue to unconditionally follow me whether I deserve it or not.

18 thoughts on “Those Unconditional Followers

  1. Aw, nice to hear from you again, Diane. I can truly relate to much of what you’re saying as I’ve also dropped out of sight somewhat on the internet and blogging world (thanks for stopping by).. I’m happy to hear you’re back to entrepreneuring and sounds like you’re getting momentum. Congratulations and wishing you much success, my friend, and with your book too!! What’s the link to your shop in Etsy? I have one too and I looked for you but couldn’t find it.

      1. Oh, Diane, I love your shop on Etsy and your cards are so lovely. I didn’t realize you were so creative! I enjoyed browsing around and can see why you were so successful in your little Rose in the Woods shop. I love it! (I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I haven’t been on the internet much lately and just check in a little here and there.)

        Can I ask you something about cards? Over the years, I’ve saved all the greeting cards we’ve received (have a ton of them) thinking maybe I could do something with them someday (like decoupage) but was concerned about copyright laws on the designs/photos. Would you know anything about that and where I may find out? Also, have you ever thought of making calendars?

        If you like, maybe you’d like to check out my Etsy shop, too. It’s called Pats Pine Cones And More at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PatsPineConesAndMore Hope to see you over there. 🙂

        1. Thank you Pat!
          I love your pinecone shop! What a great idea!
          I don’t know a lot about copyrighting but there is a wealth of wisdom on Etsy. Have you been to the forums? You could ask your question there. They always answer right away. Some are just trying to be helpful & answer without really knowing. 😏 like giving driving directions when you’ve never been there. 🤨☺️ But some really know their stuff & can tell you or send you a link to lead you to your answer. It was so great hearing from you. I’ve been so bad about trying to write again. But I’m trying to get back here more often!

          1. Thanks Diane! I’m glad you came over. I haven’t been as active as I’d like on Etsy either but hope to get back into painting more pinecones this winter and maybe get back into macramé and see what ideas I can come up with like plant hangers for starters.

            That’s a good idea to ask that copyright question in the forums on Etsy. I’ve explored their forums a little but not a lot. There’s so much that I could do – just got to get it together and do it.

            Really good to talk with you again, too. I’m happy for you in all your new endeavors and wish you all the best.

            Take care and I’m glad we’re connected on Etsy, too. It’s will be good to see when you add new stuff.

            1. I remember macramé man I was a kid, I wish I remembered how to do it. I do know that those “Dream Catchers” are very popular now. Maybe check some out to inspire ya!

              1. Thanks Diane. That’s a good idea on Dream Catchers. Never thought of that but I did find pages from an old macramé book showing how to tie knots along with how to make an owl I once made a long time ago. Wondered how I did that way back then. Guess it’s inspiration time. 🙂

    1. I reread this comment again this morning and just wanted you to know I truly appreciate you to the moon and back! You are such a sweet faithful reader turned sweet friend!💕

  2. Hi! I’ve been absent too! I really connected with everything you said in this post. Congratulations on your success and I hope everything continues to go well for you. I plan to be back reading and writing again so I’ll be seeing you around.

  3. You go girl. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love, because you are talented, honest and true, loving and caring.
    Even though I have been REALLY BAD these last couple years, hardly reading/commenting on all the bloggers I love and subscribe to, but also not posting to my own blog 😦
    I have a new work assignment and getting paychecks right now is my first concern.

    Love and hugs,

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