I have realized recently that there are iconic words of wisdom offered up to us throughout our journey in this life. Sometimes we listen and let them tweak the way we think about  things. And some reach us at the perfect time and change our lives forever. But many are lost on that busy path of ours as we keep rushing around and heading for the next goal along the way. The older I get the more I think about things like this…  How many of those messages did I miss?  How many sunk in? And I guess the biggest question is… How do I want to be remembered 100 years from now?  What would I like to be remembered for? I remember my grandma as being my soft place to fall. I remember listening to all of her stories about her childhood. And when she died, all I wanted was her diary. This little green leather book with tiny spaces for her deepest thoughts.

I remember realizing as I read it, that it was written during the time before she met my grandpa, and then as they courted. It ended around the time she had my mom. It is a treasure. I loved hearing her stories when I’d come to visit her during my summers and later when she’d come to visit me. I miss her. I missed her for a long time.  I still miss those phone calls when she would answer “Hi Honey Girl.”  Now I am used to her being gone. The gaping hole isn’t quite so gaping but I still would love to talk to her and ask her questions I didn’t get a chance to when I was still too young to appreciate the value of knowing those things I want to know now.

And so I ask myself… How would I like to be remembered? I think, no, I know,  exactly  the way I felt about her when I was a kid. The problem with growing up, is we listen to the people who knew our childhood heroes differently, and we realize that no one is perfect. Everyone is always going to be judged by someone. My grandma was judged by her kids, she wasn’t perfect. I even remember a few things as an adult that I noticed  was a little off. But as my cousin told me once, “she was an amazing grandma to me” my cousin wouldn’t listen to the gossip and I think it was then when I really began admiring my cousin’s character in an adult kind of way.

There is this mantra that I have heard before but just recently have begun to understand its meaning in a new and enlightened way… “I Embrace the things of my past that made me strong and let go of the things that held me back.”  Okay well, if you’ve read any of my posts you know that I  kind of have this  pattern of writing about the past and according to my sweet daughter who shared with me the other day that the  “writing formula” I use is slightly over-done, “ouch.”Smile.

So…I heard this mantra again today,  as I sat in my art studio and listened to the words of a show which had been playing in the background as I worked. And I wondered what  my grandchildren would remember about me?  I thought about the things that I’d been holding onto and realized that I had been made strong by those hard times. At least I knew I survived them. Some of those times seemed never-ending. My heart has been broken a few times. I’ve lost loved ones and the shoe has dropped so many times it felt like they were raining on my life. And through it all I am stronger and braver and I think that is what it is all about. I have slowly learned to have the faith of my grandma. Maybe I am not there yet but I am in the process of making my own story. And maybe because I understand more, but it almost brought tears to my eyes when I heard the same words today that I’d heard a hundred times before… the thing about history… it lasts forever.





The thing about history is… it lasts forever

17 thoughts on “The Thing About History… It lasts forever

  1. Thanks for sharing such an emotional, touching and personal blog. It really makes you think! And I mean, think deeply. My grandma was a huge inspiration in my life and I miss her very much. You had said that, “The thing about history is, it lasts forever.” I’ve had the same thoughts about memories, though they do die with us, except for other people’s memories. Anyways, no one can ever steal our memories we hold dear and precious in our minds and in our hearts. God bless you!

    1. Ahh Lyn so glad I found this! You are so sweet.
      I think that if we keep their stories alive by telling them
      & hopefully someday someone will tell our stories
      & keep them alive, they ”will” last foreve. ☺️💕

      1. I’m happy you found it too! It keeps doing that to me here on wordpress on every blog I go to and comment, it spams me! Look me up on youtube sometime btw. I don’t want to put link here or else it will spam me! LOL Just type in a youtube search “Lyn Leahz Channel” Also, praise the Lord, I was hired as the new tv show host on Prophecy in the News! Check them out too. We’ve had awesome guests like Carl Gallups, Gary Kah, and the film producer for Lost In Space (who is a Christian now) and Ralph Strean, Producer of the Genesis Movie, Paradise Lost. They are all really good friends of mine and so as soon as I got the job, I called them all up and invited them as guests. Also, Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, a good friend of Carl Gallups, and me are hosting an Israel Tour next Spring called, “In Yeshua’s Footprints”. I have a video on my youtube about that. Hope you might be able to come! It’s going to be soooo much fun! So excited! God bless you sister. It’s been so long and I have never, ever forgotten where it all started…here on WordPress…and all of my dear and special friends here like you! Love and hugs to you, sister, in Jesus’ name!

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