Today I decided to share some of my own artwork with you guys! And who I invision                                     

 “the writer in me” might look like….

I guess this question is actually for my wordpress bloggers… though the message here is for everyone so please stay with me! 1st, for the question… You know how wordpress chooses 3 past posts at the end of your current post that they feel is somehow related to what you just posted? Do you ever find that the posts that they choose, are the perfect messages that you needed for that particular time in your life? (Now for my take on this…)

I guess it is not so crazy to find our own messages we wrote a few years ago, or even several years ago poke us in ways that make a huge impact. Our own wisdom so to speak biting us in our own proverbial butts.  I mean who can teach us our lessons more than the one INSIDE of us writing them? The one who seems to kind of  be claiming to have  all the wisdom, & once had all the good intentions, and the one who intended to keep the resolutions they promised to themselves.

Yesterday I wrote  a post and good old wordpress chose a few of my old posts for me under the “related” section at the end of my new post. And it made me curious enough to wander around my old posts they slipped in. And so I began going back as far back as 8 years ago, long before I allowed anyone else IN. Well, it was pretty enlightening, I found that I was full of good intentions and knowing I needed an attitude adjustment way back before anyone was following me. It’s kind of sad, but as I was reading backwards, I could feel the “writer inside of me” feeling very dissappointed that I didn’t follow through with all her positive messages and that great advice I DIDN’T take. It seems as if they were all met with broken promises. As I read how  I was going to be  less angry and meet each day with a better attitude, and how it was up to me what kind of day I would start to choose to have,  I read all of my declarations and felt annoyed with myself.

One of my favorite sayings is… “Today is a good day to have a good day!”On one particular posting day several years ago, I announced with crazy authority… You choose whether you are going to have a good day. Today, for some reason, I feel overwhelmed by trying to embrace that concept or to take my own advice. I can almost feel the writer inside of me feeling the wind slipping out of her sail and her soul welling up with tears, feeling so very, very, sad. Wondering where WordPress might find this relatable, and fit this one in, amidst my over 400 posts? I feel bad that that writer inside of me feels so defeated. I am just now beginning to grasp how horribly I  have failed her since that post all those years ago. I’m wondering where my hook is, and how I am  going to wind this all back up with a neat little message  about how it’s all going to be okay. How I am going to find the good in all this somehow. As I’ve surmised is my  rather annoying formula. But I’ve got nothing. The little kid in me stamps her foot and huffs out. Though she can’t go too far because she is literally grounded, sequestered today (due to this virus that is quarentining us to our perspective corners!) So she finds herself sitting down and reading many of the messages that the writer inside of her once wrote! And in some small way she finds hope in her own wisdom of choosing that Today is a good day for a good day! At the risk of using that transparently annoying formula. It will be interesting to see what posts Good Old WordPress chooses to attach here. (see the 3 below) As I click on them and recieve the advice from that long lost wise one, The Writer in me!

30 thoughts on “The writer inside of me

    1. I just lost my comment back to you but just saw this one, so will answer you here. (my husband usually says user error in cases like this when it comes to me & technology! Lol.) What nice comments to wake up to! Thank you!! I’d love to encourage you to draw! What a better time than when you have nothing but time to try? & would love to see!!! I usually draw for my greeting card line. But yes I do have a book out called “ Did You Imagine me?” That I illustrated & wrote. Thank you for your compliments they mean so much! I’ve lost my followers by letting my blog go stale. But I love you guys that stay ever so faithful!💗💗

      1. Well hello. It’s nice to hear back from you. My mom is an artist and declares that high and some of my kids got some talent in that direction. I spent so much time writing that I don’t spend much time drawing. My mother is now 91 and she illustrated my book which by the way is for sale on Amazon if you happen to be interested. It is called just because I used to could…life stories and beyond. Forgive the lack Of or incorrect use of capitalization. I’m getting quite lazy in my voice to text. I’m excited to hear that you have a greeting card line And a book. Is the book available on Amazon?

        1. My mom was an artist when I was growing up too! I wish that I could figure out the Amazon thing! How are you doing with it? MY Did You Imagine me book is on my etsy page. My dad helped me self publish it in the 90s I had to purchas 2000, I can say that I only have less than a couple hundred left. So they have been shared. Some I sold, A lot I gave away… It was about my daughter asking me when she was about 4, if I imagined her when I was little and me answering her in a book. I thought what a neat concept! & unique question. The little book is more of a greeting card thing that you might give to a daughter leaving for college or a mom at a shower that knows her baby is going to be a girl…

          1. I’d love to have a copy. Amazon is good. It’s print on demand. So I demand several hundred as needed for book signings. Taking a break from that at the moment of course. Wonder if you might republish it through KDP at this point? Get it out to the amazon world. I also published through Ingram spark so it could be available online through Barnes and noble and also in privately owned bookstores. Those won’t take amazon. Competition and such. My son-in-law helped me with the actual final publication part because the book cover that we designed and the ebook and such were beyond my current abilities. Learned a lot and will do things a little different next time before starting pub process. The more I read the more I wanted to adjust. That was a hassle as were getting moms pencil drawing to look right. If you decide to do that ever with that book or another I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.

            1. Wow you are a wealth of knowledge. I published my book a year before Amazon even existed so that was not an option. I am not happy with the font or the way they set up the words. I don’t feel it is as easy to read they way it is laid out or the way I would have done it. Though I wrote the words and did all the art work. The set it up without my input. Now I write and illustrate and lay out and set up all my own cards and would definitely want to do that if I did another. The cost that went into how many I had to print and set up charges kind of turned me off of self publishing. But I have a lot of friends who have authored books that way.

              1. I think things have changed dramatically. Just look at how many books are out there. People are churning them out nowadays. I did it the way I wanted to with very little restriction as I set it all up myself with Bens help when needed. Not too hard. Just had to figure out the book cover measurements. Exactly how many pages you’d have means the bigger the book cover. I didn’t understand all that but a computer savvy person can do it in a snap. I hired someone for 100 dollars to do my ebook because on KDP we couldn’t get the illustrations before each chapter. No problem with that on the paper book.

                1. So it sounded expensive when my friend told me the cost. Have you made money yet? Tell me your book again, I want to go find it! YOU have inspired me!

                  1. Just Because I Used to Could…Life Stories and Beyond. By Lisa Batten Kunkleman
                    I’m so glad. I’m not making a ton of money by any stretch but I had a book signing I clear a whole lot more than I do through Amazon but you have to have Amazon or else. It’s kind of the way it is now. So Amazon pays a rolling three months late so what I sell in January I will be paid for in April.

  1. Well I’m inspired. I can’t tell you how adorable your sketches are. I’ll say I am wishing I could do that and thinking I might try. Your writing is delightful and meets needs at the time you produce them. And it’s lovely when it meets a need later. Looking back at journals and home videos and pictures have that same effect on me. This down time at home is giving lots of opportunity to reflect on life and what brings us joy. And what doesn’t. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I can’t wait for you to share some of your sketches! Here is my Etsy page if you are interested in taking a peek. (My Did You Imagine me ? book is on the last page. I need to update my shop with more cards…. I have probably 400 drawings/paintings in my card files… but of course it would be silly to post them all… 😀

  2. I absolutely adore your sketches! So warm and whimsical. You are very talented! I hope we see more! I’m not sure what advice you wish you had taken, but what matters is that you showed up today. There is probably a very good reason you didn’t do those things you planned. You were likely doing something else that was just as important. xoxo

    1. I love you, thank you Tina! You have always been so supportive. Thank you for being one of my favorite familiar faces! ALWAYS Encouraging me!

  3. Interesting. I’ve never looked at the bottom of my posts to see what WordPress identifies as related from my previous posts. Maybe I should. Every once in awhile, I do look back at old posts because I’m looking for something in particular and when I do, I’m amazed at some of the stuff I wrote years ago — what I’ve learned from that is this. Not much has changed. 😉

      1. Yeah, we say all sorts of things to ourselves and on our blog about how we wish things would be. Following that advice, or those dreams, is a whole different matter.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it can be very good. I wish I would have taken some of my own advice though. LOL. It would have served me better than just putting pen to paper. Sigh…

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