Sharing a few of my latest inspired versions of the studios in my head.

I have a memory of being in an attic when I was young. It is a happy memory, We are at the home of one of my dad’s colleagues and I am playing with his kids. Our dads are executives at Mattel Toys and we are all tester kids. (Not a bad job for a kid!) We’d just gotten out of their pool. It is summer and I remember feeling so carefree. The smell of their BBQ drifting up the stairs,  assuring us that we will soon be fed. Life is good. I’m leaning back on the landing  laughing. And then *poof* the rest of the memory is gone. I’ve actually also dreamt of that scene though I know it “is” an actual memory and both the dream and my memory always end at the same exact place. All I know is it is one of my happier memories of my childhood and I think one of the reasons that I love attics so much. Think about it. I bet you also can find a happy memory from your own childhood that you land on that reminds you of those carefree days. Like your dad carrying you in the house after you fell asleep in the car and that whiff of home as you walk in the door or just feeling taken care of by someone else. I just wanted to post something a little lighter considering everything!

During these last couple of weeks, I’d do anything to have someone else in charge of me and my life about now. Actually I guess there is. In a way. But that’s not what I meant about being taken care of. I remember a funny story my mom told me, it was right after she was newly married,  a man came to her door and asked to talk to her mom and she’d  indignantly told him “I am the mom.” even though she didn’t have kids at the time. There is a funny saying about how being an adult was the stupidest thing I have ever done!

I think maybe why I paint whimsically. Adulting is hard! Someday I want an attic where I can write and paint, with a window seat overlooking a babbling brook and the tops of some very old trees where I can wander back in my imagination and find happy memories and paint them so others who need a happy place to land can join me there! And if you haven’t tried it, try writing a story or drawing a picture (maybe inspired by your own childhood memories) during this time when you have the time. Who knows you might surprise yourself.

For anyone interested in my other designs… Now that you have a little time…. I invite you to stroll through my etsy shop and if you need a card maybe you will find one here! Or… I can always customize one for ya!

14 thoughts on “Art is what you make others see

  1. This is fun, Diane! Love your artwork, and the thoughts of childhood memories and dreams. I, too, have some wonderful memories. You reminded me of the only one I can remember of my dad, when my mom and dad were still married. I was 3, nearly the time when they split, and my dad would come home from work, and play with me on the floor, he on his back, and me on his feet, while he flew me like an airplane. You probably know that one, because I think most dads did that with their little ones. I also would love to have an attic, in my dream of dreams. I have lived in houses with them, and my bedroom was in one. They are cozy, if finished. A studio and craft room would be a fun hope/dream. Do you ever read Where Women Create? Not sure if anyone ever shared an attic studio.
    Quiall, I lived in Alaska when I was 9-11, and my brother built a fort in the forest. It was one of the most fun times, that I cherish. I also remember picking blackberries in a pasture, when I was 5. The smell of the cowpies steaming in the baking sun, stayed in my memories so vividly that it brought me back to be near my childhood place, after 25 years, and that is where I raised my children. Somethings you never outgrow.
    Thank you Diane, for sharing your dreams, art, and memories, It helps bring us all to a sweet spot in these times

    1. Hi Brenda!
      Thank you for taking the time to find my blog and read my ramblings! THAT is the one thing that pulls at my heart strings more than anything else…. besides when someone loves my kids. LOL.
      I just looked up Where Women Create! I’d never heard of it before. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner but I haven’t signed on here for a while. I just got a sweet note from a reader and realized I had a lot of unread messages! I used to get Mary Englebreit’s magazine and she had a section in there called The Artist’s Studio. I always went there first! There is something about rooms and houses that draw me in! What fun to have a bedroom in an attic!!!!! Hopefully we can connect again after this is all over! xoxo

  2. What if your early memories are not good?

    On Fri, Mar 27, 2020, 3:38 PM The One Thing I know For Sure wrote:

    > coastalmom posted: ” Sharing a few of my latest inspired versions of the > studios in my head. I have a memory of being in an attic when I was young. > It is a happy memory, We are at the home of one of my dad’s colleagues and > I am playing with his kids.Our dads are executives” >

    1. I know… I am sorry. But your grandma gave you good memories!!!! xxoo She hugged and loved on you and prayed for you… I am sorry you had a rough start. But if it made you the incredible friend/sister I have in you… I think our journey makes us who we are and you my friend are incredible!

  3. D – my latest post (today’s … I called “Pause”) is something of a reflection of this. May you always find that cherished attic in you mind, where Art comes to life … Be well!

  4. What a lovely post! I have wonderful childhood memories that I like to wander through every now and then. My father carrying me when I was sleeping. Picking blueberries at the side of a mountain. Playing in a fort I had built in the middle of a forest . Those were idyllic times. They definitely deserve to be remembered.

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