I believe… The stories we are living now will someday be someone else’s survival guide. That there is hope in the darkness, and that the battered and the scarred have the loudest voices right now  and that they are the ones that will rise up to tell their stories.

We need to stand up for what is right. Not look the other way, or let the lesson get lost ever again. IF  only we could just see the souls among us,  and look past the vessels carrying them. Maybeee the world would be free from so much judgment For someday, the vessels will be cast away and we will all only be left with our souls for all eternity.

No matter how educated or wealthy, brilliant, or perfect we think we are, we just have to care to make a difference. Nothing is a waste if it can teach or change someone, and no lesson will  go away until it has taught us what we needed to know.There are many chapters in our lives. We just need to learn to turn the page and not get stuck in the one we are in now. To keep making the same mistakes is to keep reading the same page over and over again. We all should  want to to live our lives in such a way that we each leave a lesson of how we conquered the battles we were given and until then we need to learn how to take back our power and say with authority that “This is not how the story is going to end.”


Diane Reed

6 thoughts on “THIS is NOT how the story is going to end!

  1. This is what I should have written! Well said, my friend! I had trouble deciding what to say. I want so much to shake people by the shoulders and remind them Black folks were made the same way white folks were. We are all God’s children! He loves Black people as much as he loves any other color people! Keep on telling it like it is, Sister!! Hugs!

    1. Hugs Elaine! I just signed on to my account. Have not been here for a while. And loved coming on to your comment! Today I needed a soft place to fall and you were it! Proves my point! THIS place is such a blessing! And you definitely are one of my tribe that I was talking about! I live in Paso Robles where the shooter killed a man and shot 3 officers, One in the head, one in the stomach and one in the leg. Thankfully they will recover physically. We were living in fear of our officer’s lives and after it was over and they’d sadly had to kill him. We had a parade in our little town in support for our police! I am sad that there are a few jerks everywhere. But do you eat one bad apple and hate apples for the rest of your life? There is good and bad everywhere. Stay safe my friend.

      1. Sorry, I just saw this. Wow! Thank you! What a sweet thing to say! Glad you’re back!! Glad to,be one of your tribe. I agree. It is sad that there are a few bad cops compared to the number if good dedicated one and they all get lumped together with the bad ones. Thank you. I am working on that every day. Hugs, peace, and love to you and your town. I hope things quieten down for you. Be safe!

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