You have power in what you don’t say!

It’s about time! But I’ve finally begun to really embrace the tools I’ve learned over the years and use them! The one thing I learned that really has been empowering,  is basically shutting up. You see… IF others don’t know what you are thinking. They have nothing.  Sure you can blurt it out and remove all doubt. But I have discovered over the years that silence really is golden. It is amazing how empowering saying nothing can be.

Don’t get me wrong. If you have a good point to make, make it crystal clear if need be. Because sometimes it needs to be said indeed. I am just talking about after you have made your point. That’s enough! Don’t go on and on. Your lack of words can empower you. This is one of the greatest tools I have to learned over the years… Believe me. It works. Not saying everything on your mind helps you walk away without regret and feel pretty darn empowered.


Say very little. No, don’t say it all!

Or it’ll bounce back to you, like a rubber ball.

Those times, you know, when you should have shut up,

when what you just said was more than enough,          

 and know, you have power in what you don’t say,

and have no regrets as you’re walking away.

For… I’m content to say just what I mean

and proudly walk away without making a scene.

Diane Reed ’21

Too many words

So many words.

Too many words.

The distance is growing…

Like book ends,

So many books in-between.

Letters, and commas, words and sentences…

So many pages.

Too many words.

I need more time to reflect, to think, to cry, to breathe,

to step back and look at the pictures without words.

Sometimes words get in the way.

A picture lets you paint your own story.

I think I need to let people talk without trying to cram myself in their story.

I need to let some of the stories be about them.

I don’t always need to have a story too.

Sometimes I just need to just shut up and listen and be content knowing it will be okay for them to have their own story.