So many words.

Too many words.

The distance is growing…

Like book ends,

So many books in-between.

Letters, and commas, words and sentences…

So many pages.

Too many words.

I need more time to reflect, to think, to cry, to breathe,

to step back and look at the pictures without words.

Sometimes words get in the way.

A picture lets you paint your own story.

I think I need to let people talk without trying to cram myself in their story.

I need to let some of the stories be about them.

I don’t always need to have a story too.

Sometimes I just need to just shut up and listen and be content knowing it will be okay for them to have their own story.

4 thoughts on “Too many words

    1. I’ve realized that I have a habit of trying to make someone feel heard by relating to what they are saying in way of having a story too… by having it have happened to me or experienced the same thing. Instead of just allowing them to tell their own story and be heard, without me having to have a chapter in their book! It’s a hard habit to break. I normally, write my verses in a rhyming format. This is new to me. LOL. I think I just spit these words out of me… but wanted to see if anyone else could relate.

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