Our showers are a little like a time capsule don’t you think?

                                I’ve talked about this a lot. It’s funny but when you think of it. Your shower is like a time capsule that can transport you back like magic to different times in life. If you’re not in a hurry, it can be a place where you sing or cry or pray or just think. I remember hating my hair and buying different shampoos and conditioners that gave me hope for shiny straight hair. And later, face washes and masks to get rid of acne or wrinkles depending on what decade we were in. So, in a weird way, it was a little like magic. It’s the one thing we’ve done for most of our lives.

 Around eight or nine or so, we started taking showers. A kind of coming of age thing. We didn’t need someone else to wash us. It was one of the first grownup things we began doing for ourselves, and so from that time on, we shampooed, rinsed and repeated. Over and over again, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade. We meet ourselves in that shower, wherever we are. We wash, shampoo, we sing, and we pray, and we cry, and we think. We close our eyes lean back and rinse the soap out of our hair. And over the years, we have made plans, cried where no one could hear, sang, whether or not someone could hear, had phantom conversations with ourselves, and dreamed dreams. Sometimes a scent can snap me back like a rubber band and depending on the age I can remember what dial soap smelled like, or herbal essence or lemon up! As I lean back I am that age again with my eyes closed rinsing my hair.

5 thoughts on “Like A time Capsule

  1. I absolutely, totally get this. I remember how proud I was wI alsohen I started taking showers instead of baths. I also think a lot of this opportunity for reflection and self-awareness comes when I am driving around by myself. Alone with the music and my thoughts. A lot goes on in my head while I’m driving around by myself.

    1. I GET that too! I know you are all about music! I used to listen to music a lot. And now I listen to audio books.(Which by the way, I wish your books were) but I’m glad they are on kindle! Your writing is so great. I did know you wrote. Not sure why I forgot that! You should be on the best seller list!!!
      Anyway when I drive I have to have background noise for sone reason. I think why the shower impacts me so much. I HAVE to be in my own head. 🥴

    1. Actually it’s the one place I go and can’t get away from my thoughts! 🥴
      When I’m falling asleep I need the tv as background noise, when I’m in the car, I need an audio book or music. Etc. The only place I can’t control it is in the shower where I have to be with my thoughts. Or when I write. I can’t have background noise. But in my shower there’s no option. & I guess why I’ve always found it so thought provoking. ☺️

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